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Posted on May 12, 2011 in Food | 19 comments

Sweet Rice

HAPPY VAMPIRE DIARIES THURSDAY. Yep. That’s right. I’m not even crossing out the “Vampire Diaries” part of that sentence today because I’m sosososo excited that the season finale is tonight! Excited, but, y’know, sad. Because after tonight no more Vampire Diaries. Duh. 😛

So you should all be very proud of me, since yesterday afternoon I went for another outdoor run — two days in a row? Who am I?! I took a bunch of your comments about running fuel to heart and snacked on a medjool date dipped in a little peanut butter about 10 minutes beforehand. But I don’t think I gave it enough time to digest or whatever because the run wasn’t so hot. It was much more difficult for me than yesterday’s, so I only got through a little over a mile (bleh.) I’m thinking maybe I still am at a point where even though I’m not running a lot, I should give it a day in between. Which makes me feel really lame, haha… ha. Anyway, after my lame run I came back to the house and did some ab exercises (crunches, obliques, bicycles, and leg lifts if you’re curious) and arm toning stuff. The first beach trip of the summer has been scheduled, and I’m FREAKING OUT! I preemptively bought a couple of *gasp* bikinis to foolishly motivate myself to slim down some more, but with summer so closely impending I’m a little nervous… eep!

Anyway, last night after my workout I met up with some old friends for dinner that I hadn’t seen in foreeeeevers. We did Thai food, Falls Church-style. So off to Sweet Rice we went! Since I hadn’t seen these folks since my BFF Bethany’s wedding that was Memorial Day weekend of last year, I wanted to show off my accomplishments and look super cute, teehee. For comparison’s sake, here’s a picture of me as a bridesmaid in said wedding:

And here’s a picture of me before heading out the door yesterday:


(Shirt & skirt: Old Navy; Shoes: Toms; Bee Necklace: Stella & Dot)

These food photos will be a bit of a repeat if you’ve already read my daily eats post from yesterday, but we ordered a couple things of summer rolls for the table to share (I ate 3 pieces, heeee) and I went with the Shrimp Pad Thai as my entree.


I took my own advice and stayed away from my coconut milk-laden faves (namely, Tom Ka Gai soup and Panang Curry. Sigh.) I know that Pad Thai isn’t exactly the absolute best choice I could have made, but thanks to careful calorie counting throughout the rest of the day I knew I could get it without feeling too guilty. See? All this annoying calorie counting does pay off! I can’t say that I know the exact count of how much I ate, but I’d estimate between 700-800 calories is probably close. That’s a LOT more than I usually would have for dinner, but y’know, eating out and all. I swear that I’m cooking at home tonight. I SWEAR IT! Between the bon voyage dinner at my mom’s and dinner last night, phew!

Are you gearing up for beach season? Any special moves you want to share with the group to help somewhat tame the tummy beast? 😀

Okay, peace for now my playas. Have a great day!


  1. Food looks yummy! You look simply fabulous now and love the outfit choice!

    I think 30 minutes before+ is the best when it comes to fueling my exercise. Sometimes even when I’m reluctant to exercise, I fake it until I make it .. meaning I force myself to go and oftentimes the hardest is the first mile, once I push passed that threshold I can normally stay longer than 40 minutes!

    • I’ve heard that too. That even for the most serious athletes the first like 5, 10 minutes always sucks, hahaha. I keep hearing it’s mostly a mental thing too so… I guess I just need to get outta my head!

  2. SweetRice sounds/looks DELISH 🙂 Love all the recs from a Falls Church gal! I bet your friends were thrilled with your progress!

    Where do you track your calories?

    • I have an app on my phone (through calorie-count.com but I’ve heard that dailyburn is good too!)

  3. For food prior to a workout, I also try to give at least 30 minutes for it to not only digest so my tummy doesn’t get mad but for it to also begin affecting me as far as the energy boost and nutrient intake.

    For outdoor running – have you tried adding walking breaks so that you can tackle a bit more? I know it’s hard to know you can run 2 miles on the mill and then struggle outdoors but outdoors is another beast, a harder one, and it’ll take a bit more work.

    I still find myself taking walking breaks, even on shorter runs, because sometimes you just need it! Then I finish and I celebrate my distance.

    It’ll get better – just keep running! Have a great day.

    • Yeah, I may need to try that more. I guess I just need to get over feeling like walking = failing. Because it’s totally not! Plus it’ll at least help keep my heart rate up if I alternate, right? I’ll give it a try this afternoon. 🙂

  4. Keep it up with the running — and maybe try other foods too. Dried fruit (as much as I love it) doesn’t always sit well with me either. And sometimes we have bad runs — it happens!

    You have come such a long way — those pictures are amazing!

    • I’m trying to keep it going… maybe I’ll try some banana or something more carby before this afternoon.

  5. ok. so since i never post, this will just be a mix of things.
    1) i’m glad you liked red pearl. and we should def go back together, especially because i love the Columbia mall. 2) you’re outdoor running has motivated me to go outside today. no decision on the actual exercise bit. if i feel ambitious maybe i’ll walk to the library? its 5 miles, so that would be ok. 3) How do I make myself exercise… (jk. obvi thats part of this whole blog) 4) i have an excellent ab move that is difficult to explain but it involves rotating on a large balance ball. i can try and take some pics to email you the next time i go to the gym.

    YAY. that’s all. keep up the good work!

    • Yes! I totally want to see your ab routine. Also, we should go rock climbing or something like that together that doesn’t seem like exercise but totally is. Also, yes please dim sum with you! And maybe a trip to the Peking Gourmet Inn for some peking duck if you’re ever feeling faaancy. 🙂

  6. Just remember that you need to get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes a day to get the benefits of exercise- and i know you went home and did abs etc. but try to at least do some cardio for 20+ minutes. Per the advice of others, add some walking in there!

    • Well I definitely think I kept my heart rate up for more than 20 minutes with everything combined. It might not get your heart rate up to do ab work and weights, but it sure gets me huffing and puffing!

  7. I am so stinkin’ glad you posted that picture of you in the Old Navy skirt!! Besides the fact that it’s a totally cute outfit (LOVE THE TOMS), I was just looking at that skirt on the Old Navy website yesterday, but the reviews were not so hot…so I didn’t order it. Seeing it on you, and it looking ADORABLE on you…I know now that I will be buying it and OBV rocking it with TOMS (mine are ash gray).

    Unfortunately, I have little-no advice about obtaining bathing suit-ready abs. I know abs come from having an awesome diet and doing moderate cardio. I do a 20-minute turbo jam ab video on occasion.

    • Yayayay! Totally get it. I <3 it! In fact, it was way cuter when I first got it because it was crisp, but I’ve worn it like 3 times so it’s a little wrinkly in that pic above. Just bear in mind that it’s obviously a higher-waisted skirt – it sits around your middle more than your hips. And YES I LOVE MY TOMS. I just got them. They are soooo comfortable! I used to think they were totally uggo but I <3 them now. <3<3<3

  8. Your outfit looks supa dupa fab, guurrrrl!

    Of course I gotta blab at you more about running. 🙂 I definitely agree with your other commenter that the first 5, 10, sometimes more, minutes are the worst part of the run. At least for me! I really have to push past that first mile to get going and hit my sweet spot. It takes many runs to learn to not get discouraged by that… keep it up! Sometimes it really helps to have a specific goal in mind. Like from my house, I’ll say, “I’m going to run to Clarendon Metro and back. And if I feel really crummy…. then just VA Sq and back is good enough.” Then when I get to that halfway point, I do a little touchdown-esque dance! Or pic-text a picture to somebody (or facebook even) in celebration. (Also I am paranoid that I might hurt myself/get kidnapped while out running too, so it’s confirmation to loved ones that I am still alive… and where I was seen last if I go missing!) The great (and simultaneously awful) thing about running outside vs the treadmill, is that if you feel like giving up, you still have to get back home! Even if you walk back, it’s more calories burned than just stepping off the ‘mill, I figure. If you were looking to add a little extra motivation with an upcoming race, maybe you might like to step it up to a 4 miler now that you’ve conquered the 5k? I’d be happy to sign up for either of these witcha!! 🙂 http://www.twilightfourmiler.com/
    http://greatprostatecancerchallenge.com/races/dc/ (check out the adorable “tie one on for dad” competition at D4D!)

    Also… loving the food posts! It’s helping me have a better idea of the nutritional content of what I’m eating and gives me healthy ideas. You’ve inspired me to bring in big gloriously colorful salads for lunch the past 2 weeks! So much more nommingly delicious than the crappy canned soup I was doing before 🙂

    • Yeah, I was trying to do a similar (but much smaller scale) visual thing when running yesterday like, “Just run from here to that lamp post” then when I reach the lamp post keep going an be like “just from here to that crosswalk” etc. And it worked… for a while. And HMMM, your offer to run a 4 miler with me is both tempting and terrifying! But maybe that Father’s Day one would be a good idea. I love that “tie one on for dad” part! I went through QUITE the Avril Lavigne copycat stage in high school, so needless to say, I’m a tie-tieing pro. 😉 I definitely am more motivated to work out in general when I have a real race to train for! (The June 11th one is when I’ll be at the beach — are you coming? I know that Ed’s joining for like, a day. Hahaha.)

      • Yah! I am trying to poke Panda into signing up for the Dad Day race too! I have NO clue how to tie a tie so it will be helpful to have you around! 🙂 Think about itttt! Ed’s mentioned a beach trip in July to me, that I think I’ll join in on, but not one in June… Either way, ugh, bathing suits. I gotta start working on those ab exercises too, blaaaaahh!! I h8 crunches!

        • BAHAHA. I meant July. For some reason I don’t know months anymore. It is in July! So I guess I could potentially do either of them – though Dad’s day sounds funner (yeah, I went there. Not a real word bigwhoopwannafightaboutit?)

  9. I just found your blog from KERF. Congrats on your weightloss! You look great and I love your outfit here!


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