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Posted on Apr 28, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 16 comments

Harry’s Birfdaaaaaaaay!

Gooooood morning, friends! Everyone please wish a big ol’ Happy Birthday to my beloved Harry:


He turns SEVEN today! Ahhhhh! My pupper is getting… OLD! He is officially middle-aged (miniature schnauzers have a lifespan of 14-16 years… waaaaaaaaaaaah!) Okay, enough morbidity. He is the bestest best dog ever, y’know, aside from my other dog, ahahahaha. He will most definitely be getting a celebratory pupcake tonight. 🙂


In other news, Happy Vampire Diaries Day Thursday!! I hope everyone is managing to stay dry on this ridiculously-humid-and-supposedly-going-to-storm-like-crazy-later morning. Last night was family dinner night over at Casa de Powell Parents, so Ben and I jaunted over to help with ‘rents with dinner.


No, our main course was not Miniature Schnauzer a l’Orange. Heh.

I helped my mom with dinner, while my helpful brother set up Dragon Age (aka the most amazing computer game ever and yes I’m a nerd.) on my dad’s computer. My pop’s headed to Korea for work come Saturday so he’ll need something to occupy him!


On the menu was roasted chicken for the guys, fish for the ladies (that’s me!), and a heaping side of mushroom risotto! (Plus a li’l bitty salad. Balance, y’know?)


My mom has been obsessed with this mushroom risotto that they made during a cooking demonstration on the cruise we went on back in January. They passed out the recipe afterward and she’s been trying to perfect it ever since. This was my first time ever making risotto (or seeing how it’s made) so it was really interesting. But as this recipe includes butter, mascarpone AND parmesan cheeses, and an entire box of stock for cooking it is DEFINITELY a rich, indulgent dish. An eat-in-moderation kind of thing if there ever was one. But you can imagine how delicious it was if it’s that bad for you, eh?



Breakfast this morning is basically just the same as yesterday only in a different wrapper:

It’s a lox burrito! Ahahaha. No capers this morning (I forgot them at home) but I did use up a little looks-like-it’s-bad-but-is-totally-delish avocado. Stupid browning. Ah well. My stomach doesn’t have eyes so it won’t care, right?

Some strawbs on the side for good fruity measure, and there was also an unphotographed mandarin orange consumed earlier while waiting for some sneaky miniature schnauzers to come back in from the backyard.

So as mentioned before, it’s Thursday, which means it’s Thursday Night TV night (redundant?) While shows are season finale-ing left and right with summer right around the corner, for a long time I had a very difficult decision to make since there are so many shows on Thursdays that I love to watch! And since my DVR can only record two at a time (what did we DO before DVR?!) I had some breaking up to do. My Thursday night lineup now consists of Vampire Diaries (uh, duh?), Nikita, Private Practice, and almost all of the NBC comedies: Community, Perfect Couples (although I think this got canceled?), Parks & Rec, 30 Rock (but NOT Outsourced. Heavens no!) While I obviously never have time to actually watch all of the shows actually ON Thursday night (we already covered my love for my DVR, right?), it just makes me happy to know that they’ve aired and they’re waiting patiently for me at home… barring any unfortunate potential roommate deletions, that is.

What’s your Thursday night TV lineup? Or feel free to share that can’t-miss TV show in general. I used to be a total TV addict, back when I didn’t have much else going on in my life other than food and television. I was unwilling to miss one of “my shows”, and wrapped my schedule around what I wanted to watch. It was really pretty sad. I now have a much healthier relationship with the boob tube (hehe) but still just love my Thursdays!


  1. I definitely feel like I’m stuck in a similar food and tv addiction that you’re talking about. How did you get yourself out of it? Just making exercise and other activities a priority?
    I just discovered your blog and I love it!

    • Thanks, Kate!! Yeah, you know it wasn’t something I really was even consciously aware of at first. I think it was just a slow progression as I started embracing other activities, most importantly being social outside of my living room, haha. As I was starting to enjoy being more active and social (meeting up with a friend for dinner, going to yoga classes, etc) I stopped being so concerned with not being able to watch a particular show. Another thing that I’ve heard about being effective is treating TV like a reward for healthy living. Like, “If I go for a walk now, I can watch _____ later!”

      Any way you go about it, it’s not like I’m completely reformed by any means. I mean, you can bet that there will be some Vampire Diaries action going DOWN tonight!

      • I love the vampire diaries – and my DVR! I have the same love for thursday night tv and I would be sad without my DVR

  2. I just felt the need to tell you that you’re pretty awesome for liking Dragon Age (which I may have a slight obsession with). Also, Happy Birthday Harry!

    • It’s the best game evaaaaaaaaaaaaar. Did you play the sequel? I thought it was good (and looked amazing!) but wasn’t as good as the orig. Can’t wait to see what comes next thoooooough!

      • I liked the story of the first one better, but the gameplay and characters (LOVE Isabela!) were better in 2nd. I played the first one 3 times, and I’m halfway through my 3rd play-through in second game XD /nerdgasm

  3. Happy Birthday Harry!!! What a sweetie.

    Thursday actually isn’t a big tv day for me — I usually just catch reruns on Bravo (Top Chef or Real Housewives!)

  4. Happy Birthday Harry!! Love that dog. I dvr ALL my shows and don’t watch a single one while it’s airing. My guilty pleasure shows (aka shows Dan doesn’t like) are Private Practice and Glee.

  5. thursday night is *THE* night! i go vampire diaries, grey’s anatomy and private practice! i’m so excited!

  6. You forgot the office!

    • Oh my gosh!! How could I forget the icing on top of my Thursday Night Cake?!

  7. Happy Birfday, Harry!

    Thursday nights – Greys (is it new), RHONY. I’m actually excited, Hubs is out of town tonight for work and I have a pretty full DVR to get intimate with. And he won’t think I’m bananas when I get up at 4 a.m. for royal wedding watching.

  8. Happy Birthday Harry!

    I’m currently in Kazakhstan right now, but one show that my roommate and I “HAVE TO WATCH” is Glee. We got into it on the plane ride home last year (they aired the Pilot episode). We watch them via Hulu (Praise the Lord for Hulu!).

    Other shows we watch, yet not as religiously: Chuck, The Office (wow – we’re only on season 5), and Castle.

  9. My Thursday night means “American Idol,” that was before they voted my man off and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

    Enjoy your shows!

  10. Happy birthday Harry!! Thursdays are great TV nights!! Vamp diaries, greys anatomy, american idol!


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