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Posted on May 13, 2011 in Dear Diary, Pup Posts | 8 comments


Can you guess what I did yesterday?

Um. What?

No guesses? How about now?


Or now?


Okay, okay, if you haven’t gotten it by now…


What, you couldn’t tell from that first picture of a wall-mounted jackalope that I went to the dentist yesterday? Yes, that really is up on the wall at my dentist’s office, hahahaha.


I went to the dentist for my 6-month check up to keep my pearly whites in check, and what do I get for it? A cavity! A stinkin’, lousy cavity! Guff! This is why I hate going to the dentist, because I think my whole family just has that soft, cavity-lovin’ enamel. It wasn’t a totally awful experience though, because the dental assistant (technician?) who was helping me out complimented me on having lost weight since the last time I was there! Score! Unfortunately her compliments didn’t help me avoid the fact that next wednesday I’m scheduled to head back there for the delicious experience of, y’know, filling the aforementioned hole in my tooth. Bleh. Harry & Daxter were very sympathetic:


… not really. But, to make myself (and them) feel better, I took them for a nice, loooooooooong walk after my appointment (over an hour!) It was so, so beautiful outside, and I wanted to take a break from beating myself up over my attempts at running so I leashed up the pups, grabbed my camera and we went for a stroll.

Spring Leaves
Pink Spring.

Who says walking isn’t exercise, right? Especially when walking involves as much arm strength as my walks with the dogs do (hot damn do those little monsters like to pull!) To add extra movement to the not-quite-as-high impact day, I also mowed both the front and back lawns when I got back. Hooray for feeling accomplished! Today I’m going to try to get back on the wagon and go for another run though. I think I’ll try to run/walk like so many of you have been suggesting, and work on going for a period of time rather than distance (like no less than 30 minutes.)

What do you think is worse: Going to the dentist or going to the doctor (and this can include the, y’know, “lady doctor” too, if you know what I mean)? Despite how much I dislike going to the dentist, I used to LOATHE going to the doctor because I hated getting weighed! Even though doctors never openly told me that I needed to get my weight under control (like I’ve heard them doing to others), I was always so ashamed by that damn scale. But who knows! Maybe next time I go I’ll enjoy being able to show off a little. 😛


  1. I don’t mind going to the doctor at all — I’ve been the seeing the same doctor since I was 10! The dentist — ugh. I do not like going. The scraping sound of the cleaning just drives me crazy!

  2. The dentist is by far the worst. I feel like a kid going to the principal’s office, answering their questions about my dental health and anticipating a cavity. Ugh! I’d go to the “lady doctor” over the dentist any day!

    Your schnauzers make me smile! My sister has a black 2-year old mini schnauz named Liberty Bell, L.B. for short…and we have a lot of nicknames for her, my favs are: “schnauz face”, “baby bell”, and “schnauz pants” SO PRESH. <3

  3. I LOATHE the dentist! I have never met anyone who hates it as much as I do. Despite the fact that I do have a nice dentist, it’s not enough to compensate for everything else.

    Sharp metal scraping tools in the mouth
    The taste of plastic
    The far too painful flossing (do they really need to pull so hard?)
    Occasional small amounts of blood

    But the two things I hate the most:
    1) the dental technician trying to carry a conversation with me while I have a) sharp metal tools in my mouth and can’t talk, b) I have no desire to tell her my life story (I really just want to get out of there as soon as possible)
    2) THE JUDGEMENT! Every time I go, no matter how much I take care of my teeth, they’ll always tell me it’s not enough and that I have to do something more. JUDGEMENT!

    At least I don’t feel judged with the “lady doctor”.

    • Totally agree 100%

  4. The judgement by the dental technician is by far the worst. I swear they all treat me like I’m 5 years old. One of them made me watch a video about how soda ruins your teeth, as if I didn’t already understand how that worked.

  5. Daxie poo looks like a stuffed animal in a lot of those photos! eek, so cute.
    I hate going to both the dentist and the lady doctor. Probably the lady doctor more because it hurts more (tmi?) and since i’ve started flossing at least every couple days i actually didn’t get a lecture last time i went to the dentist!

  6. I actually HATE the dentist, but now that you mention the scale at the doctor I dont know if I like either haha


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