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Posted on May 24, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 19 comments

Dream Big

Guess where I went last night?


Got it? How ’bout now?


Okay, okay, how about now?


Yep! Shopping trip to Target (Tarjayyyy), aka my favorite place evaaaar. I went with my brother and his girlfriend to pick up a few things and decided to play a game of “How I would decorate my house if I had more money”:


Like with square white plates.


And antique-y bathroom accessories.


And who doesn’t want to own a cupcake tower?


Or have decorative glass apothecary jars all over the place for no reason other than that they’re pretty?

Too bad my taste would without a doubt break the bank…

Don't break the bank


I also tried my hand at Target-style grocery shopping, since you may have been noticing the distinct lack of veg in yesterday’s Daily Eats post. Well, that’s because I, once again, need to go grocery shopping. Thus:


Romaine lettuce, green beans, frozen peas & broc.


Strawbs, nanners, and whole wheat Sandwich Thins.


Cinnamon pecan (!!) Special K, 2 boxes of Luna bars.


Cottage cheese, beans, corn, and a just-in-case Annie’s lasagna dinner. And then there’s the piece de resistance…


… smoked salmon dip. I can’t wait to smother a pita with this or something. Mmmm. All in all I s’pose it was a successful trip (successful for Target, that is. I always end up buying way more than I set out to at this store!) but I will admit that unless you rely heavily on frozen and pre-packaged foods, doing your grocery shopping at Target is not the way to go. Their produce is pretty meh, although I found a couple of things that looked okay, and I don’t think you’re getting a particularly good value out of it (other than that you can complete your grocery shopping along with your regular shopping, I guess.)

Got a favorite superstore? I’m all ears! Target’s a personal fave, but I keep feeling like I should just get a Costco membership already. 5 people living in one house makes toilet paper and paper towels quite the commodity, you know!


  1. I bought those same strawberries on Sunday! hehe.

  2. You cleaned up! I’m happy to see so much green~ 🙂

    My favorite big box store is definitely Target. I mean, where else can you get toilet paper, an ipod, and a cute outfit!? NoWhErE.

  3. I love Target — and the Super Target near us has pretty good produce so I like going there. I actually just joined Costco yesterday!!! I am hooked — all of the foods I normally buy are much cheaper there. Their produce seems to be good quality, but the savings isn’t huge there (plus you end up with gigantic tubs of stuff)

  4. We don’t have Target here in Canada but I’ve been a few times on shopping trips in the Detroit area. I don’t really get the hype. I do like it a million times better than Wal-Mart though because it is cleaner and less crowded.

    I don’t actually have a favourite big box store… I kinda hate them all.

    • Oh man, in college I went on a huge compaign against Wal-mart because there are TWO in my college town and they’re so evil corporation-y, hahaha. I still love my Tar-jay though. Can’t help it! But I enjoyed my trips to Loblaws too! Don’t worry. (See, I can relate for Canadian grocery shoppers too!) 😉

  5. I saw your tweet and couldn’t open the link but my guess before was Target. However, when I go, I have to go with blinders on since I can buy out the whole store.

    Its me! The other half of Wearing Mascara! I just wanted to say:
    A) Your Awersome-Sauce
    b) Your pictures look Amazing
    c) …(were skipping c for right now)
    d) Target is one of my favorite places to go. I have a hard time behaving there. As in not getting in a cart and having The Lady J push me around!

    Be Happy!


  7. I spend WAY too much money at Target!

    Their grocery store actually has a lot of organic options at a good price!

    • Are the prices good? I haven’t done very much comparison but it doesn’t seem like you’re getting that much of a deal. Maybe if you compare the organic prices though, that’s where you’d save…?

  8. Target. All. The. Way. I love Target for many reasons, but mainly because of their credit card thingy. Save 5% on every purchase!! (don’t worry, I pay it off as soon as the bill comes!) But it’s just amazingly fun to walk around and look at all the things I wish I could own.

    Sigh…now I want to go to Target. Think I can leave work at 10:30 and go there?? 🙂

    • I mean, *I* wouldn’t judge you! Your boss might feel differently though… haha

  9. new follower 🙂 I loved going back and reading your story, Gretchen! I find you to be an amazing inspiration and a great example of how to establish a healthy lifestyle – keep up the great work!

    Oh, and that cinnamon pecan is AMAZING. So delicious. I even will eat it dry for dessert some nights 🙂

    • Thanks, Corinne! PS – I totally do that with the Special K Chocolatey Delight flavor. It’s soooo yummy!

  10. Oh Target…the store where my paycheck goes to live.
    I LOVE TARGET. I love their clothes (well, except for their shorty mcshort dresses), I love their sunglasses, I love their shoes, I love their makeup and accessories! I haven’t done a ton of grocery shopping there…because we do most of ours at BJ’s, a membership club like Costco/Sam’s Club/etc.

  11. Target is the bomb!! Love that place. Although I’ve got to say, I like Wal-Mart too for certain things. There is only one Wal-Mart I know of in our area by GMU and it isnt a super-center but they do have some groceries that are even cheaper than Target, and I’ve gotten a few other items there. Its not a sketchy Wal-Mart either, haha, and I mean, a box of cereal is a box of cereal right? Though Target’s accessories and general ambiance and selection does win.

    As for groceries, my hands down place to go in the area is Wegmans. It is BY FAR less expensive than Giant, Harris Teeter, and the other stores, at least for things I buy. A gallon of milk is only a little over a dollar, cereal is as well, they have amazing selections of international foods and breads. I usuaully bum off my parents grocery trip there but a few times I did experiment and one week bout the same stuff there and then the same stuff at Giant and saved about $25. Plus I just love the store – something about it. Just like Wal-Mart and Target basically sell the same needs – Target just has that better ambiance. The one thing that is more expensive at Wegmans is produce.

  12. I LOVE target. I’m currently not allowed to go by myself, I need to be supervised when I am there. Yesterday I went and loaded up on toliet paper, paper towels and zip lock bags all for $93.00. When I got home the hubby was like “um was this necessary”. I explained to him that I needed to go to Target and since I purchased nonparishables that were on sale I actually saved him money.

  13. is it sad that I knew where you were just by the towels?? hahah. I love target,but it is the devil because you can NEVEr leave with just one thing haha

  14. I LOVE me some Target!!!!! But given that I’m Canadian I don’t get to go that often!

    And when I do, I usually have the Husband to restrain me. He claims I get a crazed look in my eye once I walk into the store! lol 


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