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  1. I’m glad you realized that with your busy social life (miss popular!) that your weekend activities are ALWAYS going to give you an “excuse” to pig out if you let them. I think your plan to eat healthy- making sure you eat a good, filling, breakfast each morning- will hopefully help keep some of the inevitable beach vacay snacking at bay. Realization is the first step right??

  2. Your bathing suits are all so cute! I only have one…feeling like I need to up my game and get a couple more now!

    • Old Navyyyyy 😉

      And bonus, they’re probably all on sale at this point in the summer!

  3. I am super excited for your new blog look! Also, congrats on planning ahead for this weekend. You are totally right, life is a balance between eating healthy and enjoying those french fries. I always try to think about how much better I’ll feel if I eat less and healthier while on vacation – more able to be active during the vacay/weekend and not feel stuffed and beating myself up about it. . . I try to plan 1-2 meals per day I know I can ‘control’ – usually breakfast and lunch, so that at least I have a healthy base to work from and then also remembering to live life too!

    • I think that will be a good mental exercise for me. Trying to think about how awful I feel after a weekend of all “bad” eating, and how much more I’ll be able to enjoy the actual vacation if I don’t overdo it.

    • Hopefully this part should be easy, since I’m already so used to drinking water all the time. Then again… I seem to always forget on the weekends and when I’m at home!

      • Me too!

        On the weekends I try to carry a really obnoxious and ridiculously large water bottle with me to remember.

        Think 1.5Q which equals 6 cups!

  4. I love kalamata olives!!!

    Eating healthy on vacation — I try to splurge at only one meal per day and I eat produce and a quality protein at each meal/snack. I also try to walk as much as possible and get in a few workouts during the trip.

    • Aren’t they delicious?! I made myself a greek salad for lunch today — can’t wait to dig into it! 😀

  5. I think you look fabulous. I love your defined waist and LONG legs (notice my tone is dripping with envy)

    • Oh girl please. You’re the one who looks absolutely amazing! But thanks ::blush::

  6. I think you’re doing awesome in planning ahead! I like to take a little cooler with me to the beach. I took Chobani yogurt last time because it’s nice to have something cold and sweet that has a little protein instead of just straight sugar. Have fun!

    • Yeah, definitely going to bring a cooler. Yogurt is a good idea… guess I’ll need to bring some ice packs, too huh? 🙂

  7. i am sooooooooooooo proud of you for posting bikini photos. you look fabulous! (super cute one-piece, by the way, does it have underwire?) i’m going to echo the other comments, eating good healthy breakfasts and lunches give you a bit more wiggle room at dinner while on vacation, however, i think it’s important not to tell yourself that dinner can be an all-out splurge, you can still enjoy dinner out with healthier options (i promise)…have so much fun, darling girl!

    • No underwire! Crazy, right? It’s just really supportive (probably because it’s a 1 piece.) Old Navy, I’m tellin’ ya. Literally every single one of those swimsuits is from the ON. 😛

  8. Just watch the portion-size. Much else follows naturally! Proud of you!!

    • Do you have a cooler I can borrow? Heehee? 🙂

  9. Gretchen! I’m a long-time follower but first time commenter, and I just wanted to say that (1) you have amazing swimsuit confidence and I wish I had some more of that and (2) the biggest way to stave off snacking on the beach is to stay super hydrated. Drink tons of water, have grapes (try freezing so they are still cool while on the beach!), watermelon, berries, or other water-filled fruits and veggies on hand, and don’t get too sunburned. Also, walk farther away from the snack stands before setting out your towel so you have to really want that snack/beverage before you go and get it. Good luck this weekend!

    • Yay! Thanks for commenting! Good thought to bring frozen fruit to keep ’em nice and cool on the hot hot beach!

  10. Hey hey we have that same pink suit from Old Navy – love it! My #1 tip is making sure you bring a water bottle and stay super hydrated. Also, snacks like you’re already planning so your hunger doesn’t get too out of control. You’ll do great – good luck and have so much fun!!!

    • What can I say, we both have great taste! 😀 And yeah, I figure that as long as I have plenty of snacks (and maybe do my own breakfast each day, too), when we all go out to lunch and dinner as a group I won’t be so hungry, so I’ll be more inclined to make better choices (led by the head rather than the stomach, right?) I’m taking all your travel tips to heart here, Beth! 😀

  11. When I go to the beach or park (especially if there is a special event going on) I bring enough water and food to last the rest of the day so I don’t have to buy anything. Food served where there are a lot of people, especially tourists, is SO expensive and pretty unhealthy as well! Have fun!!

    • Yeah I think it’ll be just about making sure I bring enough to last me the whole long weekend. As long as I have it on hand, I’m sure I will eat it. It’s running out that worries me…!

      • Can you pack a cooler just to have on-hand? I’m not sure if you are staying in a hotel or not, but we’ve always packed a cooler with healthy options for our long trips so that we’re not tempted to eat out for every meal. Plus, it saves a lot of money that way! Maybe you could reward yourself by calculating each meal you eat from grocery store purchase vs going to a restaurant and then buy yourself something fabulous at the end with the “saved” money??

  12. Gretchen – you can TOTALLY succeed on this vacation! You’ve got a plan, which I feel is half the battle. Now all you have to do it execute it! You’ve totally got this – I look forward to the return post where you state how well you did thanks to your awesome snack plan (and your very encouraging Commenters 🙂 )… Good Luck and travel safely!

    • Thanks Hilary! Here’s hoping…! 😀

  13. I love the pink and paisley bathing suits! They look good on you!! Tips? Hmmm…wear your bikini when you go out to eat (underneath your outfit, obviously, if you’re going to fine dining because we wouldn’t want you getting kicked out). It’ll be a way to make you cognizant of your end goals when choosing your meals and/or how much to eat of the yummy-yet-bad-for-you foods. Either way, enjoy! You look great and have made so much progress!

    • Oooh, good idea! Even just the mental knowledge of knowing that eventually I’ll have to take off my cover-up will hopefully keep me from going too-too overboard… I hope!

      • Also, I wonder if it would work to pack a cooler (unless you’re staying somewhere with a fridge) and just force yourself to go grocery shopping mid-trip if you run out of healthy food options mid-way. You could reward yourself by buying something ridiculously FABULOUS at the end of the trip by mentally calculating all the money you saved at the meals you chose to eat at home (cooler/fridge) vs out at a costly restaurant.

        • I did NOT mean to write something twice. It told me that it didn’t keep my first post, so I started over and posted on my own post. Oopsie! 🙂

  14. You look so cute in that pink and white bathing suit! Love it!

    I’ve been on “vacation” for 2 weeks, and it’s been challenging to keep my healthy-eating under control. I keep reminding myself that when I get back home on Saturday, i don’t want to feel gross, bloated, and heavy! So I’ve been watching what I’m eating, trying to enjoy my vacation but not get too crazy!

    • That’s always the toss-up, right? Do I eat healthily, or do I enjoy my vacation? Hopefully this trip will be my first step in learning how to not make those things mututally exclusive! 🙂

      • I definitely think enjoying your vacation while maintaining healthy habits are NOT mutually exclusive. When I was in the Bahamas I enjoyed myself all day long AND went to the gym every morning before hitting the pool. It made me feel even better knowing how good I was being (and of course I felt less guilty about the pizza at lunch)!

  15. First of all – I wish I had your confidence! You look fantastic in your swimming suit shots – don’t you dare think otherwise!

    The TJ’s edamamae hummus is ridiculously good, and I am currently working on perfecting my recipe for somethings similar. Yum!

    It sounds like you have a great plan… good luck! And have fun! 🙂


    • Ooh, glad to know I picked a good one. I figure the extra protein punch from the edamame is a good choice to help me stay fuller? Also, thaaaanks ::blush::

  16. OMG, cuz, I’m totally stealing your look and getting that pink polka dot swimsuit for my September trip to Palm Springs. (Side note: I just hope my expanding belly will still fit in it in two months. I have to get now before they switch to fall items, but I have no idea how big I’ll be…)

    Anyway, you look FAB-U-LOUS in those suits! I really like the idea of wearing your swimsuits at all times, under cover-ups or not(!!!) It will be a constant reminder, right? I used to do that in the summer and I think it helped me eat less and choose better snacks.

    And have a commentary in your head that goes along with the always-in-your-swimsuit behavior, like a “I’m fabulous. I love to snack on carrots and look fabulous in my bikini”-‘tude!

    • Do it! And also, thank you. And also, I think I just found my new mantra for the weekend. 😀

  17. I hear you on there always being SOMETHING that I use to justify what happens eats wise. I have to learn to accept taht there will ALWAYS be a special occassion, every week, and that does not give me license to fly off the handle! Enjoy the beach, girl!

    • I think part of it for me is that before I started losing weight, I really wasn’t doing anything much on the weekends or extracurricularly. I didn’t actually have much of a life! So even thought my regular eating WAS extreme, I wasn’t used to balancing this whole idea of having “special occasions” but still maintaining reasonable eats. It’s a strange concept for me to try to master, but they do say that knowing is half the battle. 😛

  18. The bathing suits are adorable! You are doing such a great job and should have total bathing suite confidence. Easier said than done though, right?!

    I love getting travel snacks from TJs. Everything is packaged so neatly and travels really well.

  19. I think you look great in the bathing suits. Enjoy your trip!

  20. I am really not a planner, so I admire you for buying all that food in advance of your beach weekend! (Even if you didn’t bring it all.) I usually only manage to grab some Luna bars. My sort of rule of thumb for when I’m away/for weekends is to try to stick to my regular habits/ways UNLESS it’s truly some sort of meal I can’t get elsewhere. OR, if I’m really in a situation where it’s easier to just go with the flow, then definitely portion control. Have fun in OCMD! Are you going to Seacrets? 🙂

    Also, the pink suit is hot.

    • Shhhhh… Seacrets….

      You know it happened.

  21. Gretchen You look absolutely fabulous in you bikini!!! I have never in my life, no matter how this I was, had the courage to wear a bikini. I applaud you!! Have a great vacation!

    • Thank you, Lauren! It was all just faking it, haha. But the tan lines were worth it! 😀


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