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Posted on May 26, 2011 in Daily Eats, Food | 4 comments

Daily Eats – 5/26/11



Ezekial cinnamon raisin bread (shock!)
1 tbsp Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter
Quaker cranberry apple instant oatmeal w/added chia seeds



Giant bowl of broccoli, vegetables, and ten delicious shrimpies 🙂
Whole wheat mini-pita with 2 tbsp TJ’s white bean & basil hummus (I can’t get enough of this stuff!)



Asian noodle salad
BBQ baked tofu (recipe coming tomorrow!)



Raspberry smoothie in a bowl with 1/4 cup coconut milk ice cream & coconut (that I ate all the ice cream out of and then threw the rest away, hahaha.)

Sorry, I don’t feel like posting calories today because I’m feeling super lazy but I think that upon reflection of the day’s eats I still probably did pretty well. Onward and downward! 🙂


    • It is delicioussss. 🙂 It’s got whole wheat angel hair pasta, matchstick carrots and snow peas, steamed green beans, asian dipping oil, sesame seeds and chopped cashews. I’ll talk about it tomorrow’s recipe post as well!

  1. Ok I would love to know what the shrimp veggie recipe consists of. Everytime I want to make shrimp it never turns out!

    • Yeah my way of cooking shrimp is pretty basic. Just use about a tbsp of the oil of your choice (i always use olive) and let it heat up pretty hot before you add the shrimp. Then put in the shrimp, season with salt & pepper, leave it for a minute and flip. It should be nice and pink, and then the other side the same thing. Shrimp cooks SUPER fast so it’s really easy. And the trick is just not to mess with it too too much. 🙂 I just put it over a bed of frozen bro and veg, hahaha, so that part was pretty lame. Just heated it up in the microwave. 😛


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