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  1. i like 2 🙂

  2. The green doesn’t look neon on the computer at all- must be a weird thing with the iPhone. I still like #2 because I like the “shrunk” being in black to pop it a bit. All of them are totally cute!

    • Yeah, I noticed that too after Anne said it didn’t look neon to her. Must be the iPhone screen then. Cause on here, it seems like it matches pretty well, don’t you think?

  3. You made the Eikorn Pasta! Looks good. 🙂

    I like 3 best, but my second choice would be 2. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

    • I kinda like the font in #3, too! But #2 seems to be the popular choice based on feedback I’m getting so far. Exciting though…!

  4. Definitely #1.
    Because the eye tends to group words with like colors together and the black pops more than the green, I read the second two as “Shrunk Gretchen. Honey, I the”. If you like the font choice on #2, you could probably even solve the problem by changing the “shrunk” to the green instead of black.
    I do like the thicker brackets on #2 + #3.
    And you have to have two puppies instead of just one! 😀

    Probably more feedback than you were looking for. My “day job” is as a designer. 😛

    • No! Your feedback is great! I mean, I dunno, maybe I can pull out a whole “Yoda” vibe off of those second two options, eh? “Pounds lost, were there. Time to weigh-in, it is.”

      I think it could work. 😉

  5. #2 is my pick!

    I prefer the font in #1 and #2 but in #1 it seems a bit redundant that the word “shrink” is in brackets when it’s the same green color…but #1 was my quick pick which should say something.

  6. Definitely #2, though I wouldn’t be opposed to changing the word “shrunk” to green. Two puppies!!!!!!!

    • I like three too! I like the font more in three, #2 is my second choice.

  7. my vote is for #2. I love the puppy profile 🙂

  8. #2 – love it! and can i just mention again that i love the name of your blog? so clever!

  9. #2 or #3. Really like the font on the 3rd one, just seems too bold (if that makes sense?)

  10. I like #2. With one, the [shrunk] is hard to read and I like the color contrast in 2 and 3, but I think the font in #2 fits you better 🙂 Just my two cents…

  11. Another vote for #2!

  12. 2! 🙂

  13. #3, though I really like the current design (I am boooooring, I know ;))

  14. #2 Just the way it is.

  15. i vote #2 and u should include both dogs so one doesnt feel excluded 🙂

  16. I like #2! I just came across your website after googling Greek yogurt and I absolutly love it and will be following your progress in hopes that I can make the same:)

    • Thanks Amber! I hope not to disappoint. 🙂 And believe me, if *I* can do it, as I am pretty much convinced I’m the laziest person on the face of the earth, ANYBODY can do this! 😀

  17. I like #2! I came across your website after googling Greek yogurt and I am following your progress in hopes that I have some of my own:)

  18. my vote is for #2…although, i really like your current logo!!

  19. I think it’s a tie between 1 and 2 – leaning towards 2!

  20. Definitely either 2 or 3. I’ll go ahead and say 2. 🙂 super cute!

  21. #2 FTW! 😉

  22. I like #2 or #3, but all of them are awesome!

  23. I like the font in number 2 the best 🙂

  24. I must be a lemming because #2 is my fave. I like the {shrunk} in black AND I prefer the cursive font you chose for #2.

  25. I like #2. I do like the font in #3 for the top line but maybe try it without the bold?

  26. 2!

  27. 2!!

  28. I like 2. I think the font in 3 is too bold and would be hard on the eyes…or at least my eyes. 🙂


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