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Posted on Oct 5, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food, Vlog, Weigh Ins, Weight Loss | 53 comments

Take 2

Ahhh, the bittersweet taste of Wednesday. We’re halfway there, but still halfway, er, away. Plus, it’s weigh-in day. Urk. After last week’s less-than-desirable weigh-in, I wasn’t really sure what to expect this morning. I tried to keep it fairly light all week, despite all the eating out that’s been occurring. Last night I met up with Reema for… SUSHI!

And it was happy to see me!

< IMG_1721.jpgIMG_1719.jpg
As we were to see it, hehehe.

Post-deliciousness, I was busy preparing for the worst. In order to make myself feel better after a potentially heartbreaking weigh-in, I spent a little time throwing together my second-ever vlog! That way, I’d at least have an excuse to watch myself talk afterwards, which we all know I vainly love to do.

I’ve definitely learned from my first experience with, sigh, vlogging (still hate the word.) I’m getting faster at splicing together clips, too. It only took me like, an hour and a half this time!

Note: my hair is wet because I had just showered (shock!), and I had just showered because I did 30 Day Shred (BIGGER SHOCK!)

All right, all right, time to get on with this other show:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Week’s Weight: 189.4 lbs
This Week’s Weight: 186.2 lbs
This Week’s Change: -3.2 lbs

I DON’T UNDERSTAND MY BODY. I gain two and a half pounds last week, only to lose three now? Oy. I guess I should just take the loss (between the yo-yoing up and down, it’s a 0.7 pound loss overall for the past two weeks) and be happy, but I’m just so confused. I guess even when you limit yourself to a weekly weigh-in (although in full disclosure, I did take a couple of sneak peeks over the weekend…) things aren’t always going to be reflective of your “true” weight. As long as it’s all headed in the right direction I can’t be too upset though, I suppose!

Thoughts on the vlog this time around? Tips or ideas for next time?

Another question: is it true that sparkling water still isn’t good for you because the carbonation weakens bone density? Because if so, I will be sad. It makes water so much more interesting!

Edit: I just Googled the answer to this, and it looks like the answer is no! Evidently it isn’t the carbonation in soda that affects calcium levels and bone density, it’s other (worse) stuff. Huzzah!


  1. You made me giggle…. before 9am. Way to go! I liked this vlog and I love how you laugh at your honesty : ) Hope your day is great!

  2. Hi there! I’m a new reader/follower/whatever-er and I LOVED your vlog! Keep those coming!! πŸ™‚ Most excellent! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks so much, Sara! Will do. πŸ˜€

  3. Okay three points:

    1. I totally do that at the grocery store too. I’m SUCH a compulsive buyer, and a terrible decision maker… alas multiple versions of the same thing.
    2. They said there was a canned pumpkin shortage last year too… and now I have 3 LEFTOVER cans of pumpkin. Don’t believe the lies.
    3. I like how you say grocery (gro-sher-y). It (along with the rest of your vlog) makes me giggle.

    • Is that not how most people say it?? Ahahahaaaaa, this is AL-mond all over again!

  4. Loved the vlog. “Uhh, dogs!”. Your energy is infectious… I could use a daily dose of that! πŸ™‚

    I am ADDICTED to sparkling water/seltzer. Love it. I received a SodaStream as a gift for Xmas last year, and can’t imagine how I lived without it. It’s so handy. fun. cheaper. easier (than lugging all the bottles home from store!). much better for the environment. I could go on and on. Even though it was a gift, it has more than paid for itself, I am certain. The refill fizz canisters are easy to get at BBBeyond; and when you “exchange” them, they are half the cost (and you can use the 20% off BBBeyond coupons on them). Anyways – can’t recommend it enough! (apparently!).

    I now have more than 24 cans of pumpkin in my house… I’m a pumpk-a-holic. Shortage? Bring it.


    • Ruh roh, you may just be convincing me…!

  5. Overall direction is the important thing! Way to go!

    • It’s just so frustrating that it’ll be up so much, and then down so much, so I can’t even really be that happy about the latter! Grah!

  6. La Croix is LA BOMBA – I personally LOVE the coconut – but I’ve been told it’s a love it or hate it kind of thing – the cranberry, raspberry is awesome! It does go on sale from time to time at Target, so watch for that. Down 3.2 lbs? WHAT WHAT!?

    • I can see how it would be polarizing like that. Coconut in general tends to be, so I guess we’ll see where I fall! (PS: did I pronounce it correctly? Hahaha.)

      I feel like 3.2 sounds like SO much but I have to keep reminding myself it’s really only like 0.7. Which is still fine by me, don’t get me wrong, I just have to make sure I don’t get a big head and think I can overdo it again this week – especially because I have wedding #3 to attend this weekend! Ack!

  7. Sushi question!

    I always want sushi on Friday nights…and my weigh-in day is Saturday morning. Do you limit soy sauce in order to prevent salt bloat the next morning?

    • That was DEFINITELY a big consideration of mine, since I know that the whole water retention thing obviously plays a huge roll in my weigh-ins. I did try to limit my usage (and I always use the low-sodium kind anyway), but I didn’t eliminate it completely. I know it’s not the “proper” way to eat sushi, but I really like the way that the ginger tastes with the sushi, so I’ll usually soak the ginger in the soy sauce and then eat a piece of that with each bite. It’s like automatic soy-sauce portion control! Haha.

      • I always combine the soy (low sodium as well) and wasabi to make a paste. I’m sure the servers think I’m some low-class riffraff! Hah!

        Congrats on your weight loss…REGARDLESS of what happened last week! πŸ˜€

  8. So i’m at work so i can’t watch the vlog (full disclosure, i just realized i never watched your first one!) so tonight i will be watching Gretchen vlogs- but i wanted to say congrats on netting out to almost a pound lost between the past two weeks. Keep watching what you eat and you’ll keep going in the right direction. Plus i’m super proud of you for doing some heart pumping exercise last night!

    • I will accept your apology only in the form of sparkling water.

  9. I love it! Gretchen, itΒ΄s soooooooooooooo funny!!
    Please keep doing vlogs! tip for the next time: move away a bit from the picture in the background, as the light from the camera reflects there πŸ˜‰
    I have never heard of bubbly water making your bones weak…
    btw, last night I dreamt I met a guy wearing a “Honey I Shrunk The Gretchen” t-shirt, isnΒ΄t that soooo strange???

    • Good tip – I did notice that while I was editing the video but was way too lazy to bother redoing it, haha. And that is hilarious — I’m in your dreeeeams hahaha! πŸ˜€

  10. If I didn’t know that was just you, I would assume you shotgunned 4 Red Bulls before filming that.

    • I’m going to choose to take that as a compliment. πŸ˜‰

  11. Congrats on a great weigh in! I vote you focus on the moving in the right direction and forget about how crazy women’s bodies are. At least that’s what I am trying to do! Good news about sparkling water…I love it and wouldn’t want to have to try to say no!

    • I aim to please, friend. πŸ˜€

  12. I need to find myself some of this La Croix stuff!

  13. Loved the vlog! It was hilarious! You should try putting a little lime juice into the coconut sparkling water. I do that to the same La Croix coconut flavor – it’s so good! Who put the lime in the coconut? I did! (Sorry, tangent).
    Congrats on the loss! Must have just been water weight last week so you saw a greater loss this week to compensate.

    • Haha, even in the comments you can see that coconut is clearly a flavor that you either love or hate! I will definitely be trying that. I wonder if I can try mixing the lime and the coconut flavors of the water itself… haahaha.

      • Let me know if you do try that. It sounds rather interesting. Could be tasty or could be nasty!

  14. congrats on your weight loss! .7 after it’s all said and done is still .7 that is GONE!

    you’re making me want sushi! yum!

    • I always want sushi. It’s a sickness, really.

  15. Bahahahah. Loved this. Dude my work offers us a fridge full of an unlimited supply of EVERY FLAVOR of LaCroix and I am totally hooked.Except for the coconut flavor. Have you tried it yet?? I bought some at target and tried it and almost puked…it’s like drinking fizzy suntan lotion. BLEGH!

    • I haven’t tried it yet… I hope I like it…! I’m excited about the possibilities of the raspberry though. I’m so jealous of your unending supply!!

    • It’s official: I likey the coconut. Bring on the fizzy sunscreen!! πŸ˜€

  16. Weight is so subjective. I’m bad and I weigh myself every day, but one day last week it went up like 4 lbs overnight or something ridiculous. If you think about it, even if I only weighed myself once a week, it could have just been that the 4lb weird day was my one weigh in day. The next day it was back to normal. .7 is good! And it rounds up to 1! As hard as it is, focus on how you feel about your healthy habits. You know when you make good choices and you know when you’re making less than healthy choices. Your body is smarter than the scale πŸ™‚

    • Which is why I keep being torn on weighing more frequently than once a week. It’s still so hard to tell, and if I have a salty meal or my monthly frenemy has dropped by or… blarrrrrrgh. Okay, okay, you’re right. Focus on the positive. 0.7 is almost a pound down! I’m almost at 185! Focusing, focusing…

      • I think everyone is different. I found that is I weigh myself less frequently, there is more anxiety and power tied to the number when I finally do. I honestly believe that a healthy place for me would be every 2-3 days. Not that I’m there right now, but that would be ideal. On the other hand, if you weigh more often and a bad number can ruin your day, then I would say it’s not worth it to switch, but honestly who knows? I had someone tell me once that I could weigh myself as often as I wanted, but it would only *count* once a week. So if you did, you could still keep with your Wednesday number, but it might just give a little more perspective. On the other hand, if you know you had a heavy food day, I would not suggest weighing yourself the next day! Usually 2 days later it’s already evened out, but the day after has given me many a freak out!

  17. I have a soda stream and I looooooooooove it.

    • Sigh, I highly anticipate me dropping $80 down the Sodastream drain any day now… πŸ˜›

  18. Awesome Vlog! Glad I watched this before going to work today, or else I would have been that annoying person who laughs out loud in a cubicle space. Love the jump cutting for comic relief.
    Can’t wait for the next one, and to do one with you in 3 WEEKS!!!!

    • I am admittedly both fascinated and horrified by Jillian Michaels.

      Also, I’m not sure what the first part of your comment means. Are you saying you liked it, or that you didn’t? Hahahaha.

  19. i loved you on your vlog!! you are so funny/happy/bubbly! too cute! keep it up youre doing great!!

  20. Gretchen, your video ROCKS! Keep’em comin’

    As for the sparkling water, yes this is a good way to mix things up but you know this, regular water is better…it is just logical (in its most natural form).

    Not that you have to completely ditch it, just try to have it as a treat instead of daily. πŸ™‚

    Add fruit or cucumbers, i have even heard jalapenos is a nice way to add some natrual flavor.

    • Ahhh, but didn’t you hear the part about the obsessive personality? Hahahahaha. I know, I know, water au naturale will always be best. Jalapeno water, huh? Sounds both fascinating and terrifying!!

    • Klassy with a capital K. πŸ˜‰

  21. Awww Gretchen youre so funny:) they said there wouldnt be enough pumpkin last year either. Just a ploy. Liked the video, hate oatmeal and pumpkin ,gross texture in my mouth.

    • Hahahaha, well you will probably not enjoy the plans I have to combine the two of those things together then. πŸ˜›

  22. Giiiiirrrrl, you inspire me! I’ve been “following” (?) you for a whopping two days–ever since I saw your article on caloriecount.com–but I already feel like I’m not alone in this journey! I decided to take the need-to-lose-100-pounds plunge this past June, and I’ve lost a little over 30 pounds thanks to my awesome trainer, 1400 calorie per day meals, and plethora of students who are cheering me on! I am running (hahaha–who am I kidding–I am walk/jogging) in my first 5K next weekend, and I’m SCARED TO DEATH (mostly of being called an old fattie from sideline spectators), but you have encouraged and inspired me! And now I’m motivated! Keep writing! Keep posting brutally honest photos! And keep vlogging! You’re my hero!
    HUGS, Becca

    • That is awesome! And nobody will call you anything at the race, don’t be crazy (like I am. :P) I was seriously having the same panic attack last November when I ran my first 5K, and I just completed 5 MILES a couple of weeks ago!


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