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Posted on Oct 11, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 30 comments

The Book of Love

Please prepare yourself for the wedding-picture smorgasbord that you are about to witness. It’s even worse than normal this time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Love in bloom

Saturday, I went to a wedding. A beautiful, love-filled wedding. It was an absolutely perfect tribute to two of my very good friends, John-Paul and Abby. But before there was a wedding, there was a rehearsal! And following that was the rehearsal dinner, complete with good food…

IMG_1738 (2).jpgIMG_1742 (2).jpgIMG_1745 (2).jpg

Good friends…

RehearsalIMG_1753 (2)IMG_1774 (2)

And great photobomb attempts.

IMG_1765 (2)IMG_1766 (2)

But the preliminaries could only last for so long. This was just the precursor to something even better, remember?


Since Steve was a groomsman in the wedding, I got to tag along for the entire thing!

Photog at Large

And even though I wasn’t an official part of the wedding, Ben was the videographer so I was also there to help him out (which I did a little, when I wasn’t forcing him to take pictures of me instead, hahaha.)


What can I say? Vanity, thy name is blogger. πŸ˜‰

The gang's all here

The two of them decided to take a shuttle around Baltimore to take photos at some scenic spots before the wedding. If the whole “can’t see each other before the ceremony” thing isn’t an issue for you, I highly recommend this! It was fun because the whole wedding party was going around together, but also really special because they had lots of time to take the photos they wanted. Ben and I both snuck in a few shots (hopefully not pissing off the awesome photographer, haha) of our own.

First steps

Turns out Baltimore? Kinda beautiful despite everything I’ve learned from The Wire, hahaha.


The wedding was really beautiful, and was just so completely THEM. The unique venue, the colors, the nods to Halloween (their favorite holiday, of course!), the vows… all of it spoke to their personalities perfectly, as well as their combined efforts to make the wedding meaningful and personal. Both the ceremony and reception were held at Westminster Hall, a former church (now special event venue) that also happens to be where Edgar Allen Poe was buried! Neat, right?

Some pipes!FloralIMG_1905
IMG_19072nd BestMrs.?
Err, Mrs.? Hahahaha.

Of course, what kind of weight loss/food/whatever-I-am blogger would I be if I didn’t take a beat to talk about the food? Oh man, the appetizers being passed during cocktail hour were INcredible. Warm crab dip? Why thank you, Baltimore!


Also, cupcake cake. ‘Nuff said.

Punkin BrideIMG_1925.jpgCut the Cupcake

The real marker of the wedding being thoroughly and totally THEIRS though, was the music. You can tell they put so much thought and consideration into the pieces they used. It didn’t hurt that it was all music I loved already – Joshua Radin, the theme from Friday Night Lights (amazing!)… pretty much the kind of music you’d hear on Scrubs. They even put the words to one of my favorite love songs on the back of the program… which was also the series finale song on Scrubs.


The book of love is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
It’s full of charts and facts and figures
And instructions for dancing
But I, I love it when you read to me
And you, you can read me anything


The book of love has music in it
In fact, that’s where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb, but I,
I love it when you sing to me, and
You, you can sing me anything

With this ringFirst Kiss
First Dance

The book of love is long and boring
And written very long ago
It’s full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes
And things we’re all too young to know, but
I, I love it when you give me things
And you, you ought to give me wedding rings



    • I knew you could appreciate, Mrs. Newlywed! πŸ™‚

    • Wasn’t it though? Ahhh, I love weddings.

  1. Love both of your dresses in these pictures! Where are they from?!

    • Thank you! The rehearsal dinner dress is from Old Navy (size M! WHOOOO!! haha) and the pink & black one is from Marshall’s, not sure of the brand. The cardigan is also Old Navy, as is pretty much every other item of clothing that I own. πŸ˜€

      • yes, LOVE the pink and black one. and as usual, your pics. we have the same quirky style.

  2. Amazingly beautiful. I’m over here getting all sappy about love and weddings now… thanks. *sniff*

    I love all the little Halloween touches… especially the table numbers!


  3. I looooove seeing other people’s weddings, and this is such a gorgeous one! I love when the bride & groom really personalize the day.

    You look so cute in both dresses!!

    • Thank you! And weren’t the personal touches so special? Gave me so many ideas for my “somday” vault, hahaha.

  4. soooo beautiful!!
    Are there any more weddings on your agenda? (apart maybe from your own ;)) I absolutely love hearing about weddings and it seems this wedding was an aweseome one!
    I prefer cupcakes to a “real” cake, any time!

    • Haha! I’m so glad you said that, because I definitely am going to another wedding this upcoming weekend! So prepare yourself for some serious dΓ©jΓ  vu πŸ˜‰

      • canΒ΄t wait πŸ™‚
        Hope you will have a good time!

  5. great, now i’m listening to the song at work and getting all teary eyed πŸ˜›

    • ‘Cause it’s the most amazing songggg!

  6. Love all the pictures! Her dress is so pretty!!

    • Isn’t it great? I loved the sparkly brooch in the middle of the sweetheart neckline… I almost posted a picture of it but then realized it was basically a picture of her boobs, so I refrained. πŸ˜›

  7. I love these photos! I love this wedding! Love the super cute toppers! And her bouquet! And that gray dress is so flattering on you!! You look fab!!

    • Thank you! Aren’t they SO cute? Although I told Abby (the bride) that they did kind of remind me that scary movie “Trick ‘r’ Treat”… but much cuter, ahaha.

    • Hahahahahaha, you love it so much your love falls right off the page. πŸ˜€

  8. Beautiful wedding! I have also been put as Mrs, even though I am not quite there yet.

  9. Beautiful! I love the balcony picture.

  10. Great photos- gorgeous bride- fun decor- yummy cupcakes (thanks for leaving the key lime one at my place!) Glad you had fun!! Hope the one this weekend is fun for you too πŸ™‚ I need to find the song you have the lyrics written down to- i heart those!

    • It’s linked in the post πŸ™‚

  11. I absolutely LOVE weddings.and that last picture is amazing!

  12. Those are some really good photographs, Gretchen! Looks like a great time. I especially love the first one, the bridge & street makes for a perfect backdrop!

  13. That song totally makes me cry. When I was dragging my feet getting my wedding rings resized, Nate got me a “temporary” wedding band…and it is engraved with “you want to give me wedding rings” on the inside. Such a great song. Such a great husband.


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