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Posted on Oct 28, 2011 in Pup Posts, Vlog | 11 comments

Greetings from the Great White North!

Ahoy-hoy, ya hosers! Salutations from America’s friendly upstairs neighbor, Canadia!

Right now, I’m up in Ottawa doing… something. No way of knowing exactly what that is, of course, since I pre-wrote this post before I left. (I’m clearly using the term “post” very loosely here, haha.) Hopefully I’m up to something fun and super Canadian, eh?

I couldn’t just leave you totally hanging. It’s Friday, after all! And between debt confessions and discouraging weight gains, it’s been a bit on the depressing side here this week. So in addition to yesterday’s pumpkin-carving awesomeness, I’ve also cued up a little cuteness for you to make up for it. Hopefully it gets you through to quitting time!

Preface: Daxter actually knows quite a few super adorable tricks. He’s a great little dancer, high-fiver, and roll-over-er. However, getting him to perform them with consistency is the real challenge, as you’ll see.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. You should post videos of your pups more often!!! That was the height of cuteness!!!!!!!

    Anywho – enjoy your visit!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe it just takes a few shot to put him down πŸ™‚ cute video!

  3. Ok first thank you for that fix. I was getting a little anxious about not having any thing new to read from you today. No pressure or anything.
    He is so CUTE! You know I have a cute human baby, but if I did something like that people would report me.
    Have fun in Canadia! We are getting ready for some great frozen south here. You are going to miss the first (potential) snowfall of the season. Yeah. WTF snow you can’t even wait for my birthday?
    Anyway…have fun eh!

  4. haaahahaha I literally just LOL’d at work. I love the last sentence… “I’m just a really bad shot…”

    He is so freaking cute.

  5. I love this video! Just sent it to some of my friends. Daxter is adorable! (I have a thing for white fluffy dogs.) πŸ™‚

    Are you going to the Foodbuzz festival, by any chance?

  6. OMG. I thought I was the only one who Canada, Canadia. πŸ˜‰ Great minds… (again!)

    • And by this fine piece of English grammar, I mean the only one who CALLED Canada, Canadia. Oops! Heh.

  7. poor Daxter! He is so cute, like, super cute, and I am not even into dogs!

  8. So cute! What a smartie pants. Kork can’t do any tricks except Sit. My mom is convinced he thinks I’m saying something dirty though and that is why he begs to go the bathroom each time I say that command.


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