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Posted on May 21, 2011 in Blogging | 23 comments

Becoming a Social Media Superstar

Helloooooooo from Fitbloggin, friends! If you’re visiting for the first time after meeting at the conference, check out my Welcome from Fitbloggin’ post! And if you’re visiting for the first time in general, feel free to read all about meeeee!

At Whole Foods with Theodora and Tina, NBD.

So I know this is rather misleading, but I really just wanted to quickly share the notes I took from this morning’s presentation by Katy Widrick (@kwidrick) & Jess Milcetich (@jessmilcetich) on how to increase your blog traffic, reach, and just get your name out there! If these notes don’t make much sense to you, or don’t apply to you, feel free to just ignore them. But I wanted to get ’em down for posterity: it was a fascinating session, and I have so many things I want to take action on now!

1. Do a blog assessment first. Where do things stand now?
– Clean design?
– Easy to understand?

2. Start with a mission statement
– What is your blog all about?
– Create a long version & short version

3. Have a clear About page
– Mission statement should be clear on this page
– Include a current photo

4. Make it easy for people to reach out to you
– Include email address and Twitter handle on Contact page

5. Provide category specific links: offer options
– RSS feeds for individual categories, authors, tags, etc.
– Options: Force feed URLS or burn separate feeds in Feedburner
– EVERYONE should be using Feedburner
– Consider a plugin or custom graphic

6. Are you happy with your blog name? URL?
– Change is okay!
– Grab your name across various social networks: NameChk, User Name Check, and Know Em, etc.
– Reserve ANY potential GoDaddy domain names!

7. Create a Blogging Resume/Media Kit
– Can be public or private
– Remember your credentials, set goals and inspire confidence in readers, journalists, advertisers and more
– Years in business
– Areas of expertise
– Press coverage (include screen grabs)
– Ask for references and referrals from other bloggers
– Testimonials
– Statistics/Ad Rates
– Contact information

8. Collaborate

Guest Blogging!
– Reach out to bloggers that cover your topic and offer to write a post for them
– Be very specific about what you plan to write about and why it would benefit the other blogger’s community
– Don’t blast the same email to several bloggers; make sure you know what the blogger you’re pitching covers, and write your email accordingly

Work with reporters
– Offer to be a source to reporters working on stories about your blog topic
– HARO is a great free way to find reporters who are looking sources (http://helpareporter.com)
– ProfNet is a pay service similar to HARO; new ProfNet Connect lets experts set up free profiles that reporters can search to find experts in specific areas (http://profnet.com)

Blogging Buddies
– Reach out for commenting, sharing, etc.
– Buddies support, spread the word and help you find new readers
– Make sure you have a sit that will be sticky!
– Google Groups, Facebook Groups, Email Chains

9. Set up a regular blogging schedule
– Your readers will come up to know when yo expect your posts
– If you write on different topics, you can designate certain days for each
– Having a schedule will help keep you organized
– Utilize Google Calendar; it can send you reminders!

10. Calls to action!
– If you want your readers to do something make it clear what they need to do and how to do it
– If you’re looking for feedback or advice, end your post with a question!
– Use strong words like “subscribe here”, “do this!”
– What plugin to have the sticky “subscribe here” note at the top of posts? (HelloBar)

11. Respond to comments
– Use a comment plugin that allows you to respond by email
– Have your comments emailed to you so you can monitor and respond quickly

12. Manage efficiently
– Publish in more than one place
– Write your content once, publish in lots of places
– Do you have your posts publish to Twitter, Facebook, other social network?
– Life span on Twitter: <1 hour
– Tweetwhen.com
– Visibility on Facebook: <1%
– Repost 2 – 3 times a day; change wording, DON’T SPAM.
– Create a Facebook page for your blog
– Do more than just re-post blog posts
– Make it interactive
– Share photos

13. When to publish
– Specific time of day you publish matters less than publishing on a consistent schedule

14. Dealing with bad press
– No press is bad press?
– React quickly
– Be transparent
– Be definitive (provide all sides and provide a place for safe discussion)
– Have a basic crisis management plan at the ready

*Phew* Glad I got through all that. Don’t worry, I am compiling pictures galore so you will have a real update from the conference (complete with eats and everything) soon. It’s been a lot of information to soak up! More fun to come, hehe.

Update: Check out my fully phototastic Fitbloggin’ recap!


    • I bet we’ll still have so much to learn by the time FBC in Boulder rolls around though, haha!

  1. These are awesome tips–thanks so much for sharing!

    Um, LOVE the polka dots and turquiose πŸ™‚

    • Yay, thanks! Yeah, I’m learning a LOT. Hope to share more soon!!

  2. WHEEE so fun to read your notes about my presentation!

    I use Hello Bar but I have also used WP Greet Box in the past and think it’s pretty good.


    You can customize it so if they came from Facebook/Twitter/Stumble, etc., the message is relevant.

    • Well it was an awesome presentation! I had to share my new knowledge. πŸ˜‰

      Also, I’ll be downloading that plugin ASAP – customizable based on where readers came from?? How cool! What would I do without wordpress plugins?

  3. Gahhh soo happpy I met you this weekend, I am going to have fun checking out your bloggy!

    • Meeeeee too!! I’m so glad we met! Running buddies for liiiife now! πŸ˜‰

  4. I love that you wrote this up – like my personal note taker : P

    PS you look gorgeous in that pic!! πŸ˜€

    • Aww, shucks. Thanks! I do what I do when I do what I do. Hahahaha πŸ˜‰

  5. this is amazing! im working on a 2nd blog (separate from my day-to-day one) and this will definitely come in handy when im kicking it off πŸ™‚

    • Ooh! What’s it going to be about?

  6. Fabulous tips! I made a blog name change when I realized that it fit me better. But I still need to get on that About page! πŸ˜€

    • Do it! And with a picture, too. We want to knoooow you! πŸ˜€

  7. you are beautiful, my friend! I can’t wait come back and process all of these great things!

    • Thanks lady! It was so awesome meeting you this weekend!!

  8. Wow thank you for these tips! I just started blogging and I know they will be helpful.

  9. Gretchen, this is a fantastic post! I will be referring back to it regularly, I’m sure. Can’t wait to hang out with you at HLS!

    • Ditto! This conference isn’t even over yet and I already can’t wait for the next one! πŸ˜€


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