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Posted on Sep 15, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 41 comments

Whole Paycheck

In the event that perhaps you have been trapped in a cave with 30 other Chilean miners or suffered some other catastrophic loss of all communication with the outside world, you may be unaware that DC’s own LivingSocial offered up quite the tantalizing deal on Tuesday.

For $10 you could get a voucher worth $20 at our beloved Whole Foods, where it’s easy (or whatever’s easier than easy) to spend over $100 in a single trip. Bloggers o’er the entire blogosphere were rejoicing! People I barely talk to outside of Facebook were emailing me their deal referrals (sorry, friends, but I jumped on this ish like 5 seconds after it was released, hahaha) and my Twitter and Facebook feeds were blowing up. This deal set the record for the fastest sold-out LivingSocial deal EVER, hitting 1,000,000 (that’s a MILLION, folks) in less than 20 hours.

Whole Foods is the bomb diggity. But, of course, it might blow my mind with its awesomeness, but it also blows my wallet wide open, which is why I usually stick to the equally great but oh-so-much-cheaper Trader Joe’s on regular occasions. So, naturally, the minute I got my voucher, I was ready to spend it.


I really did intend to only buy $20 worth… but as you can see, that didn’t really happen. It’s like you’re put under a magical, organic-buying haze when you step into that store! Oh well, I got over $50 worth of stuff for $30 (Well, $40, if you count the original $10 spend on the deal.) and that’s still 20% off so I’m a happy bear!


Kombucha, almond milk, soy milk, PB&Co.’s White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter (!!)

Cilantro, green beans, bananas, red grapes, grape tomatoes, and a lime.

Daiya vegan cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds from the bulk bins, and some hot bar action.

Soooo, the first photo alone pretty much showcases where I would have had to stop if I had really only been spending $20. Worth it, hehe. And I know it seems SUPER random because I have things like cilantro and a single lime in there, but I really do have plans for those things, I promise.

Tomorrow Steve and I head over to his home state of Delaware for his friend’s wedding. We’re actually driving over tonight, and thus wedding #2 of 2011 begins. Just 3 more to go after this… oy. Not sure what posting is going to look like for tomorrow due to the festivities, but you can be sure to get a full recap when I’m back.

Did you take advantage of the Living Social deal? Spend it yet? What WOULD you spend it on if you had one?

PS: The 36th annual Taste of Falls Church Festival is happening this Saturday (9/17) from 10 – 4 in Falls Church! I desperately want to make it back in time to go to this, because it’s always so much fun. If you’re local, you should check it out! (I’m announcing this not because I was asked to, but just because I LOVE it!)

PPS: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG VAMPIRE DIARIES COMES BACK TONIIIIIIIGHT!!! Except… we got rid of TV so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to watch it. SOB. (NO. SPOILERS.)


  1. Sadly – most of my Living Social purchases have been on FOOD. I LOVE FOOD. even MORE sad than that is that I used to live in D.C. and now I live in a SAD city without a Whole Foods (closest one is 2 hrs.) and gasp – WITHOUT a TRADER JOE’s. So I look like a wino when I stock up on cases of wine when I get to one. Take pity on me and continue to post pics of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods finds πŸ˜‰

    • You literally just described my worst nightmare. Where do you LIVE?!? I think I would be lost without either a WF or a TJ’s in my life (I know, I know, #whitepeopleproblems… hahaha) Please free free to continue living vicariously through my spending all of my own hard-earned (well, earned, at any rate) monies on groceries and food — they make up probably 90% of my LivingSocial and Groupon purchases too!

  2. I snagged that deal pretty early on, too! I don’t go to Whole Foods, ever, so I’m looking forward to the trip. I basically just buy a lot of veggies and staples that I can find at any grocery store that has an organic section. Whole Foods for me is specialty stuff, like that white chocolate nut butter <3 I'm not sure what I'll spend it on but it'll be fun perusing the aisles!

    • I agree, WF is great because of the things they have that others don’t!

  3. I totally missed out on this one! Waited too long. Sigh. Have you had the White Chocolate Wonderful before? It’s AMAZING!!! You’ll never look at PB the same way again (now you’ll look at it way more lustfully!)

    • This is my first go around with the WCW kind and rest assured that MANY peanut butter fingers have already been consumed. I got the Dark Chocolate Dreams one last week and my affair has gotten a little out of control. PB & Co, what are you DOING to me?! Hahahaha

  4. I think I bought this at 7:05am…my alarm goes off at 7am πŸ™‚ Loving that I live right by the biggest Whole Foods in NJ, it’s a tiny piece of heaven. Can’t wait to use the coupon!

    • Yesssss, get it girl!! πŸ˜€

  5. I thought about buying the WF deal but I didn’t because I knew I couldn’t spend just $20 there and I tend to buy things I don’t really need at WF, so it is best if I stay out of there!

    • Haha, oh man, if I only were as good as you about it… ooooops! πŸ™‚

  6. I was one of those million people! I’m not sure what I’ll buy, but I’m thinking I may get some Justin’s nut butter!

    • Ooooh, I was so tempted by the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter… but at $9.99 for a jar that’s one purchase even a LivingSocial deal couldn’t JUSTIfy (hahahaaaaa, get it?)

  7. can you redeem the voucher from your phone??

  8. I did not get to take advantage of this steal but it looks like you got some great stuff!! Need to try that White Chocolate Wonderful PB!!

    • As if I needed a reason to love peanut butter more, right? Hahaha

  9. I totally missed the boat on that- but there isn’t a whole foods by me anyway (weird huh?) so i spend mucho buckeroos at TJ’s, although you can get quite a bit of bang for your buck there.

    • That is weird, I didn’t realize there isn’t one near you!

  10. completely jealous. i love whole foods. And white chocolate PB. Best thing ever invented haha

    • Hahaha, how do they come up with these ridiculously amazing flavors?!

      • Im not sure. But I want to be a taste tester!!!!

  11. I totally got this! I never shop at Whole Foods because like you said, it really is more like Whole Paycheck. But, I think I will use this deal to buy special stuff that my grocery store doesn’t have, like these fancy granola crisps–http://www.skinnycrisps.com. I eat gluten all the time but my coworker had these the other day and I really wanted the cinnamon ones.

    • Mmmm, those will definitely have to go on my to-try list!

  12. I was trying to get 3 of my friends to buy it so I’d get it for free and my husband was like, “Just put it on your blog and people will buy it.” and I said, “Umm, do you know who reads my blog? I can pretty much guarantee that they’ve already bought it!”

    but no, I haven’t spent it (or my husband’s) yet.

    • Hahahaha, I TOTALLY had the same thought process! So I just sent to my family and put out a generic thing on Twitter & Facebook. I probably still have to pay though, hahaha. Oh well! Still a deal. πŸ™‚

  13. I didn’t purchase the deal – I never go to Whole Foods. I’m more of a Trader Joe’s girl. Now, if there was a Living Social or Groupon deal for TJ’s, that would be a whole different story. πŸ™‚
    I’m am 100% addicted to White Chocolate Wonderful – I affectionately call it my crack. Love the stuff and a jar barely lasts a week. I even made pilgrimage to the Peanut Butter and Company restaurant when I was in last in NYC.

    • Yummmm, I should have gone there when I was in NYC. Next time, next time… πŸ˜€

  14. You bettah believe I snatched up that deal. And my husand bougth one was well. Caaa-ching! πŸ™‚ And now that I’m filthy rich in WF dollars, I fully plan on splurging on PB&Co. White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter. It’s a good day, my friend. It’s a good day.

    • Bahahahaha, caaaa-ching! I <3 you.

  15. I totally meant to buy it, but forgot. Oops!

  16. omg i can’t wait to get my VD on tonight! hehehe. damon, how i’ve missed you so.

    anyway, i def jumped on that whole foods deal! i plan to spend my fortune on some yummy garlic-y kale at the salad bar, and then play it by ear… or stomach, really. i do have a strong feeling that oikos chocolate greek yogurt will be in my future.

  17. I woke up and was floored by my FB blowing up. Whole Foods was all over my feed! I decided not to purchase, but only after much back and forth waffling. I really like Whole Foods, but try and limit my buying to things I can’t find anywhere else… or limit my Whole Foods buying to lunch dates. I love getting sushi there. But alas, I kept my bucks in my pocket, earmarked ’em for the super awesome Dekalb Farmer Market. This place rocks. It is an Atlanta peculiarity not to be missed. There is the option for everything organic and it is so much cheaper than my local Publix or Whole Foods. Also, they are an international market and have the largest, most crazy interesting selection of produce to satisfy folks from every corner of the world! At the end of the day, not only did I get my stuff cheaper by going to the Market, I kept it local and put money back into my community! Had I gotten the Living Social deal, I might have used it on something spesh… maybe a cute organic cotton t-shirt, a new glass water bottle, or I might have treated a friend to a fab lunch. πŸ™‚

  18. White chocolate wonnderful!!!! That’s the best one!! It is amazing in baking! I love that your shop includes my two favorite foods (cilantro and nut butter) and the same almond milk I buy! I haven’t spent mine yet–does it expire? I’m not so good at details haha. I will probably spend it very similarly :O) Enjoy–it will taste better knowing you saved money :O)

    • Haha! So true. And Almond Breeze is my JAMMMMM. In fact, I got it as back up because I wasn’t sure how I’d like the “Light” soy milk. Annnnd verdict is that of course almond milk is betterrrr.

  19. I was on that deal immediately too. I can’t wait to spend it!

    I need to try that Daiya cheese. I keep meaning to!

    • It’s gooooood. And I say that as someone who loves real cheese, haha (I’m playing with my dairy intake to discern where my sensitivities really lie… and I’m scurrred.)

  20. Sheesh, I must be trapped in a cave because I totally missed this one!! I used to do most of my shopping at Trader Joe’s but I’m getting more and more annoyed because their produce is awful (and that’s most of what I eat). Your purchases look delicious! Have you ever tried Artic Zero? It’s expensive but it’s only 150 cals/pint which is awesome!

  21. Hooray, a local blogger! I just found your blog and started reading and can’t stop. Congrats on your weightloss journey. I’m hoarding my $20 Living Social deal for a supply of nut butters. I’m obsessed.

    Will Taste of Falls Church be a blog post? Clarendon Day is this weekend and that’s always fun!

    I can’t wait to read more.

    • Unfortunately I didn’t end up making it back from the wedding in time for Taste of FC. But it probably wouldn’t have been too great since it was rainy and gross that day anyway. Next year!!

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