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Posted on Jun 23, 2011 in Dear Diary | 18 comments

Boulder or Bust!

Howdy howdy, folks! Happy Thursday! Except, it’s really like Happy Friday for me (YAYYYYYYYYY!) because bright & early tomorrow I’m boarding a plane bound for Denver, CO! Why? For the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference taking place in Boulder, of course! I am very excited to be attending my second blogging conference, and am sure that I’ll be coming back with even more inspiration and passion for this li’l ol’ blog of mine (lucky you, eh? Hahaha.)


I’ll be rooming with Casey, and am really looking forward to meeting more people, as well as reuniting with some of my Fitbloggin’ pals! I just have to make sure I pack my bag much more mindfully, since I don’t have the luxury of driving back with all my swaaaag this time, hahaha.

Since I’ve been doing so much traveling lately , I have to admit that the condition of my room has been, uh, less than stellar. After all, what’s the point of unpacking a suitcase if you’ll just be packing it back up the next weekend, right? This week I did finally hit the breaking point of my slovenly living though, and it was time to finally do something about the warzone-room flashbacks I was having. I even ended up scrubbing my bathroom from top to bottom! And bonus? I got supah sweaty cleaning up, so I’m totally counting it as my workout for the day. 😉




Atrocious, I know. But! Have faith, my friends! It wasn’t long before all of that became all of this:



And the suitcase HAD to stay out, since I’m doing that whole traveling thing again starting tomorrow. But at least it’s not buried under a pile of dirty clothes anymore. Progress, right?

The bro and I took the pups over to the ‘rents for family dinner (another money-saving tip, in case you missed yesterday’s Weight Loss 101 installment!)


I think my mama would be very pleased with my productive afternoon.

Family BondingIMG_9129.jpg

Total resemblence, right? Hahahahahaha.

Who else is going to the conference in Boulder this weekend? Shout out! And for those of you who aren’t going to be there, what are your tips for staying healthy while traveling? I think it’s pretty obvious that if I continue spending as much time away from home as I have been, I need to start implementing some much better practices. This weekend I’m specifically traveling to a conference that centers around health & fitness, so I’m hoping the damage won’t be too bad, but still! Can’t hurt to have some tips/tricks to pull out of my pocket!


  1. Have fun!! If you all are in need of a great workout, go to Red Rock theater and run the stairs. It’s on my to do list. There are also lots of hiking trails and it’s just gorgeous!

    • They’re doing this group hike thing Friday morning that I’m SUPER BUMMED about missing because I’m sure it’ll be awesome. The one thing I know about Colorado is how beautiful it is! Oh well, hopefully I’ll still get to have my fill. 😀

  2. Say hey to my Broncos while you’re out there!

  3. Where do you have that pole with your dresses hanging?
    Just try to remember that just because food is everywhere and included doesn’t mean you should eat portions that are bigger than you normally would!
    Have so much fun!!

    • They’re on the far-side of my bedroom — I’m running outta closet space! Haha, as evidenced by the baskets of clothes just sitting on the floor of my room. At least they’re clean!

  4. I wish I was going to Boulder – I’ve never been to a blogging conference. Have funnnn!

    • Evidently I’m hooked! This is my 2nd this summer, and I’m going to HLS in Philly in August, too! Ahhhh! 😛

  5. I travel for business (to conferences) and my days on travel are crazy – 7am until 10pm or so. Typically, I have 3 days that are that busy and 2 that are much less busy so on those 2 days I pack in quality workouts and sneak to the hotel gym to run.

    On my last trip, it was 11am on the last day and I had only scored 1 workout in the 5 days. Checkout was at noon and my ride to the airport left at 1pm. I made the executive decision that 2 miles was better than no miles and knocked out 2 miles in about 21 minutes. That left me just enough time to shower, dress, and check out before picking up lunch.

    As far as eating, they kill me with the buffets and cute little desserts so I make sure to pick the best options possible and remember that it all counts – everything has calories and if I wouldn’t eat it at home, I shouldn’t eat it while traveling (talking about chocolate croissants here!)

    I do go overboard on the fresh berries and pineapple lol. Don’t ever let me loose near pineapple. I managed to not gain on my last trip which was a total win!

    Have fun in Boulder! Colorado is a beautiful state!

    • Yeah, I’m *hoping* that the food will be on the healthier side of things given the nature of the conference, but that doesn’t mean I can go overboard! I’ll have to work hard not to stuff myself, because it’s hard to restrain myself when it’s all freeeeeee! Hahaha

  6. Jealous! Have so much fun! (Still obsessed with your purse!)

  7. Sooo jealous!! You have to go to The Kitchen on Pearl Street. It’s delicious … so fresh and yummy!! And don’t forget to hit up the farmer’s market. It’s awesome!!

    In Boulder, eating healthy and staying active is a cinch. EVERYONE is so health/fitness minded. It’s seriously contagious. Have a great time!! I can’t wait to see pics!!

    • Ooooh, the Kitchen on Pearl Street. I’ll have to look up where that is! Hopefully close to the hotel… thanks for the tips!!

  8. Pack your own snacks! 🙂 Things like apples, oranges and bananas travel VERY well and are pre-portioned for you (which make them perfect travel companions!).

    I travel frequently, but it is usually by car. By taking our own food (instead of stopping to eat along the way) we save time (hooray!) *AND* money (double hooray!).

  9. Partyyy!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you! And the fact that your before room photo looks similar to mine right now makes me feel better.

  10. have fun! and I love cleaning, well at least the end product of cleaning haha

  11. I ALWAYS bring my own breakfast (bars) and tea bags.

    Starting off the day in the hotel gym (no matter how teeny) and a protein bar really sets the tone, doesn’t it?

    Have fun! Can’t wait to see the posts!

  12. You’re awesome, Gretch! Have fun this weekend 🙂 xo


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