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Posted on Apr 27, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 16 comments


Oh man, oh man, oh man… food for today is SO awesome. One guess as to the main ingredient in both breakfast AND lunch today, hehehe. Behold! I finally went grocery shopping after literally eating myself down to my last grain of quinoa and anything that used to be living. Behold! Animal products are expensive!


I think that grocery stores just put the “Your Total Savings” thing in there to make you feel slightly less miserable about the exorbitant amount of money you just dumped into that annoying little habit of feeding yourself, haha.

I was very strategic about getting my groceries this time, too! Grocery listing is something I very rarely practice…


Naturally, I ended up still deviating from the list slightly, but it did help keep me a little more focused. Plus, since I was stocking up on so many staples and pantry essentials I was prepared to have my pocketbook drained.


Ah, Heaven. I’m back, my loves. 🙂

And I returned home poorer but happier that my fridge and pantry are stocked to the brim once again with healthy deliciousness that is going to propel me through these next 25 pounds. Hoo-HAH.

IMG_1486.jpg IMG_1485.jpg

Well, let’s be honest. That fridge is never NOT full. I do share it with 4 other people. But you know what I mean!

Anyway, back to that amazeballs brekky and lunchsies (who am I?) I was talking about…

Return of the lox! I’m so happy to once again have this deliciousness back in my life. I’m still trying to use up the last of my Tofutti “Better than Cream Cheese” (60 cals/2 tbsp), so I smeared it on an Everything Bagel Thin (100 cals) and topped it with some smoked salmon (~120 cals/2 oz) and capers. 😀


Since breakfast was the kind of meal you get sad about when it’s over, I knew that lunch would have to bring it, too:

First up, another amazing salad monster with romaine, red onion, avocado, strawbs, cherry-flavored craisens, and (of course) blue cheese. I also whipped up a big batch of homemade poppyseed vinaigrette last night since the creamy poppyseed dressing I love so much is a ridiculous 120 calories a serving! And don’t even get me started on that fat content. Sigh. My dressing is much, much lighter and is comprised only of red wine vinegar, canola oil (probably should have used olive but oh wellps), sugar, and poppyseeds.

And of course, the second component to this salmontastic day…

SALMON. Uh, duh?

It took me all of 5 minutes to cook up in a pan last night with some EVOO, first seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. I cannot WAIT to dig into this bad boy. Mmm, Omega 3s… so tasty…

Oh yeah, and there’s a mandarin orange for both meals:


Yoga tonight, since I took yesterday off to mow the lawn and clean my room and bathroom instead (all of which totally got me sweating, I’ll have you know!) I got these amazing new eco-friendly, natural cleaning products from an Etsy Vendor and so far I’m in love! I might have to pull a KERF and show off my mad cleaning skillz (ha!) at some point.

Are you a grocery-lister? Or more wing-it in the supermarket? I think that if I was better at meal planning ahead of time, I’d be better at shopping by grocery list. Maybe I’ll have a meal or two in my head before going, but more frequently I tend to go into the grocery and come up with meal ideas there based on what looks good to me at that moment. Which is why I should never go grocery shopping hungry!


  1. Your food looks yum! I try not to go grocery shopping when I’m hungry because I’ll always over-buy! I grocery list using an app on my iphone for essentials but I still troll the aisles to see what’s on sale and if anything catches my fancy.

  2. I am definitely a list maker and I stick to my list!

    I absolutely love your handwriting! Mine looks like I write with a pen in my nose.

    • Haaaaaahahaha, now there’s an image…! 😛

  3. Hi!
    Where do you get those bagel thins? I’ve never seen them?

    • They’re in just the regular grocery store – got ’em from Giant this time around. They’re in the bread aisle with the other Thomas’s english muffins and bagels and whatnot. They’re awesome!

  4. 🙂 I’m a grocery lister! I always look online at what’s on sale that day to make sure to form my meals around the sales! I do pick up things not on the list depending on how good the produce looks though. I go in with a game plan but I am flexible in terms of what looks good, available and price!

    Salmon is delicious! I try to eat it several times a week. Sugar+soy+miso is one of my favorite ways to marinate it!

  5. I don’t usually have a list when I grocery shop. If we go to Costco, there are certain items that we restock on all the time, so I guess that’s what we would have a list for. In terms of what we cook, we go with what’s on sale most of the time. And of course, what’s in season at the farmers’ market.

    • If there was a more convenient Costco, I’m sure that would cut down on my grocery shopping hugely. They’re building one not too far from me now though, so yay! I definitely would try to do predominantly Costco to stock up and then farmer’s market for local ingredients if that’s the case. We’re like grocery soulmates! 😀

  6. Delicious, as always!

    I am a list person. If I don’t, then I forget important items I need to create my delicious meals! And I can’t have that 🙂

  7. I have 3 kids and a husband, so planning and list making is essential! I make a list of dinners, breakfasts and lunches for the week and then base the grocery list around that, and a once a month trip to Costco.

  8. I actually adore grocery shopping. I like it so much that I’ve offered to grocery shop for friends (I sort of wish I wasn’t admitting that..) and I need to have a list! I actually often make multiple lists! 🙂

    • Haha, want to come grocery shop for me? 😛

  9. I have to use a list while grocery shopping, or I never get everything I need (and I still forget things, even with a list)!

  10. I love making grocery lists, mainly because they keep me from buying crazy things…..MOST of the time haha


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