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Posted on Jun 10, 2011 in Food | 37 comments

Breakfast with a FT Job

I don’t know if you had a chance to see my daily eats post from yesterday yet, but let me tell you. I had the most EPIC at-work breakfast ever, and I wanted to tell you aaaaaall about it. I don’t know why I haven’t done a post on prepping breakfast at work yet! As I’ve mentioned before, eating breakfast every day has been so, so essential for my diet and weight loss. But with a fulltime job, especially one like mine that starts bright and early at 7 AM each day, getting in a nutritious first meal can be challenging. Pop-tarts just don’t cut it anymore, I’m afraid!


Your Ingredients:



Your Equipment:



Your Instructions:


Bring a tupperware container or microvewave-safe bowl with you, and crack your eggs into it (look, it’s smiling!) Season them with salt & pepper (or if you have an entire spice rack at work, feel free to go nuts! Haha) and whisk it all together with a super classy plastic fork.


Pop your eggs into the microwave for 1 minute. If you peer into the microwave during this time, it will look like your eggs are ballooning up and you will fear they will explode. Do not worry. They will not explode. When the minute is over, they will look like this:


Tip: if it’s possible to spray your egg container with nonstick spray, do it. It’s not a necessity, but just be aware that if you don’t then some egg is likely to stick to the sides of the bowl. Not a big deal, just soak the container right after you remove the patty from it. Also, it’s generally a good idea to get the patty out right away, as the colder it gets the more likely it is to stick.

Anyway, instead of radiating your eyeballs by peering into the microwave while your egg patty cooked, you should have been toasting your sandwich thin, english muffin, bagel, or whatever and slicing up your tomato with an equally classy plastic knife.




I used 1 tbsp of smoked salmon spread, but you could use anything. A laughing cow cheese wedge, cream cheese, butter – it’s your choice! Seriously, creating this very filling, highly satisfying breakfast takes 5 minutes. Of course, if you don’t have a microwave in your office, you’re probably hating me right now, but you could also prepare your egg patty at home and just assemble your sandwich at work instead. I’ve definitely done that a few times before realizing I could do it all without running (quite as) late. Hahaha.

So quick recap of the rest of my day yesterday:


I hit up Whole Foods to pick up a few things. Proving yet again that I really need to get into couponing, I walked out with the following:


Fage 2% Plain Greek Yogurt (the medium tubs of Fage are on sale for $2.99!)
Tzatziki Sauce (I have plans for this…!)


2 organic avocados
2 bags frozen fruit (tropical medley! Ole!)
Pre-cut veggies for grillin’
Organic red grapes


Yellow mustard
Almond Breeze (original flavor)
2 cans tuna
1 can salmon

While there, I also blew $4 on my very first Kombucha.


Have you heard of this? It’s a “living foods” drink that is made with some kind of like fermented mushroom thing. It sounds super weird, and it is, but it’s supposed to have all kinds of health bennies (that’s “benefits” for the abbreviation-resistant of you) like aiding digestion (which I need!), and… you know, other stuff. I’m still learning all about it, obviously, considering this was my first one! Verdict? It was… interesting. It smells kind of like wine. Which makes sense, since it’s fermented. And while it doesn’t taste bad, per se, it’s definitely something I’ll have to get used to. I liked that it effervesces though (and does it naturally!) Drinks are so much more fun when they’re bubbly.

Since Whole Foods is located in the same shopping center as the pet store I go to, Wylie Wagg, I also stopped in for some necessities for these tykes:


Namely, dog food, since I literally fed them the last piece of kibble from the container that morning. Cutting it a little close!


Not that anybody cares to know this, but I feed the dogs California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato dog food, and sometimes I mix in some Merrick wet dog food as well. I did a lot of research on dog food nutrition when I got Daxter, since managing Harry’s nailbed condition means really upping the ante in terms of his diet, and I heartily recommend both of these brands.

Clearly, they’re fans too:


Speaking of Harry’s condition, actually… remember last week when I had the joyous experience of rushing Daxter to the emergency vet when he had a bad reaction to his vaccinations? Well, the fun just never stops in this household. Harry has what is called symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy (try saying that ten times fast!), and it seems to have reared his ugly head again. See how in the background of the first picture of them above, he is holding his foot up? Here’s a better look:


My poor babyyyyy! He’s my adorable little cripple right now, refusing to put any weight on his little tootsie. Harry’s rare condition, when it flares up, causes his nails to crack down the underside and literally separate from his nailbeds. It’s like his body is rejecting his own nails. Needless to say it’s very painful, and it took 4 separate vet visits (2 regular, 2 emergency) and a crapton of money before it was even diagnosed. There isn’t really a cure, but it’s usually manageable with a diet that is high in Omega fatty acids, through food or supplements, or both. Hence the herring-flavored dog food, haha.

Okie dokie. I think I’ve taken up enough of your Friday morning. Let’s end this on, if not a happy note, at least an interesting question. Have you ever tried Kombucha? What health benefits have you experienced? I think this is going to be one of those things that I desperately want to like, so we’ll have to see if that actually ends up happening, haha.

PS – Crammed my 20 minutes o’ exercise in at the last minute last night: a hail mary set of crunches, lady-pushups (on knees), yoga poses, stretching, and a few pathetic plank attempts. All set to the beautiful beep of my stopwatch. 😉


    • Haha! I knew that you’d be commenting on this one! 😀

  1. I’ve not had Kombucha, but I’ve seen it all over!
    Gosh, your puppies are just so cute. <3

    • It’s definitely growing in popularity! And thaaaaanks, they are kinda cute, huh? Now if only they’d stop having medical issues!!

  2. I got a few bottles of Komucha in my CSA, and I really like it. I agree that it was a bit unusual at first. I started out slow, drinking a small (6 oz.-ish) glass of it – partly to make the bottle last longer and partly to ease myself into it. I haven’t tried any that I’ve found at the grocery store yet. Good luck with your experiment and kudos for getting in your 20 minutes:)

    • Yeah I broke that bottle down over 2 days, since an entire bottle of that stuff (the grocery store kind, at least) is really a lot!

  3. I tried Komucha for the first time a few weeks ago. I’d drink it again, but never at work. I felt like I was drinking a bottle of vinegar at my desk!

    • Yeah, even just with this one bottle (I drank most of it yesterday and finished it this morning) I’ve definitely decided that I have to drink it COLD. Otherwise really is like drinking vinegar. Bleh.

    • Hahaha, it is! But can you really put a price on alleged health? 😉

  4. I tried Kombucha for the first time 2 weeks ago! I also had an “original” flavored one (“Buchi”, a local NC brand), and thought it was… uh… interesting, as well! I knew it was going to smell/taste a bit like vinegar – so no shock there. I actually enjoyed it at first, then once I started eating my lunch, it began to taste more vinegary to me. Weird?
    I want to give the flavored ones a try – like you I *want* to like it. (If I do, I’m going to start making it at home, for ease and cheapness!). Earlier this week I picked up a GT Cranberry flavored Kombucha, and am going to break into it over the weekend!

    Your egg-wich looks great! I have only made eggs in the micro once before (for some reason it skeeves me out?), but I should give it a go again. It would definitely add some variety to my work breakfasts and lunches! Thanks for the inspiration.


    • I had no idea what to expect when it came to the smell/taste, so I was surprised. But I guess it makes sense it resembles vinegar/wine… I mean, it IS fermented after all, haha. But yeah, they get EXPENSIVE. So if it’s something I end up getting really interested in I might have to look into brewing it myself (weeeeeird…)

  5. I have never had kombucha before. . . excited to hear what you think abou it. Also, looking forward to hearing about Tzatziki Sauce and Pesto!

    • I think it’s definitely going to be an “acquired” taste for me. It reminds me of wine and vinegar (though obviously not as bitter as vinegar). I want to try a flavored kind to see if I respond better to it. And you guys’ll be getting the report if I start to see any health changes or anything fo’ sho’! 🙂

  6. I think Kombucha is an acquired taste! Try one of the Synergy ones next time — they have some fruit added to it (a small amount) and I think the flavor is a little better. I also sometimes add a packet of Stevia to sweeten it (if you do this be careful, sometimes the effervescent qualities + the sweetener = overflowing volcano of kombucha, so add the sweetener slowly 🙂

    • Hmm, good tip. Yeah I definitely want to try some of the flavored ones — but I figured for my first go I should try the original. I’m sure it grows on you for sure.

  7. Waitt, explain the dog paw thing! Remember my dog had been doing that…I wonder if he has that too…

    • It’s a pretty rare condition so it’s not likely that your pup has the same thing. But the short version is that his body rejects his nails and pushes them out of his nailbeds. Right now it’s only affecting 1 nail (thank goodness!) but he refuses to walk on it. Hopefully this isn’t what you pup is suffering from though, cause it’s a chronic condition — i.e. there’s no real “cure”. Check his nail though, and if it looks weird, or seems like it’s coming off or cracked or anything like that you should definitely get it checked out.

  8. I’ve totally had eggs explode in the microwave. So watch out. It can happen.
    … and you don’t want to be that girl at the office who fucks up the microwave.

  9. I heart egg sandwiches at work- it costs like $0.50 to make or… downstairs they are $3.00 in my cafeteria 🙂

    • Riiiight? And even a 2-egg patty + sandwich or bagel thin will only run you about 250 calories. So add a spread and some toppings and you have a very filling, diet-friendly brekky!

  10. Hiya Gretch!
    Breakfast is totally important and its hard to get done right, especially in the morning. I have found the perfect thing though. Homemade Breakfast Burrito’s! Make them on a sunday night. (however many you need for the week) Tortillia, eggbeaters, meatless ground sausage, cheese, literally anything you want in it. put it all together, fresh off the pan, roll it up in alum foil, and fridge! When its time to get up and go to work, grab one of those babies and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds (toaster oven till perfect) and eat! Ah Mazing. Make it as filling and as healthy as you want and its ever changing!
    You Are awesome!!

    Be Happy


    • That is a GREAT idea! Why didn’t I think of that? I’m totally the girl who grabs leftovers from the fridge for lunch after cooking up a HUGE batch of something during the week, so why wouldn’t I do that for breakfast? Love it!

  11. Hi Gretchen! I’ve been following your site for a while (super creeper over here) and I just wanted to say that I love it – you’re so energetic and inspirational! I also happen to be a fellow Whasian and former international school student. My mom’s from Taiwan and my dad is good ol’ American.

    I used to have a miniature schnauzer (my family just left Hong Kong so my mom had to leave her behind with some friends) and seeing pics of your pups makes me miss that bearded little beauty! Do Daxter and Harry do the friendly schnauzer howl?

    • Ahhhhh! I love it! My mom is actually from Hong Kong but I lived in Taiwan for 3 years in high school, so that is extra awesome. What international school did you attend? 🙂 I am pretty sure we are soulmates, btw: Whasian, schnauzers… let’s face facts! 😀 😀 😀

      • I was definitely thinking the soulmates thing too. Especially because we’re like reversed twins since my mom is from Taiwan but I lived in Hong Kong for 3 1/2 years (but we can round down to make it even crazier)! I went to Hong Kong International School from the middle of freshman – senior year, and also went to Singapore American School from the kindergarden – sixth grade with a dose of New York in between the two!

        • HAHA! That is amazing. Okay, it’s official: we are now besties. No fighting it! What years were you at HKIS? My cousin went there, but she’s quite a few years older than I am.

          • I just graduated a couple of years ago (2009) so I probably wouldn’t know her – but I have to say, I’ve met friends in college who have said that they had family/friends who used to live in Singapore/Hong Kong and figured I wouldn’t know them but threw their names out anyways, and it turns out I went to school with them! Small world, huh?

  12. I have to get up early for work too! I usually boil an egg and eat it at work. Sometimes Ill bring colby cheese as well

  13. I’ve been drinking Kombucha for a few years now, and I really love it. You were a little braver than me going straight for the original flavor first though, I’ve only had the fruity ones and they sort of remind me of a wine cooler. A healthy wine cooler? Yes!

  14. I really like some of the fruity flavors of Kombucha. The Passionberry is my favorite.

  15. I love the Guava Goddess and Trilogy (ginger, raspberry something or other)flavors. You were brave for trying a plain one on your first try!

  16. I first tried kombucha before they re-worked the recipe or whatevs, when they thought it was too boozy. I immediately began referring to it as “prison hooch” and vowed to never drink it again. A few months ago though, I tried a friend’s synergy kombucha and really liked the milder new recipe, so now I drink them occasionally. My favorites are most of the botanic ones. The gingerberry & trilogy flavors are pretty good too.

    • Oh wow, it used to be even boozier tasting? Daaaang!

  17. Ooo, I’ve had kombucha from that brand before. One was ginger-something… can’t remember the other. They are definitely an acquired taste! And I have to not examine it too closely or I gag cause it’s so gross looking! One of them I got when I was visiting Seattle and I was sure that I had picked up a cold or something from the germy airport. I had the kombucha on my first day there and my symptoms pretty much disappeared. Magical healing powers or coinky-dink? …. who knows! At $4 a pop, I don’t know if I could make it a habit. Wonder how hard it’d be to brew at home?

  18. I love Kombucha! Although, it’s an acquired taste (a little vinegar-y for most). Try the Trilogy flavor or the Mango, if you’re feeling like juice. I don’t really dig the original. And it’s only 60 calz. for the bottle AND it’s wicked good for hangovers (not that I would know).

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