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Posted on Jul 13, 2011 in Dear Diary | 13 comments

Bright Lights, Ocean City

Hallo! Here we are with part dos of my Ocean City beach weekend adventure. Need to catch up on Part 1? Clickity click, you know the drill.

I Heart You, Ocean.

I know I left you in rapt anticipation of reports on the rest of my weekend (which, of course, I’ve deluded myself into thinking you actually care about, mwahaha) so let’s get to it!


After the beach happened on Sunday (since every day started off with the beach, duh!) we went a-mini-golfin’. This was not just your average, everday putt-putt though…


This was PIRATE mini-golf!




I was purple, natch.

Swing and a miss!

I was also terrible at mini-golf, natch.


At least I had fun trying!


I’m pretty sure that losing at mini-golf is not the thing that will set me over the edge anyway. Besides, I knew I’d be able to drown my sorrows at the Boardwalk afterwards anyway!

Ocean City Boardwalk

Drown my sorrows in ice cream, that is! Dumser’s is amazing.


As you can see, I basically made love to my soft serve orange and vanilla swirl.


You’re welcome for that.

Monday morning ended with more time on the beach, my back getting wrecked by the sun (worth it!) and a long, lazy drive home — complete with a Cracker Barrel pit stop. All in all, a fabulous weekend.

Now when’s the next beach trip? 😉


  1. You didn’t say it was *pirate* mini-golf–even better! And yup, I have done that kind before as well, so I can say this authoritatively. 😉

    • Truth. It was fARRRRRR and wide the best game of mini-golf evARRRRR (see what I did there? I’m a genuine pirate, obvi. ;))

  2. mmmm….soft serve!

  3. I haven’t played mini-golf in years and years. It’s a shame! I remember rocking it, though. (Riiiiight, of course). 🙂

    Looks like a fantastic trip!


  4. stunning pictures!!

  5. Cracker Barrel pit stop — I am soooo jealous. All of the CB’s in MN closed except for 1 which is 45 minutes away from us so we hardly ever go 🙁

    Pirate Mini Golf sounds hilarious — and I like I told you yesterday, I always lose too!

  6. Ahh looks like so much fun! I haven’t been mini golfing in ages. We should make a date if there’s a place around here to go!

    • YES PLEASE. We shall research. 😀

    • There’s no wonderful pirate mini-golf here unfortunately but there’s mini-golf at the Kingstowne Top Golf and also in Alexandria at the water park.

      Gretchen, your vacay looks like so much fun!

      • Mini-golf meet up pls? They have beer at TopGolf…. 😉

  7. YOU LOOK SO GOOD!!! I hope that doesn’t sound creepy? haha. I love mini golf!!

    • Bahahahaaaaa. Bring on the creepiness! I’m not complaining 😀

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