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Posted on Dec 8, 2011 in Dear Diary | 19 comments

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up…

… I’m a Toys R Us Muppets kid!

Last night, I saw The Muppets movie. Yes, again.


What can I say? With the general spirit of the season, I was just in the mood for something sweet… and a different kind of sweet than my chocolate pie. Which I did have for breakfast this morning. Heh.


Truth be told, the Muppets as they originally were intended are actually a little before my time. I did grow up on Muppet Babies, however, so I think that’s close enough. And since I’m evidently bipolar and my mood seems to continuously bounce back and forth between “Christmas Cheerful” and “Doldrum Dwelling”, I guess I just needed a little something to help push me firmly into the former category. So why not the Muppets? After all, the movie is complete with singing, dancing, and primary colors. The story of friendship, acceptance, and, above all, love… well, it’s just good for the soul.

I mean, with the drama that I’ve been dealing with for the past month, it’s been a confusing time. That, coupled with family-less Thanksgivings and hospitalized dogs, has me feeling fairly emotionally drained. And it’s making it hard for me not to be skeptical about the upcoming weeks. And I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m not really known for being a pessimist. I’m generally considered to have the lock on that whole happy-go-lucky thing here. You know, that wild, childlike, foolish optimism? That’s my jam.

But between $1800 vet bills and fancy outings to museums and the theatre, I’m guess I’m feeling just a little too grown-up. Not that I’m complaining about the awesome ladydates, of course! It’s just that I’m a little nostalgic. I know it’s ludicrous to complain about being too adult, especially considering I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to be more mature, to grow up faster, to be taken more seriously. I guess I’m just fickle like that. Chalk it up to that pesky second X chromosome.

Women be crazy.

I suppose I’m just trying to find a way to hold onto my own childlike wonder. After all, it is Christmastime, right? Now is not the time for me to be skeptical. And despite my personal life being a little bit, er, muddy, I’m determined not to let it deter my outlook. I don’t want to be jaded. And if it takes a couple of felt puppets to help me out, well, that’s okay by me.

Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me.

What is your favorite reminder of your childhood? For me, it’s Muppet Babies, My Little Pony Tales (the sweet 90s revamp, not the original 80s cartoon), and any Ace of Base song.


    • Oh my gosh, how could I forget Boy Meets World? FEENAAAAYYYYY!! Cory + Topanga 4EVA!

  1. I have to say- you are a lot more “grown-up” than I was at your age. I definitely would not have been responsible enough to be a pet mom at 23, and did not have my sh*t together like you do- you seem very wise beyond your years.
    I was born in 1980, so Saturday morning cartoons were my LIFE. Muppet babies and Garfield & Friends were my faves! I can still sing the Muppet Babies theme song- man I loved that show!
    The Muppets Take Manhattan was one of my favorite movies as a kid- but I have yet to see the new Muppets movie (And I Need To!!).
    And you are still YOUNG. It’s okay to be a kid sometimes!

    • I keep waiting for them to release Muppet Babies on DVD but apparently there are so many licensing issues because of all the spoofing and clips of old movies (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) they used. I hope they eventually work it out though, because that show was so amazing!

      • I wanted to add too- that I always loved when they opened the door and there was a scene from a movie going on (Hard to explain- you know what I mean).

  2. Ya know, this post made me pretty teary eyed. Ive been having such a crazy couple of months, and top that off with turning 25 a few days ago, all I can do is think about how easy it was in 6th grade (the best year of my life. Or so I think).

    I could go on and on about the 90s and how good they were to me. Well, maybe not the fashion… Wishbone and My Little Pony certainly topped my list of favorite shows followed closely by Doug, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Boy Meets World.

    I listened to 99.1 HFS which was all alternative music. What can I say, I listened to what my father listened to. He always seems so ahead of the times as far as music goes. And lets not forget me some Lisa Loeb and Aqua.

    What the hello happened to the awesomeness that was the 90s?!

    • I hold 8th grade in that same regard. I really had it made when I was 12. The funny thing is that I know that anyone older than us is probably rolling their eyes. But it’s never too young to be nostalgic! Time flies, you know? And when I spent so much of my life wishing it away because I wished I were older or taller or of legal age… le sigh.

    • Um, to this day I strongly believe that 90’s music is THE BEST. Goo Goo Dolls, Wallflowers, etc etc forever.

  3. It’s like you’re inside my brain or something. When I turned 20, I made everyone refer to me as 20-teen because I didn’t want to grow up. I still haven’t seen the Muppets! Needs to happen ASAP. My very favorite reminder of my childhood has got to be Disneyland. My dad used to take me every year for my birthday 🙂

  4. Captain Planet! Care Bears! Ninja Turtles! Saturday morning cartoons = the best. Also, when I turned 25 I began referring to my age…differently. Right now I’m 24.3 yep. That’s 27 for normal people. :'(

  5. “they can make me grow old, but they can’t make me grow up!”
    Just enjoy where you are in your life right now…by the way, you look great!
    Enjoy the season and don’t let anyone tell you that you HAVE to be a grownup. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child is the only way!

  6. Oh. Mygosh Gretchen …. UR soooo adorably cute! Look at that super-cool (very shinny-beautiful-hair too …. haircut!!) Your mama was definitely stylin-ya w/that red dress. Lucky little girl. I never had a red dress. Boo-hoo. I always wanted a RED wool coat too. Never got one. Only navy. Yuck. Wah-wah. Yeah. I (we all were) was deprived bigtime.

    What is all that yummie food? Oh. I need that. It looks so delicious.

    For sure I know what you mean re vet bills. Thousands of dollars of debt for us also. Tryin to catch up. No new car (etc.) for me these days. Maybe in 2013.

    We/I adopt/rescue older doggies …. often 8, 10 & 11 year olds. In these past 5 or so years, we had to put many of our sweeties down because of diseases. They just could not be helped medically. Tried to save our precious cocker spaniel Lucy with surgery. It did do some good. We did not care that it cost over eight-hundred bucks. Several months later, Cushing’s was discovered. We were heartbroken. I cannot get that precious pooch out of my brain. I loved her so much. Even though we adopted her at over 10 years old.

    Well, truth be said …. it’s just money. Got to work and make more.

    These days our sweetie Gidget keeps us on our toes. She is almost 4 …. a real joy. We adopted her in September of 2010. Her second Christmas here with us. Considered adopting for Thanksgiving. Didn’t make it. Maybe in a few weeks. Gidge needs a sibling. We all adore the companionship of these wonderful and loving pets. It does cost …. but, so does everything else. Spend less on unnecessary material things you can really live without.

    You know …. I never had “loveies-stuffies” when my sisters and I were little. Can’t recall any favs. No movies either. Awww. Well, I loved coloring. Just about anything with crayons would make me a happy kid. I played with empty food containers. Would line them up in our hallway and play “store.” Duh. That’s about it! HA.

    For years as an adult I’ve loved most all stuffed-animals. We all buy these toys constantly for our poochie(s) …. have baskets full of them!

    Love-love your post Gretchen! You are one of my 5 favs!!!

    Have a great holiday.

    P.S. Wish I could fix you up w/our nephew! The guy needs someone cute, very funny and definitely brilliant in his life. He works too much.

  7. Never grow up! I am forever staying 29 (no need for real ages here) but 80’s music was the best! One of my best memories was my mom taking me to see Annie on stage. I will never forget it and I could watch the original Swiss Family Robinson over and over.

  8. Your comment that your nostalgia is down to your gender kind of bothered me. I know you were just trying to be funny, but there’s enough men who say things like that without women doing it too. I think most people probably get a bit nostalgic about their childhood, unless it was awful, whether male or female.

    I like your blog a lot and you seem like a genuinely nice person – it’s just that things like this really bug me.

    • That’s a fair point. You’re right, though, I was just trying (failing?) to be funny. I didn’t really mean to attribute my nostalgia to being a woman, more my fickleness. Which, in fairness, is obviously a generalization as well and I don’t mean to contribute to negative stereotyping. I just know that I am crazy, and I am a woman. But I do know that correlation does not equal causation. (See? I did pay attention in school!) So I guess the line should really be read as “Gretchen be crazy.” Which, let’s be honest, we all know is true. 🙂

  9. You know….2011 can’t end soon enough. For so many people. Time to put this year of hoo hah behind us, and move on to brighter days (and healthier doggies)! Take care Gretchen. (really love the pics!)

  10. I wish I were as grown up as you! I’m hoping that will come when I get a job and move out of the parent’s place (cross your fingers that that happens soon).

    I, too, have been in a bit of a funk that’ll I’d like to get out of, it being the holiday season and all!

    And to answer your question, my childhood was so many things: Power Rangers and Hootie and the Blowfish always make me remember my childhood lol

  11. My sister and I were HARD CORE into any TV show that made stuffed animals and toys to play with. We were huge into Gummie Bears, Fraggle Rock, and Care Bears. I also still have an unhealthy obsession with Boy Meets World, Sister Sister, Saved by The Bell and THE LION KING!

  12. Boy Meets World was one of the best TV shows ever. But I always remember watching Doug, Rugrats, Hey Arnold and All That! Anyone else remember Lori Beth’s Advice for Everyday Life or French lessons with…(crap it was Kenan…)or Goodburger!
    If you want to regain that Christmas Spirit, watch Elf, Polar Express, or The Santa Clause then write a letter to Santa and put it in the maibox at Macy’s! OR go caroling with friends! I know you have an amazing voice!

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