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Posted on Jul 5, 2011 in Daily Eats | 10 comments

Daily Eats – 7/5/11



2/3 cup Kashi Blueberry Heart to Heart cereal (135 cal)
1/3 cup Erewhon Brown Rice cereal (35 cal)
1/2 cup original Almond Breeze (30 cal)

Morning Snack


A buttload of watermelon (~130 cal?)



Hot Bar Hodge Podge
– Li’l scoop of veggie lo mein (80 cal?)
– 3 meatballs (~120 cal)
– 4 pieces of sushi (150 cal)


Turkey Club Sandwich (~450 cal)

And unpictured Popchips (100 cal)

Afternoon Snack


Almond Cupcake w/Vanilla Coconut Frosting (~250 cal)



<1 serving Einkorn Pasta (from the Jovial Foods sample that I got at FHBC!) (~180 cal)
1 cup high-protein pasta sauce with edamame, turkey breast, peas, corn, and kale. (~150 cal)
Sprinkle of cheese (~30 cal)

Daily Total: 1,840 calories

Plus a hot and miserable run that happened after work (hooray for me!) and some abs that are about to go down riiiiiight… now. 🙂


    • Williams-Sonoma like a million years ago. It’s amazing. Which reminds me… I have a gift card to there….

    • Hahaha, love that everyone is responding to the cupcake holder. Just goes to show, anything that allows for more eating of cupcakes is a win. 😉

  1. What is the exact measurement of a “buttload”?

    <—- Smartass 🙂

  2. It’s a shame that we cannot “like” comments on here…. talk about an amazing invention in that cupcake transporter!

  3. I too, LOVE that little cupcake carrier. I have never seen anything like it. (And hey, it could be used for muffins, too, right? Riiiiiight). 😉


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