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Posted on Sep 19, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 41 comments

A Beach Wedding

Friday, I went to the beach.


And although I did stick my toes in the sand (not that there was much of a choice) there was another reason behind the trip.

Pre-Wedding Posing

Steve and I had a wedding to attend! My first beach wedding ever, in fact.


The festivities couldn’t commence without self-taken pictures in the bathroom mirror of my wedding outfit though, natch.


Hahahaha, I’m such a dork. I even got my nails “Shellac’d” for this gig. It’s nail polish that’s supposed to last 2+ weeks!


With my track record with manicures, however, we’ll have to see how things go, haha.


Steve was a groomsman in this beautiful beach wedding that took place in (or rather, on!) Rehoboth Beach, DE.


I accompanied his parents and played the role of that obnoxious person that nobody knows who is taking too many pictures. Heehee.

Groomsmen in Wait

The boyf performed his duties beautifully, of course.


And I only have one thing to say when it comes to the Whasian (!!!!) ring bearer and flower girl in the ceremony.

Bearer of the RingsPinwheel

Let’s just get a closer look of that adorbs-ness:

Flower Girl
I die.

But of course, there was really only one star of this show.

Father of the Bride
From daughter…

Rory & Jen!
… to wife!

And with a kiss (that I failed to get a good picture of, haha) Rory and Jen were married. Congratulations, guys!

Take your seat

Time to celebrate!

Cake on the BeachSheashells

First with cocktail hour, of course. Vodka soda for me!


In lieu of traditional throw-away favors, Rory & Jen made a donation to a no-kill animal shelter, which I loved! They have a dog, so I thought this was a fantastic way to include her in the wedding (of course, I have all sorts of plans to literally include my dogs in my someday wedding, haha. Are you surprised?)


There was a great spread, too! The weddings I’ve been to lately have REALLY been on the ball when it comes to the eats! Let’s hope the trend continues for the next three I’ll be attending…


Cocktail hour included a fruit & cheese platter, plus passed hors d’oeuvre (including the AMAZING bacon-wrapped scallop below!)


And dinner started off with a spinach salad with dried cranberries, crumbled bacon, blue cheese, and a super garlicky dressing.


Before hitting us with a full-scale buffet of deliciousness!


Prime rib AND chicken AND crab cakes, OH MY! I couldn’t even make it through my plate, there was so much food. Nommmm.

First danceTwirl
I love weddings.

The sweetest part of the whole thing (other than the cake)? Rory took dance lessons to prepare for the big day! Not to worry, though. He wasn’t the only one showing off on the dance floor:

Dance Party!
Rave on.

I even managed to get Steve to cut a rug with me for a dance or two. πŸ™‚

We stayed late to help with the clean up and whatnot, which led to its own silliness, haha.

Flowers. So hot right now.
Flowers. So hot right now. Flowers.

As you can see, it was a gorgeous wedding. 2011 Weddings: two down, three to go!

So after some deliberation, and the 249,892,348 words that made up this way-too-long post, I have made the executive decision to switch my weigh-in day. I recently received a comment on an older post suggesting I switch days from Monday to later in the week. The reasoning is that it might change my mentality about how I treat the weekends (in which I usually go balls-to-the-wall… oops.) Plus, I have to admit that it does feels weird tacking on my weigh-in to these huge weekend catch-up posts each week. We’ll see how it goes!

Purely for the alliteration, I’ve picked Wednesday as my new weigh-in day. Hopefully by then I’ll have actually kicked this cold (it has been holding on with a DEATH GRIP) and will have some happy news to report. I can’t lie, it’s been kind of nice not worrying about my weight for the past 2 weeks… but hopefully this little weigh-cation won’t end miserably… bum bum bum.

Are you a yay-weddings or nay-weddings kind of person? In case you couldn’t tell, I LOVE WEDDINGS. I fully realize I’m nowhere near getting married anytime soon, but that doesn’t stop me from watching marathons of “Say Yes to the Dress” and keeping a “Someday” board on Pinterest. You know. Just in case. πŸ˜‰

PS: Thanks so much for the kind words and amazing experiences shared through your comments on Friday’s post. If you’re ever in need of an ally in this weight-loss battle we fight, you’ll find about 25 of them there.


  1. 1) Gorgeous wedding! I like the colours, and the groomsmen look fantastic!
    2) I can’t believe you have 5 weddins to go to this year?! I would probably go crazy (I don’t like weddings, btw) and broke if I had that many weddings to go to.
    3) I always do weigh ins on Wednesday or Thursday morning. Weighing in on Mondays makes me feel guilty for indulging on the weekends, makes me cut back too much on food early in the week, and then I end up binging again the next weekend.

    • I think that may have been my problem too. My attitude towards weekend living actually ends up being detrimental with my weigh-in so early in the week, because by the time I actually get to the weekend, I’m sick of watching myself, hahaha. It’s a bad mentality, I know, but I am working on it at least!

  2. When I was weighing-in weekly, I did it on Fridays. That way I could have as much fun on the weekends as I wanted and still have time to “recover”. Granted, that might not be the best philosophy. πŸ˜›

    Weddings are alright. I really like to dance, so that makes ’em fun. πŸ™‚ Before I got married, I was TOTALLY OBSESSED and watched wedding shows all the time. But after I went through it? I realized that it is really only one day. Well, in our case, two different days. Our weddings were fun and all, but if I had to do it over again, I’d probably just take the cash from my parents and put it toward the down payment on a house.
    </not being romantic>

    • Hahaha, well it’ll be really interesting to see if I end up the same way after I go through it all myself one day. Because seriously. I love weddings. Even when I do have to go to 5 of them within a 4 month period. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m right there with you… I LOVE weddings. *sigh* I’m a total romantic sap, so yeah… love them. I lean towards the nontraditional, so a wedding on the beach sounds lovely. I love all the blues… beautiful.

    I’ve previously been of the mindset that I don’t have a “weigh-in” day, because I find it discouraging. And… shocker, that hasn’t been working for me. So just this morning I decided to start to have “Weigh-in Wednesdays” as well!


  4. Looks like a gorgeous ceremony and lucky it didn’t rain! I think Wednesday Weigh Ins sound good- also this way there is likely to not be a reason to skip them because… why bother skipping a mid week weigh in?? Sorry we didn’t get to hang as much this weekend- next weekend!!

    • I guess that’s certainly another “weigh” to look at it, too (badoom – ching!)

  5. I love weddings! I do like them best when neither Jason or myself are in the wedding — I like to be able to sit together during the ceremony!

    The ring bearer and flower girl are too adorable. Oh my gosh how cute are those kids!!!

    I think switching your weigh in day is a great idea.

    • I agree that I think that weddings are definitely the most fun when neither of you is in the wedding. Good thing the next two are that way for sure! (Ohhhh the wedding overload… :D)

  6. When you said you were going to a wedding in Delaware, I had a hunch it was for Jen and Rory. I went to high school with Jen and swam on the swim team with her. My BFF from home, Ellen, was also at the wedding. It sure was beautiful!

    • I love our small-world connections! I was totally thinking about you when I Facebook friended her this weekend, cause I saw that you were one of our “friends in common.” <3

      • Hehehe πŸ™‚ I just talked to my friend Ellen, and turns out you guys talked while at the wedding. Love our small-world connections!

  7. Love your outfit!!

    And that is totally the cake I want at my wedding (whenever that happens!)

    • Gorgeous, right? I loved the little frosting seahorses on it. So classy!

  8. I love weddings! Looks like you had so much fun! As you probably already know, I’m such a fan of your pictures!! What lens do you use? Right now, I only have a kit lens and I feel like I can do so much more with a different one. But then I think that I don’t even know how to use the DSLR on anything but Auto (I know, for shammmeee) so I should learn THAT first. Grr.

    • Thanks girrrrl. Yeah, I reject my kit lens and pretty much don’t even acknowledge its existence at this point (I really should probably sell it, eh?) I use a Canon 50mm f/1.8 prime lens almost exclusively for the majority of the pictures you see on this blog (on rare occasions I’ll use one of my brother’s better lenses, but hardly ever.) I highly recommend this as a starter lens (it’s still pretty cheap!) and it’s great to play with for food photography especially (gives you that niiiice blurry background, hehe.)

      I don’t know if you actually use a Canon or if you use a Nikon (I don’t know much about the latter) but feel free to email me if you have more questions!

  9. You looked gorgeous at the wedding, totally September beach appropo. Way to go! Also, I loved your nail polish. I love a good wedding, always cry at the ceremony and then dance my butt off all night long! : )

    • Thanks girl! It was chilly on the beach fo’ sho’. And yes, there may or may not have been some tears welled in my eyes… they never fell though! I just can’t help. She got choked up reading her vows and that’s what always gets me (I’m going to be a MESS at my own wedding hahaha)

      • I totes thought I’d be a hot mess at my wedding… but I’ve gotta tell ya…. in the moment, I was completely opposite my norm… rather than being overcome with emotion, I was completely peaceful…

        • Let’s hope that’s the case with me too. My sister is already threatening to slip me a Xanax on the day of… Hahahaha… ha…

  10. I love weddings! I have never been to a beach wedding…I would love that. The pictures from this one were beautiful!!! So fun! I love your dress!

    • Thanks!! Yeah, it was really cool to have the wedding on the beach. I definitely learned a few things about the logistics of it: veil + beach winds don’t really mix, and make sure you have backup batteries for the microphone because them waves be loud! Hahaha

      • HA! I had thought about the wind, but not the microphone!

  11. Sigh, I wanna get marrrriedddd. And I am going to have you take my wedding pics πŸ™‚

  12. I think Wednesday is the perfect day–I always hate weighing myself after the weekend!

    • Here’s hoping it helps change my mentality and routine enough that I can legitimately start losing again!

  13. You looked truly fabbo! The dress, and the hair, and the nails… it just all works!

    I am one of those people who really doesn’t care much for weddings unless it’s someone really close to me. I’ll admit that even going to the wedding of a cousin I haven’t seen in about 4 years doesn’t interest me a whole lot. It can be a problem some times.

    But, I am expecting fun this December!

    • Oh you flatterer. At this rate, I’m very quickly running through my supply of wedding-appropriate dresses that I can still wear! How do you think Holly will feel about me wearing a Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen! t-shirt to her wedding? Hahahahaha.

  14. Oh this is lovely! So very lovely!

    My weigh in day is Wednesday too! And funnily enough, my weigh in day used to be Monday. Great minds think alike, yes? πŸ˜‰

    • I couldn’t agree more. πŸ™‚

  15. I’m for camp wedding! I love having an excuse to get perdied up and dance the night away!

  16. I LOVE weddings. You are lucky you have so many! I only had one this year πŸ™
    Everyone looks so pretty and handsome too of course.
    And I think dancing is my favorite part, but also love the first dance and…the cake haha

  17. Love that photo of all the Groomsmen (is that how that word is spelled?!)

  18. You look so pretty! And I love that cake.

    My weighin day in on Wed. too mainly because I have a few days to recover from the weekends…

  19. I love weddings! But I’m rarely invited. πŸ™
    So I got married myself! Haha! It was quite an unconventional wedding, but we loved it and I think that our guests enjoyed it, too. Our cake was the best ever, seriously!
    I usually weigh myself on Saturday morning, that’s when it’s usually the lowest, after sleeping in.

  20. I’m so glad you decided to change your weigh-in day! I know Sunday or Monday sort of seem like the most natural choice, but (like I said before) I think weighing in later in the week gives a better idea of real-life progress (unlike holding onto some extra water weight for a few glasses of champagne at a weekend wedding!) AND it’s a real boost of motivation to keep the healthy eats up through the weekend celebrations. Hope it works out well for you!

  21. I am a Thursday weigher… it is close enough to the weekend to help remind me to behave, but far enough away from the weekend to allow me to shed the excess water and weight from the higher salts and the occasional beverage πŸ˜› Just think if I actually behaved over the weekends πŸ˜›

    Love weddings too… well, most, when I am not making wedding cakes for them, or I am not actually IN them! It really is so much nicer to enjoy them!

  22. I love the suits with flip flops for the groomsmen.

    And your dress and shoes are gorgeous. You look so good!


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