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Posted on Apr 8, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food, Pup Posts | 8 comments

Honesty Policy

Good morning all! I hope that those of you in the area got out yesterday to enjoy the be-ah-oo-tee-ful weather we had, ’cause goodness knows it’s all gone today. Wet, drizzly, and cold. Bleh. But at least I got an afternoon of sunny, warm wonderfulness yesterday!

After work I took Daxter for a nice looooooong walk (the first in an equally looooooong time). We walked to the groomer so that he could get his nails trimmed and ears plucked (and sound like he was getting murdered in the back room, naturally.)


And then we walked up to the best place on earth, Koi Koi. 😀 I’ve never brought Daxter with me when going before, but they have some outside tables so I just kinda figured it’d be okay. And then as if I didn’t love this place so much already, they brought out some water for li’l Daxy too! Check off Koi Koi as being dog friendly — yesssssssssssssssss!


I couldn’t curb my sushi craving forever, I just couldn’t. It had been FOREVER since I’d been to Koi Koi! So I had a little early vegetarian sushi dinner with Daxter. I got:


Hiyashi Seaweed Salad;


Tofu Steak;


and a Vegetable Roll (cucumber, avocado, and asparagus).


It was delicious! And really, really filling too. I’ll admit that I still miss fish though. I had one full piece of the tofu steak, split a second one with Daxter (hehe), and boxed up the third. No chance on having leftovers of the roll or seaweed salad though — nomnomnomnomnom.

On the walk back I started to realize that it really does seem like it’s finally SPRING! Just in time for my birthday, too! 😛 There were trees blooming, flowers a-sproutin’, and BEES. AUUUUUUUUUGH! BEEEEES! There were two GIGANTO ones hanging out on my front porch when I left the house with Daxy. Boo.


But at least there are daffodils, too. 🙂


I heard that Saturday is supposed to be cloudy and not very warm, but it’s supposed to get up to 70 degrees on Sunday, so maybe I’ll try to get into the city to see the Cherry Blossoms. Even if the actual Cherry Blossom Festival gets canceled due to this stupid looming government shutdown. Can someone please just tell me if I’m going to have to go to work on my birthday!?

Sigh. Anyway, so the title of this post actual stems from what happened after my wonder walk with Smooshy Face. Last night I went to my friend Reema’s for *her* Mary Kay party, and while I was there I, well… I fell off the Lenten wagon a little…

Now, it’s not like I grilled up a steak or anything, but I did have some pretzels dipped in a creamy spinach-artichoke dip and a cookie, both of which were so, so obviously not vegan. *SHAME*

I’m paying for it now though, because this morning around 4 AM I woke up with stomach pain. 🙁 I’m not sure if it’s the dairy from the dip, or the super processed ingredients, or the fact that God is mad at me for cheating at Lent, or d) All of the Above… but I am still in mega discomfort. My tummy is crampy, I’m super bloated, at one point I thought I was going to throw up because my mouth was filling up with saliva but I didn’t, and I’m like the Great Burping Wonder right now. And no need to thank me for sharing those wonderfully gross tidbits with you. I’m just trying to uphold the integrity of my blog by being honest with you guys! And believe me, I do feel extra guilty about slipping because I knew I’d have to tell all of you about it… so I guess it works. Ha. Ha?

Anyway, I know I’ve brought this on myself, but at least this answers the question from yesterday’s post about the physical effects of going back to the things you gave up after Lent. This miserableness is sooooo not worth any more creamy dips. Bleh.

Question (and be honest!): Have you slipped this Lenten season? Or in general, even! Maybe you’re a steadfast ethical vegetarian who occasionally slips and has some fish? Or are lactose-intolerant and just can’t completely forgo cheese? There shall be no judging (from me, at least!) and it’ll make you feel better to admit it…. 😉

PS – Check out Daxter’s first blog post over at the Embrace Pet Insurance blog today! 😀


  1. my body hates dairy, but my mouth loves it….perfect example, last night i was at a seafood restaurant in baltimore, ordered the broiled special and didn’t realize that broiled meant with butter…and i ate it….and then i had a few bites of coconut cream cake, because i figured that i’ve already messed up so go big or go home….and, huge shocker, my stomach hated me…but it tasted so good!

  2. Well if you follow my twitter you’ll know I accidentally ate tuna the other night- EW but that was a completely unintentional slip up because they disguised it like tomato and it took me a few bites to realize that. BLECH ::shudder:: The other more intentional vegetarian blind-eye I turn is for things like… caesar salad dressing and worcestershire sauce (anchovies, i know i know) or if i’m REALLY craving a gummy bear and I’ll willfully ignore the ingredient list because i don’t even want to KNOW if there is gelatin in it.
    Whew i feel better now 🙂

  3. Daxter looks like a naked rat right now! Too bad about the Lenten ‘slip’ but guilt is an appropriate reaction! ;-). Getting close to the end of the time and you can EASE yourself back into whatever diet you want to settle on.

  4. I really want that tofu steak! Yep, there were times I considered myself a vegetarian, but could not pass up the ackee and saltfish (a Jamaican thing!)

  5. You were a witness to my Lenten foul-up at Dogfish on Wednesday! The sad thing is, it wasn’t the first time. 🙁 And I did it again last night, I didn’t even use a straw, lol! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!! *falls into the firey pits of hell* My main goal though was to try to learn to cut back & have fun without drinking and I think it’s working! Somewhat! Right, Jesus? hahaha 🙂 Do you feel like you’ve learned anything from your vegan stint? Probably one little creamy pretzel dunk won’t ruin your take-away experience. Oh, and I’m following yer blog now. *groupie squeal!*

  6. I’ve slipped so many times that I don’t even bother trying these days…

  7. One year for Lent, I gave up chocolate, but slipped when a friend offered me a cookie. I didn’t know when I first bit into it that it was chocolate chip. Suffice to say, I slipped and had two.


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