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Posted on Jun 14, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 22 comments

Grillin’ like a Villain

Well, it should really be more like “Grillin’ like a family of well-behaved, helpful Anglo-Saxons” but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? Bahahaha. As I indicated in yesterday’s post, last night grill night at the Casa de Powell! The pups and I joined my ‘rents, siblings, and the rest of our extended family that are in town for a nice homestyle grill-fest. It was a lot of fun, and I even got to work in a much healthier version of potato salad than we probably would have consumed otherwise (although unfortunately, I didn’t get to pull out a greek yogurt substitution this time around.)

So, you know, a picture’s worth a thousand words, yada yada, hehe:


Lots of socializing, wine-drinking (not by me though, sad), and amusing puppy playing occurred:


Notice how much dirtier Daxter’s mouth is in that last picture compared to the first, haha.

And the spread! There was so much food — this is the first time I’ve had STEAK in quite a while, and you know what? It was delicious. But hopefully it doesn’t cause me any, ah-hem, issues later on.

I am super excited for lunch today ’cause it’ll be a nice little rerun with some extra potato salad and chicken that I snuck out, hehe. Also, check out this ridiculously seedy lemon I used for the potato salad:


Have you ever seen so many seeds in one lemon before? Ridonk!


I do love me some corn…


As evidenced by the aftermath, haha:


And after dinner was over, the fam cozied up with some ice cream and strawbs to reminisce and laugh at us younger cousins’ expense via home movies:


I cannot lie: I was a really cute baby. I’m a teenyweeny one year old in that last picture (on the left, beside Jenny’s big head. BAHAHA.) 😀

So, as you can clearly see, it was a great evening! I love grill food because it always makes it really feel like SUMMER (as do the 34729348920834 mosquitos that have finally come out of hiding. Bleh.) The night was definitely the lift I needed after a not-so-great day. I’m a little ashamed to say that I really let yesterday’s weigh-in get me down, guys. I even had to fight some pretty strong urges to binge my feelings away with a basketfull of McChicken sandwiches. But fight I did, and I didn’t let myself fall back into that trap, for which I am very proud of myself.

I really appreciate your honest and helpful comments and now that I’m in higher spirits I will tell you right now that I am done phoning it in. No more excuses, because I know that nobody is at fault for me not losing weight other than myself (despite how much I love to blame others, haha.) I am going to take all of your tips to heart, and try out a few new things with regard to exercising this week. You are (hopefully) going to see some real changes occurring soon — and not just physical ones! Time for me to grow up, (wo)man up, and get ‘r done.

What are your favorite foods to grill? After tonight’s fairly traditional fare, I have a strong urge to try out crazy things like grilled watermelon and throwing poblano peppers on the grill and stuff. Old-fashioned stuff like corn, chicken, and steak is fine and dandy, but we all know by know that I’m really quite the experimenter (and it usually works! You should have seen the looks I got from my aunts after telling them about how I’m going to be putting green apple chunks in the potato salad, but they loved it!) I’m curious to hear if you have any secret grilling weapons you’re willing to share!


  1. I love grilling fruit. Pineapple is good, peach halves (w/a little rosemary), plums, watermelon…

    I also saw a recipe somewhere for grilled guacamole, made by grilling avocado halves!

    • I just saw a recipe with grilled avocados on Cara’s Cravings! I. MUST. TRY.

  2. I love grilling peaches! Along with just about everything else… Now I’ll have to have corn this weekend!!!

    • Mmm, grilled peaches. I don’t think I’ve ever done that, but I know that I’ve seen tons of recipes for dessert that include grilled peaches!

      • I recently did a balsamic grilled chicken with goat cheese and served it with grilled peaches with a balsamic reduction. So good!

  3. So, I came across your blog a couple weeks back and now I’ll admit, I am super excited when I see a new post which, lucky for me, is practically everyday! Woo!! 🙂

    I love me some grilled chicken. And Sweet potatoes. And corn. And pineapple. And fish. And seriously, just about everything you can put on a grill.

    However, I leave the grilling to my other half. He is the grill master for sure.

    • Thanks, Kate! Oooh, sweet potatoes on the grill. Yum! Do you (or, your other half, rather) just throw them on there whole? Or slice ’em in half, or slice ’em into pieces…? I can imagine a bunch of different ways to do it and I’m excited about them all! 🙂

      • We usually slice them and add some sort of spice rub. I do the prep, he handles the grill. 🙂
        One of the best ways is to brush them with a little melted butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. You dont need much as sweet potatoes are pretty good on their own.

  4. Well I’m glad you are kind of re-motivated to lose the weight! You have done so well so far!

    That meal looks amazing. I don’t have grilled corn too often, but when I do, I have like 5 cobs. It is too good.

    • I totally could have thrown down a couple more ears of corn — it’s soooo good. But I resisted! 😉

  5. Even though it might not be the most original thing ever, I ADORE grilled salmon on a cedar block. SO AMAZING! I could eat that fish like it was my last meal.
    I’m also an advocate of grilling herb-oil marinated portobello mushrooms. I made them once for the fam and they are hooked!

    • Mmmm, that IS good. I don’t own a cedar block, but I’ve had it in the past like that. Just throwing salmon straight on the grill is good too. Grilling fish is tricky (you have to leave it and not mess with it or it will stick hardcore) but soooooo worth it!

  6. My two go-to grill items are pineapples and zucchinis. Grilling always brings out the flavors in everything, but the extra sweetness of the pineapples is completely redonk. 🙂

    • I KNOW. Grilled pineapple is CRAZY good. And really just adding grill marks to anything makes it look extra amazeballs.

  7. Good for you for fighting the urge to binge. I am proud of you because I know just how strong that feeling can be.

  8. I had a blast and you are right, there was SO much food. Your tomato/peach salsa was a huge hit (as was the mango guac from the previous night). I agree we should shake up the grilling this summer with some fun alternatives to steak/corn/potato/chicken, which we seem to do a lot!
    I’m proud that you are realizing you are the only one who can ultimately help you lose weight- but you know we are here to support you!!

  9. Sounds like a plan!
    I am honestly not a big bbq fan, though I really do love the smell and vibe of it 🙂 But when we do grill, I like potatoes with either rosemary or dill. Oh, and grilled pineapple is good, too.

  10. So about that face you are making pre-corn eating? Yeah, I was pretty much making that face this whole post. That foods looks SO GOOD!
    Also, I wouldn’t fret too much about the weight gain – like everyone else has said, you have come so far! A trip to New York tends to result in slight weight gain for me, too – my best friend goes to NYU and every visit I make there I gobble down frozen yogurt, cupcakes,and seafood (not at the same time, promise!) because the area my school is in offers none of the above. It throws you off when you try to zip up your jeans or hop on the scale, but if you continue what you’re doing I’m sure it will balance itself out again 🙂

  11. Grilled bananas or plantains, yum!!!

    Definitely any kebab (meat n veggie or just veggie) – All the food looks so good!

  12. Keep up the hard work. You are looking great these days!

  13. NOthing beats a good burger right from the grill! Esp w/ a side of watermelon and corn.
    Today is a new day. So you gained last week, just kick some booty this week- YOU CAN DO IT!

  14. Great pictures, Cuz! 🙂 That was a fun evening. I’m sorry about the weight gain. I know it’s frustrating. From an outside point of view, I think “Wow, Gretchen is doing amazing! Great progress! That gain is a very minor setback.” but I know that mindset is harder when it’s your life. When I have tried to lose weight I found that there were several times I had to re-commit, I had to go back to measuring my food and counting calories more formally. Still, back to my original thought, your progress has been amazing!

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