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Posted on Apr 21, 2011 in Food, Working Out | 22 comments

Double the Pain.

So I found out what taking hot yoga classes two days in a row does to your body! Hint: it don’t feel good. I’m soooooooo sore today!

Now don’t get me wrong, mentally I feel pretty good. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, and I’m super proud of myself for going yesterday even though I was already kinda sore from the day before. However, for a complete non-yogi like myself… it’s hard. People don’t think that yoga is hard but believe me, it IS! So, I’m not 100% I should can go again today. Initially I was like, “Yeah! I’m going to go three days in a row this week!” because I’m headed to Delawhere? to see Steve on Friday, but now I dunno. Am I just being lame? I feel like I’ve heard that when it comes to soreness and working out, you should if you’re just a little bit sore, but you shouldn’t if you’re a lot a bit sore. Thoughts?

In other news, last night Ben, his girlfriend Taylor, and I walked the puppers over to my parents’ house for dins! I think that she felt that after seeing my (vegan) Whasian spin on her classic Sweet & Sour Pork recipe she had to show me what SHE would have done if given the chance to veganize it herself. And thus:

Sweet & Sour Soy Gluten was born.

Hahahaha, that name doesn’t sound too appetizing now that I think about it, but the dish really was delicious! I like soy gluten because it resembles meat much closer than tofu does, so it’s an easy substitution in recipes like this. The other vegan dish she made was a vegetable dish with mushrooms, Chinese hairy squash (yuck name, yum taste), and my favorite vermicelli noodles!!

And in the corner you can kind of see the third dish my mom made – something with beef and Chinese broccoli that looked delicious but that I did not partake in. Just 3 more days, Gretch… you can do this! For good measure, here’s a snap of my bowl:

Sorry for the iPhone pics, but in our haste to get over there I forgot to bring my camera. Plus, we were walking with two dogs and a bag of stuff to return to my mom (including some now-too-big workout clothes to give to my aunt! Hooray!) so I feel like traipsing down the street with a DSLR might not have been a super fun addition anyway. And since the picture quality in this post is less than stellar, I shall now try compensating by providing a higher QUANTITY of them. Hahahahaha, I’m really not sure why I find that so funny. Mayhaps yoga has officially addled my brain sense of humor? Ah well.

Breakfast this morning for moi:

A whole wheat english muffin with Tofutti “Better than Cream Cheese” and organic raspberry preserves;

Some of nature’s candy in the form of strawbs, bluebs, and a deftly cut up orange;

And finally rounded out with some cashews (for protein & fat! Gotta stay full!)

So there you have it. Not the most exciting of posts, but perhaps all the lactic acid build-up in my muscles is affecting my creativity. You may just have to let it slide this time, I’m afraid. 😉

What is the right way to go about exercising with sore muscles? Yay or Nay? I feel like there’s a lot of talk on both sides when I Google it (I’m classy, I know.) Help me out, pros!


  1. I think that it is easy to overdo it in the beginning so just listen to your body- if you feel like you are really sore, then maybe you need to take a day off from yoga and just go for a nice long walk instead and stretch. Just remember to keep drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and breakdown that lactic acid!

  2. I’ve been taught that when it comes to really sore muscles, your body is telling you to substantially slow down until you feel better. However, laying around and doing nothing isn’t any better. Stretch and take small walks as much as you can. Those help to keep your muscles active despite being soar without hurting yourself.
    Also, a little trick from dancers (if I didn’t mention it before), take a long hot salt bath after a huge workout like that, as well as while you’re soar. The salt helps to break down and pull out the lactic acid from your muscles. Plus, it just feels nice! 🙂

  3. When I’m sore, but I want to work out, I try to switch up my workouts – so I would do a run/walk today or something that uses different muscles than my sore ones 🙂

  4. I don’t like double working my muscles when I weightlift. I will usually put at least one rest day between muscle groups so my muscles can recover. That said, I do find that when my legs are so sore that I can barely sit down I feel a lot better and looser after a run.
    Maybe try a more restorative type of yoga practice today to let your muscles rest and rebuild.

  5. When I’m a little sore, I still work out. But if I’m clearly sick and the soreness is a aggressive, I take time off.

  6. When I’m sore I try to do a little bit of activity — whether that is walking or hopping on the elliptical. I find that it helps with the soreness. If I’m too sore I find that my form suffers and I’m more likely to end up twisting my ankle or something like that.

    That food looks sooooo amazing. What is a Chinese Hairy Squash? I’ve never heard of that.

    • You know, I don’t even know what it looks like un-cut-up and un-cooked, haha. I’ll have to ask my mom about it and I’ll let you know!

  7. i was really really sore once but wanted to go to this yoga strength class. I was glad i did in the end and just took it a little easy, focusing more on the stretching, in the end if you are sore and do the same movement again, it gets the blood flowing to those muscles making them less sore quicker!

  8. Maybe you could go to Yoga and talk to the instructor about your soreness and find out what he/she suggests doing or not doing during your class… I agree with a lot of the above – I find I feel better after doing some activity rather than just sitting around.

    • I just googled lactic acid to find out exactly what it was. I came across 2 interesting things from Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lactic_acid#Exercise_and_lactate AND http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_onset_muscle_soreness

      The first link says this: “Contrary to popular belief, this increased concentration of lactate does not directly cause acidosis, nor is it responsible for delayed onset muscle soreness.” I don’t know how true this is but I thought it was interesting.

      Regardless of whatever the scientific reason is for making your muscles sore, I hope you feel better soon!

      • Hmm, interesting! I always thought that the two things were directly related. Maybe I’ll have to do more digging on that to find out the real science behind it so that I can hopefully work on preventing it a little more in the future, haha!

  9. Only you can gauge how sore you are. Some soreness is a sign that the muscles are firming up (a good thing!). BUT – if you are overly sore you don’t want to end up injuring yourself. Taking a break for a day and letting them heal a little could mean you get a more effective workout the next day.

    Quality is just as important as quantity!

  10. Yeah, mom’s dish was pretty good! Even though I could tell it was soy, I found it much more palatable than most tofu stuff.

    • Then again, you hate tofu so I’m sure anything would be a better alternative for you, right? Haha

  11. Just listen to your body. If you feel really sore, definitely take a break from what you’ve been doing so that it doesn’t get worse. I would do some light stretching and maybe go for a walk, that way you’re still being active and also helping those sore muscles without overdoing it 🙂

  12. Your mother’s place settings are gorgeous!

    p.s. Love the fruit names, bluebs 🙂

  13. Hey! I recommend a light walk or bout on the elliptical with no resistance to help flush out the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles, which is what is making you sore. If you just rest, it will take longer for the soreness to go away! oh yeah, and stretch!

  14. Beautiful pictures 🙂 and yummy food.

    I normally power walk or do light elliptical work when I’m sore.

  15. I agree with the theory that if you’re a little sore, work out. If you’re whole-body sore, maybe go easy for a day, or just do something like a walk and some *gentle* yoga.

    My main question is, is the “Better than Cream Cheese” actually better than cream cheese?

    • I’ll have to do a taste-test comparison when Lent is over and I can have regular cream cheese again and I’ll let you know! 🙂

  16. Food looks great and colorful! If you’re super sore, then no exercise unless it’s something light like walking. I love yoga and I love when people don’t think it is but when they try it they change their minds! I have these 2 football players who started coming to my yoga-lates class and they said it kicked their butts first time they did it. Keep up the good work!

  17. i have only tried yoga, but hot yoga sounds fun! (need to try it ASAP)
    When it comes to being sore, I try to listen to my body. Or if I rode my bike, then the next day Ill run or swim


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