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Posted on Jul 5, 2011 in Food, Recipes, Weigh Ins | 28 comments

Mango Guacamole

Catching up from the weekend, friends? Read up on my fun-filled Fourth weekend, complete with homemade cupcakes & pizza, a trip tothe farmer’s market and a show at Wolf Trap, and plenty of good, old-fashioned family fun at the dog park.

As I mentioned in last night’s very late post, I went to a cookout yesterday at Amanda’s. It was really fun, and a good mix of people that I already knew (hi friends!) and people that I know now (hi friends!)

I made my mango guacamole and it was a big hit! The bowl was totally scraped clean by the end of the night, which to me is the true mark of success, hehe. Throughout the course of the evening I got talking about the blog, and several people asked if the recipe was posted anywhere here. Well, ask and you shall receive.


Mango Guacamole
Print this recipe!

This sweet, savory, sassy dip is a sure-to-please party favorite. Let the tropical flavors of mango and lime transport you back to summer!


4 ripe avocados
2 ripe mangoes
2 limes
1/2 small red or yellow onion, minced
2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped
Salt & pepper, to taste

1. Chop, dice, cube, etc. your avocados and mangoes. Juice your limes.
2. Combine ingredients.
3. Eat.


This is pretty much the easiest thing to make ever.


Chop, slice, dice, and juice your ingredients.


Do a little dance.


Make a little love.


Get down tonight.


I only ended up using the juice from one and a half limes, so I used the last half for garnish. Since I was making this for a party, I made enough to feed a small army. You can obviously easily halve this recipe (2 avocados, 1 mango) to make a more reasonable amount for regular consumption. Or, you know, you can still make the full amount and then just secretly eat half of it yourself. Nobody would blame you, and I promise I won’t tell. 🙂


  1. Aww boo! A huge chunk of that has GOT to be water, though. There’s no other way to explain it…unless of course you consumed of 15,000 extra calories. And clearly, you didn’t. 🙂

    • Weeeeeeell, you never know… hahaha. No, I know that it’s gotta be mostly water weight, and maybe I gained like, a pound or so (let’s be honest, I did eat a LOT, haha.) Still, it’s not exactly an uplifting thing to see on the scale! Water is being consumed at an extraordinary rate this morning… haha.

  2. Your Mango Guac looks good and I don’t usually even like guac (sacreligious, I know!). I’m looking forward to making it.

    Also, def just water weight. no worries 🙂

    • Don’t like guac?! Whaaaaaaaaaaat! 😉 Well, just make this and then hopefully you’ll change your mind.

  3. Oh yumm, that guacamole looks so good! Going to have to make that for a friend gathering (or even just for myself).

    • Nobody says you have to have friends over to enjoy… hehe.

  4. Just gotta be careful since there is always an “excuse” to splurge on eating (holiday, family in town, special occasion, just “relaxing”, etc. etc. etc.) but just get back on the wagon and hopefully you are right that it’s mostly just water weight!

    • Yeah, I know… I’m the queen of excuses for balls-to-the-wall weekend/holiday eating. I can’t help it that my life is so awesome! But this was definitely a wake-up call (yet again.) 🙂 Still, had a pretty excellent weekend with you, sissypoo! 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Coincidentally I have 2 mangoes, 4 avocados, and a shit tonne of limes at home right now… This will be made!
    I might have to halve the recipe though because Matt seems to think he’s allergic to avocado and I could easily eat the whole thing by myself in one sitting.

  6. Your Guacamole and your cupcakes were phenomenal! But it was a tough weekend for all of us weight-wise. Just get back in your groove and up the calorie expenditure!! It will be HOT, but if you want to come over this evening we can walk your doggies to the dog park.

    • My training plan says that I’m supposed to run today, but if it ends up just way to hot and miserable (likely) I might be taking you up on that, pops! Thanks for the props for the food though, at least I know that any actual gain I did have (remains to be seen how much is really weight gain, haha) was all from deliciousness!

  7. So, that mango guacamole is most DEFINITELY happening in my near future… minus the cilantro. I’m one of those freaks who thinks cilantro tastes like soapy gasoline.
    I say that I’ll make it for friends, but that is left to be determined according to how glutonous I get.

    I’m personnaly not worried for you with your gain. Water weight sounds about right.


    • Beach? What about the beach?

      Also, yeah, I know a lot of people that aren’t fans of the cilantro. Another thing I was thinking would be good is if I were to add some chopped jalapeno to it. Maybe you could sub the cilantro for jalapeno to still keep the beautiful color and add some heat! (Although, actually, I can’t remember if you like heat or not…)

      • You know how I like to just say whatever comes to mind. I was thinking how much fun it would be if we could make a beach trip… but the distance kind of puts a damper on that possibility.

  8. doesnt count. I agree haha
    Also your recipe looks delciious!

    • Hahaha, you always have my back! 😀

  9. I make guacamole all the time but never with mango – looks yum! My cousin makes a mango salsa that basically is your recipe minus avocado plus jalapeno and it’s super yum so the mashup must be spectacular!

    I “gained” 4.5 lbs last week too – guess why! Of course, now this week I’m down 5.5. Gotta love that time of the month.

    Just stay active, eat well, and next week you’ll kill the weigh-in!

    Your weekend was awesome – only thing missing was Transformers in 3D!

  10. WOW! I’ve never heard of mango avocado guacamole but this looks amazing!! And way to go you for losing almost 5 lbs in a week! amazing! you look great 🙂

    Notes She Wrote

  11. I’m so glad you put up that guac recipe…it blew my mind. Mangos and avocados are soulmates…tasty tasty soulmates

  12. that looks seriously tasty

    the good thing about pounds that pile on quickly is that they usually leave quickly too 🙂

  13. NEVER gonna hate on you!

    You weigh in every week – on a MONDAY no less – therefore you are a rockstar in my eye.

    Go heavy on the water this week and get rid of all that salt! You’re gorgeous!

    As is that guac. 😉

  14. oh no it’s the revenge of the scales! my scale said i gained 3 pounds since last week, too! i’m pretending it’s just because I’m “surfing the crimson wave” (haha sorry that’s kind of gross but I still get a kick out of saying that) and yesterday was the 4th of July so yeah I’m going to check again in a day or two.

    • I am happy to report that as of a quick weigh-in this morning, I am back down to 193. So, a 1 lb gain. Which isn’t great, obviously, but I will take it ANY DAY over a 4.5 lb gain, hahaha. Hopefully this weekend won’t prove to be another “bad” one and I can keep the downward trend going…!

  15. Thank you soo much for posting the Recipie as we had “with a mouth full of mangos and avocados” asked. I am really looking forward to making it some day soon, and it was very nice to meet you this past 4th of July weekend.

    Best of luck with the weight drop, till the next time we meet.

    Danielle K

    • It was wonderful to meet you, too! Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see each other again, and in the meantime, at least we’ll always have the guac to remember each other by… 😉


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