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Posted on Jun 9, 2011 in Dear Diary | 16 comments

The God of Thunder


So I suppose you can guess what I did last night, eh?


Roar. Also, rawr:

Chris Hemsworth Thor Abs

Don’t mind if I do. Helloooo, Chris Hemsworth!

I finally went to see Thor with my papa last night! I know, I know, we’re slow on the take. But in his defense, he was in South Korea for work, and in my defense, all of my friends hate me and saw it without me. Hmph. One good thing about waiting over a month after a movie comes out? There were literally 5 people in the theatre, and that’s including us!

In fact, there were so few people headed to the movies on this rando Wednesday night that we ended up getting to the theatre waaaaay early. So, naturally, I told my dad I had to explore the grounds of the totally not ghetto at all (uh… false.) Ballston Mall in Arlington (our normal movie theatre is Tysons, but we had to use up his Fandago Groupon.)


Pretty sure this should be my next car.


Yep. Definitely should be. Hahahahaha.

The movie was really good! Not as good as X-Men: First Class was, but still very entertaining. And the PREVIEWS! I seriously think the best part about going to see any big budget action movie is all the previews for OTHER big budget action movies coming out. I’m pretty sure every single preview was for an upcoming superhero movie, and the nerd inside me is ECSTATIC. 😀

I tried keeping this post short & shweet (heh) for you guys since I know the last few have been quite a doozy, and I clearly failed. So I’m cutting it off now! Plus, I’ll be back later on today with a sponsored post reviewing a fun iPhone app (and tons of pictures of the puppers, natch.)

So in the meantime, I leave you with this: Where my (fellow) comic book nerds at? Let’s hear it: favorite superhero? Favorite superhero movie? And while we’re at it, what superpower would you choose if you could have one? My favorite superheros are, and always have been, the X-Men. I grew up watching the cartoon (still one of the best animated TV shows EVER) and my pop is a huge Marvel comic book geek, hehe. I even went as Jubilee for Halloween two years ago!

X-Men Jubilee for Halloween

NO SHAME. Well, maybe a little shame for how big I was back then… sigh. As for a superpower, well, no surprise here. My extraordinary laziness lends itself to me wanting to be telekinetic, a la Jean Grey. But then again, never having to get up to get anything if I can move objects with my mind probably wouldn’t be too conducive to losing weight, huh?

PS: Got my 20 Minutes in today with a long dog walk in the blistering heat!

PPS: There’s another deal for 2 movie tickets for $9 through Fandango and Living Social. Get up on it!


  1. I am way behind on my summer movie watching! I have not seen Thor nor X-Men: First Class – which is a travesty! I also grew up watching the X-Men cartoon. I really like Rogue but would not choose her absorption power. I’d probably choose super-strength. 🙂

    • I love Rogue too! She’s totally my fave — the cartoon version though, not the Anna Paquin version. 😛 I agree that she doesn’t have the best power right off the bat, but she does end up being frickin’ awesome after she absorbs the ability to fly + superstrength! Hehe

  2. Batman is definitely my favorite, because he doesn’t have powers but is still totally BA. X-Men is a really close second though. If I could have super powers, I’d want to fly just so I wouldn’t have to sit in traffic ever again.

    • Batman is TOTALLY BA. That utility belt, man! Plus the new Christopher Nolan Batman movies are pretty much the best thing that has happened to Earth. NBD. 🙂

  3. I love Rogue too! She’s totally my fave — the cartoon version though, not the Anna Paquin version. 😛 I agree that she doesn’t have the best power right off the bat, but she does end up being frickin’ awesome after she absorbs the ability to fly + superstrength! Hehe

  4. Great job getting in your 20 minutes!

    I wasn’t sure if Thor would be any good — I think I’ll wait for Netflix but I do want to see X-Men — everyone says it is so good!

    I love superhero movies — Batman, Spiderman, etc. They’re all good — except for that Nicolas Cage one where he is a skeleton and he’s on fire. That was really lame.

    • BAHAHAHAHA. Ghost Rider was EL TERRIBLE! I’m excited/scared for the new Spiderman movie they’re making. I’m still not sure how I feel about them “rebooting” a franchise that’s less than 10 years old… Especially when the 3rd movie only came out in ’07!!

  5. SO proud of you for continuing to get your exercise in! And i’m sure the pups really are digging being able to go on walks every day too!! 🙂
    I’d want to be able to fly- i’ve always wanted to. However, telekenesis is probably a more useful ability. <3 X-Men!

    • I like to think that my telekinesis would eventually evolve all Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix style where I’d be able to move MYSELF with my mind as well, essentially being able to fly. Best of all worlds. 😀

  6. First off, let’s NOT EVEN mention the existence of the 3rd Spider-Man movie. That piece of crap NEVER HAPPENED! Period!

    I’m in pain trying to think of my favourite superhero. It physically hurts me Gretchen! But I will at least put in my liste of top in no specific order:
    – Rogue (agreed, cartoon version, not Anna Paquin version… and if you don’t believe she’s awesome, check out her background story you FOOLS)
    – Gambit (my X-Men crush he was French, beautiful, suave, and just drool worthy… yes, I am aware that he’s a cartoon character)
    – Batman (this needs no explanation)
    – Green Lantern
    – Silver Surfer
    – Spawn

    If I could choose superpowers (’cause I don’t think I could stick to just one), I would want teleportation and technopathy for this day and age.

    All right, that was a healthy dose of nerding out. Peace!

    • I looooove the nerding out! Makes me feel so much better. And heck yes! Rogue + Gambit = 4EVA. I’m definitely looking forward to the Green Lantern movie (hellooooo Ryan Reynolds!) but I admit I don’t know as much about any of the DC heroes’ mythology. I’m a Marvel gal.

      • I would definitely call myself more of a Marvel gal than a DC gal, but I will still admit that DC comes up with good stuff. I mean Batman and the Joker, best combo locked in combat!

  7. It was a fun evening…and you come by your Geek/nerdiness honestly. Someday you and Ben can fight it out over my comic book collection!

  8. I always liked Batman as a little kid, then Christian Bale was Batman… it wasn’t a bad thing.

  9. My boyfriend is a huge comic book lover, so I have been ‘dragged’ to a lot of superhero movies over the years. At first I only went because of the eye candy (totally the main reason I saw thor – holy hawtness! :P) but I actually started to really like them! I am excited to see X-Men: First Class this week, I’d say out of all the ones I’ve seen I like the X-Men ones the best. I’d have to choose telekenesis or flying as my top two powers..

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