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Posted on May 23, 2011 in Dear Diary, Weigh Ins, Weight Loss | 23 comments

Taste of Arlington (Weigh-in)

Happy Monday, everybody! Even though I got a long weekend to go attend the Fitbloggin’ conference, it still feels like the work week came way too soon! And this week seems like it’ll be extra long because I’m getting another long weekend at the end of it. But I guess I can’t really complain about that, huh? Huzzah for Memorial Day!

Yesterday, Amanda and I attended the Taste of Arlington, a food festival that celebrates restaurants and vendors local to the area. We got in a smidge of exercise by walking to and from the festival (>a mile each way) and took Daxter along for the ride. I missed the pups so much being gone for the weekend (Harry gets too excited around other dogs and becomes rather unmanageable, so sadly he had to stay home.)


It was fun, but it was SO crowded! The size of the event and sheer volume of people puts our li’l Taste of Falls Church to shame, but I have to admit that I like ours better. It’s smaller, more manageable, and you don’t feel like you’re going to die standing in a mile-long line for a lettuce wrap from PF Changs.


I only managed to snap a few pictures while we were there, since trying to handle a miniature schnauzer, a DSLR, and food samples ended up proving rather tricky. It was still fun though, and we enjoyed getting to sample the few dishes we were willing to wait in line for.


Like Guinness wings from RiRa.

Death by Chocolate.

And rich, decadent chocolate cake. Not bad for being served in bulk!

People kept giving us their leftover food tickets as we walked through the event! I guess we must have “give us free stuff” faces or something, haha. At first we couldn’t understand why people were willing to give up their tickets, but after a couple hours there we got it. We were SO full. We both ended up with tickets leftover, so I paid it forward and handed a moderately drunk guy my last two tix as we were walking out. Then, to reward myself for being so charitable (haaaaahahaha), we stopped at Sweetgreen on the walk back to Panda’s apartment for froyo.


This was my first time trying Sweetgreen after wanting to go for SO long (Anne is always recommending this place) and it was awesome! I’ve only ever had the kind of frozen yogurt that just tastes like ice cream, but this kind of froyo really tasted like yogurt. Tangy with that little bit of yogurty sourness, but sweet! Mmmm.


Panda and I split a small topped, as you can see, with raspberries, blueberries, and sweetened coconut.

I could be a Sweetgreen model, see?

Can’t you just see me in a frozen yogurt ad? Daxter could be in it too, since he helped us polish off what we couldn’t finish:

Dogs like Yogurt too?

Hehe. Anyway, all in all a very enjoyable day! Now, before I let you all go to try to survive enjoy the rest of your Monday, it’s time for this week’s weigh-in.


Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Week’s Weight: 195.0 lbs
This Week’s Weight: 195.5 lbs
This Week’s Loss: +0.5 lbs
Total Loss-to-Date: 50.5 lbs.

Weeeeell, I can’t say that I’m that surprised. I mean, I’m not really counting this as a gain per se, more as a non-loss. Since, you know, I’ll have gained and lost half a pound 10 times over by the time today is over. And I deserve not to have lost, since I didn’t calorie-count or eat particularly healthfully over the weekend (ironic, since I was at a fitness conference…?) And I’m sure that going out to celebrate Amanda’s birthday on Saturday night with wings and beer probably didn’t help either, hahahahahaha. But, I persevere! This weigh-in actually didn’t put me in a horrible mood for once, and I’m more committed than ever to continuing my journey. And hey, I completed another 5K on Friday! That’s nothing to sneer about, right? Let’s remember pre-weight loss Gretchen, who couldn’t even run up half a flight of stairs without wanting to die.

I need to step it up though, so I am going to be looking at more challenging races. Maybe a 4 miler in the early summer, and my sister suggested I sign up for the Navy 5 miler in September. And then maybe I could even do a 10K after that! Whooaaaaa! Okay, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but still. Dream big, right? Anyone want to run a race or two with me? I could use the motivation!

Have you ever had tangy frozen yogurt? Are you a fan? What’s your favorite place to get it from? Local foodies, I’m especially looking at you. I feel the need to explore and compare!


    • Is it the tangy, yogurty kind? Augh, I want more already!

  1. OMG I love your pups! I love festivals like that but went to Cherry Blossom Festival last yr and it was waaaaaay too crowded for me. Thats really cool they are so many cities there that they have different festivals like that. We have Taste of Charlotte in June which is located downtown however it’s summer time in the south. I think I felt my butt sweating last yr while sweaty people brushed against me, blargh.

    • Haha yeah, I don’t do too well with HUGE crowds either. So it probably would have been more fun if there was a little more breathing room. I guess the heat factor is why the Taste of Arlington is in May and the Taste of Falls Church is always in September! Ew, gross sweaty summer festival… hahaha

  2. I’ve had fro-yo twice — and both times were in Vegas. I have no idea where to go around my house. That might be a good thing though, I can see myself going way too often.

    • Haha right? Luckily this sweetgreen in Arlington is probably the closest one to my house… and parking is a nightmare to get to it. Thank goodness though, otherwise I’m sure I’d be going there every day!

  3. I love Sweetgreen! Just had some last week.

    Totally down for doing a race this summer if you’re interested. I’m doing the Rock n Roll VA Beach half Labor Day weekend but nothing else is scheduled before then.

    • Oh my. A half! Go yoooooou! Yeah, I’ll look into some more races and let you know then. I’d need you to help kick my butt into gear anyway! 🙂

  4. I definitely need to try out SweetGreen after all the love over it from the local blogosphere! and i love that you and amanda left the festival for being too full and ended up with froyo nevertheless 🙂 Glad you had fun!!

    • There’s ALWAYS room for froyo… 😉

  5. Pinkberry!!!! I love, love, love their tangy frozen yogurt. At first it took some getting used to, but now it’s my favorite. This is making me want some…

    Congratulations on the weight loss! What an inspiration!!!

    • Pinkberry is the other name that I hear get thrown around a lot. They started in NY, right? I’d have to look up if there’s one around me… although I am going to be in NYC in two weeks anyway… hmmmmmm. Froyo World Tour? 😛

  6. Red Mango there is one in Vienna.

    • I’ve heard of Red Mango! There’s one in Arlington too, and I keep meaning to try it!

  7. I’m so glad I finally got to meet you in person, even though I feel like I ‘knew’ you before. I also LOVE this line “I mean, I’m not really counting this as a gain per se, more as a non-loss”. Ha. perfection.

    Also, I haven’t heard of Taste of Arlington. What a cool event!

    • I know! We don’t have an excuse not to meet up again — soon, kay?! 🙂

  8. I’ve never had tangy fro-yo because NH is, ahem, ghetto 🙂

  9. I love fro-yo. When I saw your picture my mouth started watering! Unfortuantly Im in stl, so Im not local to you 🙁
    I need to get on board with you and losing some of this weight! I weigh in on mondays too, but it hasnt been going down (LIKE IT SHOULD! haha)

  10. Hi, I found your blog via Anne’s. We are practically neighbors, I think (I live near the Trader Joe’s). For local fro yo, I like Fruity Yogurt in Tyson’s (2nd floor, near Banana Republic). It’s self serve so you can mix flavors!

    • Well hi there neighbor! I haven’t been to any of the frozen yogurt places in Tysons — I’ll definitely have to check it out. Also, that’s awesome that you’re so close! Do you live in the Peachtree apartments up there or something like that? I loooove this area. 🙂

      • I’m a little bit closer to the “downtown” part of FC, but just outside the true city limits. TJ is just the landmark I always give people as it is 1 traffic light away from me. 🙂 I love this area! I love our cute little “downtown” and the farmer’s market.

  11. SWEET GREEN is my FAVORITE. I had no idea you were here, so am I!!


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