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Posted on Apr 26, 2011 in Food, Pup Posts | 6 comments


I have no words.

Only joy.

Pure, unadulterated joy.


My blessed Koi Koi has returned! Sushi is once more part of my life! REJOICE!!

Hehe. As you can tell, I, er, had sushi for dinner last night. I definitely ordered with my eyes and not with my stomach so I barely made it through half of it but it was totally, undoubtedly worth it. I mean, c’mon! I hadn’t had real sushi in over 6 weeks!

The rest of last night can be summed up in one word: HOT.

I went to HOT yoga after work and didn’t do so HOT, I have to admit. I’m still suffering from a little acid reflux from returning to animal products methinks, so being basically upside down for 75 minutes didn’t really help that. I spent like half the class in child’s pose, and actually got so HOT at one point that had to leave the room (wahhh!!) to cool down. Guess some classes are just gonna be like that though, right? Right?? Reassure me that I’m not a total failure here, pls.

After yoga the HOT trend continued when I entered my HOT house, watched like 4 episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (don’t judge!) on Netflix and then tried to go to sleep. But, you know, in case I hadn’t mentioned already, it was HOT!


Even the dogs were HOT. They were panting up a storm and went to sleep all splayed out instead of curled up like usual to escape the heat. Eventually after tossing and turning and opening windows and closing windows and turning on fans and having nothing work, I couldn’t take it anymore and I turned on the A/C. But due to all the aforementioned tossing and turning, even the extra hour of sleep I eked out this morning thanks to a later work schedule for the next few days didn’t help. I am still muy tired-o, as Harry will demonstrate:


Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

So, I brought some leftover sushi for lunch today but I’m doubtful as to how good it’ll be since sushi doesn’t really have that whole leftover-able thing going for it (especially the salmon roll.) But whatevs, the cooked rolls should still be okay (an eel roll and crab salad roll — that beast in the second pic.)

I supplemented my packed lunch this mornin’ with an awesome salad:

Spinach, red onion, green apple, avocado and… BLUE CHEEEEEEESE!! I tossed some flaxseed and poppyseeds on top of it too, along with some lemon juice to keep the apple and avocado from browning. Dressing is in a separate container to add right before. Not sure why the photo is making the colors of my salad look psychedelically neon though, hahaha. I also plan on polishing off the Easter cookie that Steve picked out for me:


Question: Is there any way to salvage next-day sushi that you guys may be aware of? Heating it up a teeny bit to soften the rice or anything? I’d be interested to know! How about any lesser-known leftover tips you may in general? I’m always looking for bigger and better ways to spice up my lunch.



  1. That cookie is super cute. Yay for returning to sushi- I don’t have any leftover sushi tips except to let it warm to room temperature and then eat… i don’t mind a little bit crunchier rice.

  2. The Hello Kitty cookie is so adorable!!!

    No clue about leftover sushi — we don’t eat it very often, but we never have leftovers. We just eat it all the same day.

  3. Ironic that you posted about leftover sushi today! My bf and I went out for sushi last night and he was talking about the same thing, wishing he could take some home for his lunch the next day. It may just be one of those foods that actually does not taste better the next day!

  4. No tips on leftover sushi.. that’s a touch one. But I do have some tips for yoga!

    With Bikram if you’re feeling light-headed/nauseous/overheated they recommend that you sit with your head above your heart. I would suggest closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing to lower your heart rate. Make sure you stay hydrated before, during and after class! Last week a girl passed out in class and while doing so managed to charge head first into the mirror. = So drink LOTS of water! I always bring an extra bottle of water just in case 🙂 There’s absolutely days that are going to be easier and harder for everyone. Like one day I almost threw up in the middle of the pose 🙁 Don’t be afraid to go at your own pace. Don’t compare yourself to others, and just focus on yourself!

    • oops *tough one. 😛

  5. You’re not a failure! You do way better than those of us who would never ever attempt HOT Yoga!!!

    And I totally used to watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager…I got hooked a couple of summers ago! =]


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