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Posted on Sep 14, 2011 in Food | 20 comments

Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, friends!

Moon CakeHot, hot, hot!

You know our family loves our Chinese lunar celebrations! Technically, Monday was the actual date of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a Chinese lunar harvest festival. Since our family wasn’t able to do anything on Monday, we made Tuesday the day to celebrate instead!


The ‘rents, the bro, Taylor and I all ventured out to the Hong Kong Palace in Seven Corners for dins. Mom was naturally in charge of ordering, and we ended up with quite a spread!

Spicy lamb dish

Bok choy with mushrooms

I didn’t take pictures of all of it (there was also fried fish, giant prawns with spinach, and kung pao chicken!), but suffice it to say it was good eats.

My (first) plate, hehe.

Unfortunately, I’m feeling a little under the weather (yet again) and my throat was/is literally on fire (perhaps I wore it out vlogging? Haha) so I didn’t get to eat as much Kung Pao as I would have under normal circumstances.

Luckily, my favorite part of the Mid-Autumn Festival is not spicy in the least!


Mooncake is a traditional festival treat made with a filling of sugar and lotus seed paste (sounds so appetizing, I know, but I love it!) and sometimes baked with an egg yolk inside (the “moon”, which I don’t actually like, so fortunately this one didn’t have one.)


My mama brought one to the restaurant for us to share! Which is necessary, because just one of these little 4-inch suckers could set you back at least 800 calories! Yikes.


I think NOM pretty much covers it.

Don’t worry though. Even though dessert was mooncake, I couldn’t end my night at a Chinese restaurant without a proper Chinese fortune:


Finally, the Deus Ex Fortune Cookie I’ve been waiting for to answer all of the “what am I going to do with my life?” questions! I wish there were such a thing as a food lawyer. I think I would be really great at defending the peas. 😉

Are there any less-mainstream holidays or traditions that you celebrate? I love my Whasian heritage because it lets me run the gamut in terms of holidays to celebrate. Plus, I get two New Years!


  1. I think we’ve reached the point my our relationship where I can tell you this. Please don’t leave me. I don’t like Chinese food. Or sushi.

    Phew. I feel better.

    And yes, Babyface and I celebrate some off-kilter holidays because of our two countries. We always have a Canada Day celebration (even though we live in the US) on July 1st. And we celebrate two Thanksgivings every year—one in October and another in November. We also celebrate our own personal holiday—Immigration Day (February 12th). It’s the day Babyface moved to the U.S. Also known as: the happiest day of my life (yes, even above and beyond our two wedding days).

    • My heart! It’s breaking! 😉

      No, it’s okay. To each his or her own. Even my own boyfriend doesn’t like sushi (it was ALMOST a dealbreaker, ahahahaha.) One day when we finally get to meet (aka when our lives are completed) I think I’ll be able to change your mind.

      Also, you celebrating Immigration Day is just. Too. Cute. <3

  2. I’ve always been a little jealous of all the Chinese lunar holidays because I feel like you all get to celebrate more often! I suppose no one could stop me from just celebrating those on my own though, right? I honestly can’t think of a less mainstream holiday that I really embrace but I used to make a calendar each month and list the obscure holidays like “national donut day” and “talk like a pirate day” on it.

    So what from your dinner do you recommend most? I work near seven corners and am always looking for new restaurants to try!

    • The fried fish dish that we got was excellent — the seasoning is sooooo good. And their kung pao chicken was really excellent, just a little too spicy for my poor raw throat right now (cry!)

      Also, I’m sure you’ve probably been there already if you work near there, but you MUST go to Dogfish Head. Their Ahi Tuna Sandwich is boss (and obviously their beers are awesome.)

  3. I celebrate Groundhog’s Day because it’s also my birthday. Those little groundhogs…they’re my people.

    • Bahahaha, hopefully their present to you is having the actual shadow-seeing thing come out the way you want it!

  4. I LOVE mooncake! I totally forgot about Mid Autumn festival this year and didn’t get my mooncake. . . maybe I’ll head to the Chinese bakery to get some this weekend if they still have it.

    I used to work with a whole bunch of Chinese people so I’d get mooncake every year. But, alas, my current coworkers are all white so there are no fun treats in the office.

    • Hahaha, that’s so fun! Definitely grab a mooncake to partake in the festivities. 😀

  5. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to celebrate the Moon Festival this year. It’s one of my more anticipated obscure holidays and a great reason for me to bring some friends to a Chinese restaurant and make them eat things without telling them what they are. Don’t worry, they enjoy! They’d just rather not know.

    As a fellow Whasian, I also enjoy celebrating 2 New Years, and there isn’t one more important than the other. They are both awesome! Sad that the year of the rabbit will be ending though. But, that means yours will be next!

    • You know, I totally didn’t realize until you said it that this next year is the Year of Dragon!! AHHHHH! I’m so excited 😀 😀 😀

      This means extra grand celebrations will have to be had. ROAR.

  6. I used to be so jealous of my Chinese friends because they got to celebrate so often! And my friends who had one Jewish parent and one Christian parent and so got both holidays. I wanted desperately to be Jewish as a child. Haha.

    I don’t really celebrate any non-mainstream holidays, though I probably put as much effort into Halloween as most people put into Christmas. Oh, and I love Oktoberfest! I don’t know if that counts as a holiday, but it includes giant pretzels and litres of beer so that’s worth celebrating.

    • That certainly sounds like a holiday to me! Hahaha. And I have TONS of friends who say that Halloween is their absolute favorite holiday, although I gotta say, Christmas is still #1 in my books. As you will find out. Hahahaha

  7. What an awesome fortune!

    We don’t really celebrate any other holidays other than the traditional ones + birthdays.

  8. I am boring and don’t have any cool or unusual holidays to celebrate, but I love hearing about others. That moon cake looks pretty delicious. I hope you are feeling better today.

  9. oops i totally missed that it was mid-autumn festival! at least i don’t like mooncake as much as you 🙂 maybe mom has one for me anyway though.

  10. Are you going to be a lawyer???? Humm, I need to get on this mooncake business, I likey the name.

  11. I’ve never heard of mooncake! It looks so fun! I love seeing the photos of when you and your family go out. You have such interesting and yummy meals!

  12. Mooncake sounds yummy!!
    Aren´t you lucky to be celebrating 2 new years??
    And you could always become a food critics!

  13. That mooncake looks delicious! And for 800 calories my taste buds had better explode 🙂

  14. Oh, I hope your feeling better soon! This time of year is awful for colds and flus… however you get to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival… so I don’t feel so bad! I don’t think I have ever had mooncake… might have to try it sometime! But not for awhile as we had a Man vs. Food supper tonight and I think I am over my non-nutritious calories for awhile if I ever want the scale to move! Not the best timing as tomorrow is weigh-in day for me!

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