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Posted on Jun 26, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 12 comments

Mountain Climber

Soooo obviously I’m in Boulder for a conference. Which means that there’s only so much time I can spend exploring the city and being super awesome (read: touristy) because there are sessions planned and things to learn! And even though there was a hike as part of the conference early Friday morning, I unfortunately didn’t arrive until after the hike was already over so I missed out on that boat. Boo. So hey! I made due with what I had:



We did get to go see a bit of the city yesterday though, and that’s what you’re gonna get to hear aaaall about today! Lucky you. πŸ˜‰


We ventured down to the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall, which was awesome! Reminded me a lot of the pedestrian malls in Charlottesville and Miami.


The walking mall is super cute with lots of shops, restaurants, and PEOPLE. There was some kind of arts exhibition or festival thing going on yesterday, so it was very crowded but fun to see so many artists, dancers, and musicians out and about.


I was a little disappointed when I saw the following sign:


But I quickly realized it’s not exactly a rule that is enforced, hahaha.


Next time I come here (hopefully not to far from now!) I’m bringing Daxter! πŸ˜‰



I went touring with Anne and Theodora, and we ended up venturing down to a local farm-to-table style restaurant that reader Katie recommended for lunch. The Kitchen!


Although we ended up settling literally next door…


At The Kitchen’s new gastro-pub-style sister restaurant: The Kitchen Next Door! And it was seriously the BEST. DECISION. EVER.



Not only was this place freakin’ adorable and adhered to all of the things I love in a restaurant (locally sourced ingredients, focused menu, comfortable ambiance) but it had the FASTEST SERVICE IN THE HISTORY OF ANY RESTAURANT EVER. I am not kidding. Food ordered and brought to table in less than 5 minutes. It was amazing.

Also, these were like crack on a plate:


Kale chips! They were amazing. We were actually fighting each other to eat them as fast as we could. So as you can imagine, it didn’t take long to from that…


… to this.

For my main dish, I got a pulled pork sandwich (amazing bread!) topped with arugula and a side of roasted beets. Mmm!



And as a very nice surprise, the table next to us gave us their free birthday ice cream sandwich!


We each only had a small bite or two, though, because we had our eyes (and stomachs) already set on a different kind of dessert…


My actual photo of my acaiberry (!!) froyo topped with coconut and kiwi turned out super blurry and awful, so I’m making it nice and small for ya. Instead, you can look at the picture of the kid whose job it was to advertise for the froyo shop by dancing up a storm, haha:


We made a few additional stops on the way back to the hotel, and then our afternoon tour of Boulder was finite.


Back at the conference was a couple more sessions, plus the LiveBlogging event before dinner. So, funny story: I guess I had signed up for the conference during Lent, and some of you may remember that I went vegan for Lent! And it clearly didn’t occur to me that I wouldn’t still be vegan when the conference actually rolled around. So this happened:


Which would have normally been totally fine, except this was the “Special #2”:


Ummmm. Yeah. I’m pretty sure that a plate of steamed, unseasoned, un-anythinged vegetables is not dinner. So that led to this happening:


And then this:


And eventually this:


Oops. At least I only ate half! πŸ˜‰ But that didn’t happen before this did:



It did make up for the mix-up slightly when I won a sweet hat:


And also, you know, all the wine:


Drunky Katie! Hahahaha. πŸ˜‰ No, but seriously, slight dinner confusion aside, an awesome day.


And in a mere few hours I’ll be on my way back to the east coast! I get in at midnight EST tonight, ew. Final wrap-up thoughts on the conference itself will probably come later. It’s been a whirlwind so I’ll definitely need time to organize my thoughts. Goodbye Boulder, I’ll miss you!


  1. This post made me laugh. Like, not “LOL” fake laugh, but actually laugh. Your veggie plate — I mean, full vegan meal — was epic. As was the drinking and singing. God help anyone who gives us free wine again… Ha!

    • Hahaha, soooo epic. I love us! And love how amazing the photo of you with like 234298408923 bottles of wine is. πŸ˜€

  2. Looks like I missed the best conference EVER!

    • Noooo, because the best conference ever would have had yoooou!

  3. So… you DID end up getting an entree with meat on it in the end? I have to admit- that is a pretty lame “vegan” meal. boo on them! Your tour around the pedestrian mall looked awesome though- Powell’s sweet shop eh??

    • Yeah, I ended up asking for the chicken dish (the other option was a pasta primavera.) The waitress looked at me like I was crazy, hahaha.

  4. That was all they gave you for a vegan meal? Boo! They can me more delicious and creative than that!!

  5. Ha, oooh the veggie plate. Wow, someone needs to intervene with that chef and let him/her know that Vegan can mean more than steamed un-anythinged veggies.

    On another note, I had no idea you couldn’t have ‘pets’ on the Pearl Str Mall. That rule is definitely not enforced – you’d have a lot of sad fur babies if it was.

    So glad you gals had a good time in Colorado! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for helping make it such an awesome time! You can be it won’t be long before I’m back, I think I’m hooked!

  6. That is the lamest “vegan” meal of all time!!!

    Meals like that help to give vegans a bad rap – “So, what DO you eat anyways?” – LOL!

    Everything else looked super tasty however!

    • Right? Poor, poor vegans. I just keep thinking about what if I really WAS still vegan? I would have been starvingggg!


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