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Posted on Aug 2, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food, Pup Posts | 19 comments

(Temporary) Freedom

I wasn’t really sure how I was supposed to follow up yesterday’s trifecta of awesome. After all, having a hallelujah-Monday that consisted of entering a new decade of weight loss, a career move AND a new haircut (not necessarily in that order of importance) is hard to do!

And then I woke up to a vomiting dog and menstrual cramps (sorry to my 4.2 male readers, haha) and realized that maybe I’m not supposed to try to outdo it. But, while I may not be starting off this day with quite the same pizazz as yesterday, it is still a day where I got to sleep in until 9 AM (that is late for me these days!) because I’m taking some “me time” before starting my new job. Partly by choice, and partly because my new job’s start date is affected by the current government furlough of the FAA. Sooooo… it may end up being a little MORE me time than originally planned. Oh well. I love me so, it’ll be okay. Just a good life lesson in frugality over the next month perhaps.

Another good thing? I had an awesome bowl of overnight oats waiting for me in the fridge this morning (raw oats, chia seeds, coconut, almond milk, empty — sob — jar of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.) So, all is not lost.


Plus, the sister and her hubs took Ben, Taylor and me out for sushi (what else?) last night to thank us for puppysitting this past week! Everybody’s a winner!


I love sushi.

Day 211 - Puppy Handling
Photos by Ben Powell

Pre-sushi, Ben and I attempted to take some photos of Oreo for my sister while he’s still in his supercute puppy phase. Unfortunately, being in his supercute puppy phase means he is a terrible photography subject. He doesn’t know how to “stay” yet, so it was basically 20 minutes of me wrestling him into place and then trying to jump out of the picture as quickly as possible. So it was kind of impossible to get any decent shots of the three dogs together, but he did get some pretty great ones of Oreo on his own (after editing my limbs out of the pictures, haha.) Observe!


Sufficiently pick-me-uppish? 😉

Don’t worry, I have plans to actually be productive during my days of (temporary) freedom — including that post on blogging that I’ve been promising for a while now!


  1. LOVE the puppy pics! So cute.

  2. i love the picture of him laying down. SO CUTE. he’s like “okay im getting tired just watching u trying to control me”

  3. I love the last photo. The looks on Harry and Daxter’s faces are both priceless. Love your new haircut by the way!

  4. YAY i’m so glad you guys decided to attempt a photo shoot- later on when my dog once again doubles in size i’ll have something to look back on and remember he was once (semi) small. LOVE.

  5. I actually have a buisness idea for us. I know, I’m being allusive. BUT. It has to do with doggies. Anyway! I’m so glad you decided to take some “me” time. I had a month of me time (well, unemployment) and it was a completely god send. I got to write, nap, figure out what the heck I wanted to do. And really? It gaave me the much needed cajones I was desperately lacking before I began my new endeavor.

    • Well, as it seems to be turning out, this may be a much longer stretch of “me time” than I originally anticipated (thanks, government furlough!) So I’m going to try to see this as a blessing in disguise, just like you. Can’t think of a better time to be discussing a new business venture though! We should meet up. For realsies. I’m gonna have a lot of free time on my hands. 😉

  6. I love the dog pictures — they are all so cute!!! I’m kind of sad today because my sister, her husband and their bulldog all move back to TX today. So its nice to see some happy puppy pictures!

  7. sorry about starting out with a sucky day! HOpe it gets better!

  8. what great pictures! can you tell us anything about the new job?

    • I’ll be a project administrator for an FAA contractor… if the FAA ever gets to come back to work! Stupid government furlough…

      • congrats, i’ll cross my fingers the furlough ends soon

  9. Those pictures are so cute! Sorry about the job thing. You’ll still have one, right? It just got postponed?

  10. So I have a photography related question because I’m just getting involved! What type of background did you use when you took the puppy pictures for the white background or was that all editing?!

    P.S. Congrats on the weigh-in! *fingers crossed* the job works out soon, but in the meantime, ENJOY IT!

    • It’s a background of seamless paper that rolls down onto the floor. Looks pretty good, right? It’s my brother’s, so I can’t take credit for it. Definitely the way to go for portrait photography though! And thankssss!


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