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Posted on Oct 10, 2011 in Food | 35 comments

K-BBQ (or, That Time I Ate All the Meat)

Abby & John-Paul’s wedding was absolutely beautiful, but the recap will have to wait due to me having to edit roughly twenty zillion photos of the amazingness. Good thing I have today off from work to get through them all, eh? [/brag]

In the meantime, let’s talk about last night’s family dinner!

IMG_9630.jpgDecisions, DecisionsIMG_9629.jpg
Sorry sis, I just couldn’t NOT post this pic.

The whole gang got together, minus Steve, but including my unpictured brother who served as co-photog for the night (I’d say the photo cred split goes about 50/50 for this post.)


My uncle, aunt, and cousin (different relatives than last week, haha) were visiting from Boston, and my mom picked out Korean as the cuisine du jour.

Hi Aunt Martha, Uncle Tommy, and Tomas!


Oe Gad Gib is in Annandale, VA, and offers an All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ special that my mom had seen advertised in the Chinese Newspaper. So what did we do, friends?

IMG_9631.jpgIMG_9633.jpgMeateaterKorean BBQ

We All-You-Can-Ate, of course! Boy, oh boy, did we eat.


Thin strips of beef, marinated tenderloin, and pork belly – whoosh! I’m pretty sure I ate all the meat there ever was, ever.


With some salad and kimchi in between, of course! Korean food is notorious for being especially spicy, so even with my spice-lovin’ tastebuds I was, er, a little hesitant at first:

Phew, not that spicy after all!

With so much red meat in one sitting, my stomach certainly wasn’t thanking me, um, later on (tmi?), but in the moment it was delicious. Sometimes we (non-vegetarian, non-vegan people) just need to be a little carnivorous, y’know?

Again, stay tuned for a full wedding weekend recap to come tomorrow, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with this little nugget from the big day:

Photog at Large

What, you don’t go to weddings toting thousands of dollars worth of your brother’s camera equipment? Bahaha.

Are you working for The Man this glorious Columbus Day, or do you have the day off?


  1. Love your dress! I have this beautiful day off as well! And I think I’m going to have to check out Oe Gad Gib in the real near future 🙂

    • Thanks girrrrrl! Yeah, this would be a great place for a big group to go too, since it’s a fun shared experience to be all carnivorous together, hahaha. Enjoy your day off too!

  2. I’m working…which doesn’t make sense because I have the same-ish job as you (D-Contractor) and all my customers are off. Weak! But, since tons of people took today off anyways, I’m really just “working”. And I’m with Colleen, you just added a new restaurant to try! We always go to Yechon, time to expand our horizons!

    • Aw, boo! That doesn’t make sense at all if your customer isn’t there! Ah well, at least I’m sure there’s plenty of peace and quiet, eh?

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! (err… I mean Columbus Day.)
    I really like Korean Barbecue which is surprising given the fact that, normally, I eat very little meat.

    • Oh gosh! I totally forgot that Canadian Thanksgiving was this weekend too! Happy T-Day! 😀

  4. The Man is holding me down. And I’m sick. talk about a case of the Mondays 🙁 shoot me now…or at least load me up with meds to make me pass out.

    • Boooooo, I’m so sorry to hear that! Not exactly the makings of a good start to the week. 🙁 Chin up!

    • This was basically my post: brag, brag, blahblahblah, brag. Sorry. <3

  5. I am dying to try Korean barbeque because there’s a food truck that always parks on my street that’s notorious for great korean bbq. But it’s kind of a problem for someone who’s allergic to soy sauce and doesn’t eat meat 🙁 So right now I just live vicariously through smelling the air around the truck.

    • Unfortunately that may make it slightly problematic. My vegetarian sister couldn’t partake in the same goodness as us either, but she seemed to enjoy her gigantic rice/noodle/veggie bowl thing that has a ridiculous-sounding name I can’t pronounce! 🙂

      • Was it BiBimBop? That can be made vegetarian and usually has a ton of cool veggies and an egg on top. So, SO delicious.

        • That was EXACTLY it! Hahaha, otherwise known as THE most fun dish name to say out loud. 😀

  6. Mmm… we end up doing Korean BBQ for some family dinners, as well. Boyfriend’s Dad spent a couple of years in Korea, and came home with a taste for it. I must admit, I don’t generally take part in the meat aspect of it, but I love all of the crazy condiments and side dishes. As well as my favorite dish… Dol Sot Bibimbap! Thanks to his influence, I’ve even made my own Kimchi. Spicy!

    Your dress is incredibly adorable! 🙂

    I’m working today (boo, hiss), and jealous of your day off. Enjoy!


    • Ooooh! That is so impressive, making your own kimchi! 😀

  7. I wish I had the day off. and ps i hate you for posting that pic. thanks.

  8. I remember the best vegan stir-fry I had was acutally a Korean one with lots of sesame seeds. Sooo good. And oh so spicy, but I like that 🙂
    I am so happy for you to have your family living around and that you go on outings so often. You really are blessed!

  9. Mmmmm Korean BBQ!

    I am off today! Ah, the occasional perks of federal employment. 🙂

    • Hahaha, sure, we get Columbus Day and MLK, but not the day after thanksgiving so I’m not sure what’s better, hahaha.

  10. I was just introduced to Korean BBQ this year!! I <3 it! I've been to Korshi in Centreville, VA and Honeypig in Centreville, VA. I like honeypig best. yum yum yum!!!

    • My sister was talking about Honeypig last night!! I must try it!

  11. Alas, I did not have today off:::BOO:: but I just wanted to mention, I have an Aunt Martha too! 🙂

  12. Hi Gretchen. What a fun family celebration! And love the sorting through “twenty zillion” wedding pics. Very well put! I have the day off, I’m in Canada, and it’s Canadian Thankgsiving here today. Turkey has been consumed….much turkey! Have a great week.

    • Oops, weird! Should be fixed now!

      • I can see it now – lovely dress!!! 🙂 What kind of lens are you rocking there btw?

        • It’s my bro’s camera (I handed him mine to take the pic) and he says it’s a 24-70 f/2.8L. So basically what that means to me is simply “really expensive” hahaha 😉

          • LOL I just looked it up on Amazon – your hunch was right! 😛


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