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Posted on Sep 6, 2011 in Dear Diary, Weigh Ins, Weight Loss | 33 comments

How Laborious (Weigh-in)

Happy Monday Tuesday, everyone! Wow! I am so amazed by the response that the Honey, I Shrunk the T-shirt Shop giveaway got! I was pretty much assuming you’d all think I was a huge d-bag for even presuming that you would want any blog swag, but it was my most popular giveaway yet! I guess it’s really true what they say: nobody can refuse a free shirt. Bahaha.

Okay, so without further adieu (and because I just spent an hour and a half driving 9 miles, FML) let’s get on to the good stuff. Drumroll, please!

Since the plug-in I use to pick a giveaway winner doesn’t show exactly which comment it pulled, here are all of Megan’s entries. See? Multiple entries, baby!

Congratulations, Megan! Email me at gretchen@honeyishrunkthegretchen.com and we’ll work out the details. For those of you who didn’t win this time, fret not. I’m sure another chance for you to win will be popping up in the not-too-distant future! And if you just can’t wait, don’t forget that you can, you know, buy stuff from the shop too. Just saying. 😉

The weekend was a lot of fun (hanging around, taro-flavored froyo, par-tay) and also a lot of not fun (errrr, me getting violently sick at 3 AM on Sunday and not even from drinking! What the heck!) but I didn’t really get any real pictures of any of it (who am I?!) So instead, you may enjoy these:


Tiwed.Save me.

You are welcome. Eventually though, they did officially hit their limit as camera-fodder:

Stink Eye.
Whaddya want?

How rude.

Okay, okay, we’ll wrap this thing up now:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Week’s Weight: 189.0 lbs
This Week’s Weight: 187.8 lbs
This Week’s Loss: -1.2 lbs


Even WITH a holiday weekend, I managed to lose a pound. WHAT. UP. Guess this whole strengthening of my resolve thing really means something, eh? Or maybe it’s because I threw up everything I had eaten on Sunday that night… blech. Well, we’ll go with the former, haha.

Onward and downward! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! How did you celebrate your Labor Day?


  1. yay i’m proud of your loss! Even with us eating out some of your self restraint (salad with grilled chicken?) worked. Hope the exercise resolve goes as well- especially as this week is supposed to be nice and rainy! 🙂

    • Why did you say “salad with grilled chicken?” like it’s a question. You were there. You saw that indeed, that is what I ordered, hahaha.

      I’m Ron Burgundy?

  2. Congratulations on losing weight over the holiday weekend!! I certainly CANNOT say the same thing since I’ve eaten like crazy and not exercised one bit. Getting back on track today!

    • I like how on your blog you’re like “I haven’t been running in a week! Oh no!” and I’m like “I went running a week ago! Whoo-hoo!” 😀

      • Bahaha… this is why I keep coming back Gretchen!! I love your sense of humour!

  3. Great job last week Gretchen!

    we celebrated Labor Day by not doing much — some cleaning, house repair stuff, watched a movie and went to furniture stores (and bought nothing!)

    • Doing nothing is sometimes the best thing EVER.

  4. OH BUMMERFACE. This is what I get for not checking Google Reader all weekend. I SO would rock HISTG gear.

    Congrats on the 1.2, lady. 🙂

    • Next time, my love, next time!!

  5. I celebrated by relaxing…it was wonderful. Congrats on a holiday weekend loss!

    • Yes, there was much relaxing done as well. It’s so nice not to have to deal with deadlines and timelines and busy-ness sometimes!

  6. Sorry to hear that you got sick, but it sounds like you’ve recovered and are on the right track! Way to go! 🙂

  7. Congrats on the weight loss!! Your dogs are super adorable 🙂

  8. Great!! Keep it going!!

  9. Way to go!!!! 🙂 Sorry you got sick. That’s the worst feeling, hopefully you’re feeling better now!

    • Much better. At least, mentally, if not necessarily physically, haha.

  10. Happy for you and your loss! Congrats. 🙂 I didn’t see the giveaway but I love the shirt! Definitely need one! 🙂

  11. Hooray for your success! We’re “twins” this week; I went to a meeting this morning and “recycled” 1.2 pounds, as well. Very happy with that! 🙂

    • How environmentally conscious of you to do such awesome recycling! 😉

  12. Yay on the weightloss! I spent my Labour Day Weekend Hosting a kid sleepover then partaking in 1.5 Birthday cupcakes… I hope my weigh-in on Thursday is as good as yours… I don’t hold much hope though! I have till Thursday to get get my A$$ in gear and shed some of that yummy buttercream icing!

    • You got this! And even if the scale doesn’t end up quite the way you wanted, I mean… I would have eaten the cupcakes too. Sooooo, yeah. <3

  13. Hi Gretchen. I bow at your feet for losing over the holiday weekend!!! Yay you! Hope you have a great week.

    • Hahaha, hardly bow-worthy, but considering the battling I’ve been doing with like .4 and .8 losses and gains, an actual solid number is super exciting for me. 😀

  14. Good job Gretch! Looks like your new resolve is paying off. I decided to take a week off from weighing in this week…I was just getting too down on myself about it all. Just working on having a good week and then back at it for my next weigh in! Hopefully I’ll follow your lead. 🙂

  15. good job on the weight lose- thats awesome! congrats!

  16. Congratulations on re-starting the weight loss. Plateaus suck, quite frankly!

    Gretchen, I wanted to thank you personally. I’ve just started a new blog and you were one of my inspirations for doing it. I love your writing style and your humour. Reading your posts is one of the enjoyable parts of my day.

    Thanks again and, if ever I can do something for you, please let me know.

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