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Posted on Sep 22, 2011 in Food | 46 comments

Sushi Hour

Since “sushi” is pretty much synonymous with the word “happy” in my eyes, I think this post title totally works. So it’s probably no surprise then that after last night’s third DC blogger monthly meetup I am the sushiest gal around.


I met up with Jess, Carly, Claire, Catrina, and Amy at Cafe Asia in Rosslyn for happy hour last night!

Cafe Asia

Claire, Jess, and Carly.

I tried to ration out my eating properly throughout the day since I know I just can’t help myself when it comes to sushi. Turns out that was a very good call…


I had never been there before, but Cafe Asia’s happy hour is pretty fantastic. $2.50 draft beers and $3 apps! The space was really big too, so it was easy to move from the bar to a table when we realized there would be just six of us.

Showing off my Whasian pride with Catrina.

Amy & me

After we were seated, we settled in for the main event. I decided that it would be a good idea to eat an entire avocado for dinner, so I started with the following “salad”:

There’s some shredded cucumber and wakame buried under there too, I promise.

Before moving onto this deliciousness:


Claire had the fancy dragon roll on the right as well as the tuna roll, and I demolished the salmon, eel & avocado, and “Cafe Asia” roll on the left. I wasn’t kidding about the amount of avocado I consumed today. Totally counts as a “green”, right?

And as if my day wasn’t sushi-tastic enough, LivingSocial had a deal today for 50% off of sushi at Maneki Neko in Falls Church! I’ve always considered them to be “the other” when it comes to FC sushi (my loyalty lies with Koi Koi now and forever!) but hey, with a deal this good I’m definitely willing to broaden my horizons!

What’s your sushi stance? I find it’s a very polarizing cuisine: people either love it or hate it. It’s clearly no secret that I’m part of the former category, but some of you might be surprised to hear that Steve really doesn’t like it! I’ve finally gotten him to the point where he’s at least willing to take me to sushi restaurants though (where he’ll order the teriyaki chicken, haha), so I guess I can’t really complain. Doesn’t stop me from trying to force him to eat it anyway though. LIKE IT. LIKE IT, I SAY!


  1. Love it! My family was eating sushi before it was cool. Actually, back then it was kinda weird. Love to go out for sushi,but miss the old days when I was a kid and we’d spend a whole night making sushi with friends at home and chowin’. My favorite roll of all time is an eel and avocado roll. I love how it’s a little sweet. These days I’ve cut back a lot on sushi, I have some healthy living/eating/environmental sustainability qualms with seafood. Also, most restaurants (by me, at least) don’t have a brown rice option for their sushi, and I kind of no longer like white rice. So, these days I make sushi a treat. By the way, have you tried the sushi from Whole Foods, (brown rice, baby!). It is pretty yummy!

    • Their sushi is pretty good! The Whole Foods closest to me doesn’t sell it though, unfortunately, so I haven’t had it in a while. I do wish that more restaurants took advantage of giving you brown rice rolls.

  2. I love sushi! So sad I couldn’t make it!
    Shiki Sushi in Ballston and Kushi in Chinatown are two of my faves! I will have to check out Cafe Asia for sure!

    • I keep hearing about Kushi, I really need to check it out. You need to come next time for sure, I haven’t really seen you in foreverrrr!

  3. You already know this, but I pretty much can’t stand any kind of Asian cuisine. It makes me a terrible person. 😛

    The sushi itself is fine (I like fish, rice, avocado, etc.) but I can’t stand the flavoring stuff. I don’t really like ginger or soy sauce or wasabi. So that just leaves a really bland sushi roll.

    • Hey, to each their own! Not every cuisine is for everybody. And I agree, without the accouterments, the rolls themselves can be fairly bland (although I think that a good California roll can be mighty tasty on its own too!)

  4. I tried sushi for the first time about a year ago. In my 27 years, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before! I’ve yet to venture into fish (cooked or raw), but I very much appreciate the shellfish varieties!

    Also, I ordered the 50mm lens!! Thanks so much for your help on my comment on your other post! I’ve been wanting a 50mm for a while so when you said that you recommend it, I was like, “Sounds good to me!”

    • Yay! I think that’s awesome — you’ll have to let me know how you like using it! Definitely just bear in mind that because it’s a fixed lens, you can’t zoom out, so you’ll have to get used to standing a little further back haha. But the 1.8 is a great starter 50mm (and one that I haven’t even graduated from yet!) so I’m super excited for you to start playing around with it!!

  5. I looooooooooooooooove sushi!! Mmmm, especially Nigiri.

    Oddly, the BEST place I’ve ever had sushi was at a place called Shogun in Albuquerque, NM. That’s about the only reason I miss living there… oh, and the amazing green chile.

    • You know, it’s funny ’cause I very rarely order nigiri. Somehow the high price just doesn’t seem worth it! Even though logically I know you’re getting more fish per bite… I dunno. Seems like a ripoff somehow, hahaha. Sure is tasty though! (Salmon ftw.)

      • I know, the price is what keeps me from ordering it when I’m paying…. haha

  6. Love sushi, definitely. My other half doesn’t… he “pretended” to like it when we started dating… (Just as he “pretended” to be a coffee drinker), to get in my good graces. Now that the truth is out – he’d eat it about once a year, given his druthers. But really, who are we kidding?! I wear the pants in this relationship. 😉 So, I get sushi, and he gets the rice/stir-fry/chicken/noodles whathaveyou. Or, we go to a local joint called COWFISH, where I can get yummy rolls and he can get a burger. Win. 🙂


    • Omgahhhhh I so wish there were a place around here that served burgers and sushi! Guffffff, color me jealous.

  7. i like sushi- although of course being a vegetarian my options are slightly limited to the vegetable roll variety. Nevertheless, i won’t turn down a good japanese restaurant! Looks like you had a good happy hour!

    • Psh, “I like sushi”. It’s like we’re not even related. YOU SHOULD LOVE SUSHI. IT SHOULD RUN THROUGH YOUR VEINS.

  8. I absolutely LOVE sushi! And I like your avocado attraction too…can’t get enough and it is great with sushi! I approve, it is totally a green!

    I got my Gretchen gear in the mail…YAY!

    • Oooh, YAY! Send pictures!!!!!

  9. I *love* sushi! It’s a shame I couldn’t make it last night–Cafe Asia is about three blocks from my house! They have some fantastic veggie rolls too.

    • I definitely only got to try a very small sampling this time around, and it was good! And surprisingly reasonably priced, so I’ll definitely be back! (KoiKoi still #1 tho! :D)

  10. I don’t actually eat sushi but my coworkers and I do love us some Cafe Asia (the Rosslyn location specifically) for happy hours for all the same reasons you stated. Looks like you all had some fun times!

    • Next time we definitely have to meet up then! 😀

  11. I love love love sushi. Please make the trip to Annapolis and try out Joss Cafe. Amazing sushi!

  12. I had such a good time last night! I’m so glad you take great pictures so I could sit around and stuff my face (also, thanks for not taking pictures of that – particularly the spring roll incident).

    • Hahahahaha, next time you may not be so lucky… 😉

      But seriously, so fun, and your stories are HILARIOUS. Can’t wait for next time!

      • Hey! I’ve met this Carly character before! Hiiiiii! I volunteered with you at Love the Run 5k packet pickup, then bumped into you at the National Marathon relay transition… and then again when you were handing out muffins at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. And now I am e-bumping into you on my friend’s blog! Isn’t she awesome 😉 Hope you gave her lots of running inspiration for the Navy 5 miler! Good luck Gretch!!!!

        I’ll add Carlybananas to my google reader and then maybe see you at a running event on purpose some time!

        Also. Sushi. NOM. lovelovelove.

  13. I really really need some sushi. I have been too afraid to get any since finding out I was allergic to gluten. I need a spider roll!

    • Is there commonly gluten in sushi?

      • No but there is in soy sauce unless you buy special gluten free. I know. Soy sauce?!?! Really?!?! So annoying. I’ve been too afraid that some will get in the roll on accident.

        • Oh yeah I’ve read about that. Tamari is the gluten-free version. I highly doubt you’d have to worry about it getting in the rolls though. Soy sauce is strictly a condiment, it’s put directly on the tables for the patrons to pour, and it’s never used in rolls as far as I know (and I have eaten MORE than my fair share of sushi in this life, haha.)

  14. I love sushi. I was vegetarian for about 6 months and went back to eating fish again primarily because I missed sushi.

    • That’s pretty much my main argument against why I’ll never be able to be fully vegetarian. I’m pretty sure the kind of person that vegetarians hate the most because I have the ethical drive to WANT to be one, but I am just too selfish and self-indulgent to actually make it happen, haha.

  15. Love love love sushi! I don’t understand people who don’t like it! They crazy!

    • It’s so amazing. It’s my “desert island” food fo’ sho’. Sushi for life.

  16. As far as I’m concerned, there is NO such thing as too much avocado! I never feel ANY guilt when eating it!

    • It’s “healthy fat” so I can eat as much of it as I want, right?? Hahaha.

      • Damn straight! That’s what I’m sayin’, heh.

  17. I love sushi and Cafe Asia! So sorry I had to miss last night, looks like you ladies had a great time.

  18. Sushi lovers FTW! I’m spoiled too since I work in Chelsea Market where they have a restaurant that serves the best sushi’s I’ve ever tasted in NYC. Oh and at home, I sometimes (ok, more than usually) get free sushi from Benihana’s since both of my bros work there and they bring home fun concoctions a lot of the time. 😉

  19. I LOVE SUSHI! For some reason, I remember loving it before I even tried it. Maybe it was during my teenage phase of loving everything Japanese. Even my parents (not sure about my sister) were introduced to sushi through me. I chose it as my birthday restaurant one yea, despite both parents not liking the idea of eating uncooked fish. I remember going from the transition of just assuming that I would love it, to actually loving it. Ever since, my family and I just can’t get enough sushi!

  20. My sister was reading your blog post from behind me and was like teach me how to make sushi!
    Will you teach us???

  21. Mmm…sushi is the best. I have driven past that place for the longest time and have never eaten there. If you have any more meetups in Arlington, I’d love to come. But only if it wouldn’t be awkward with me being in high school and all 😉

  22. I <3 Cafe Asia hard. I used to work in Rosslyn and we used to order from there on our deadline days at work all the time.


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