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Posted on Mar 27, 2011 in Fail, Working Out | 3 comments

Out for Blood

Yesterday morning I awoke bright and early to head up to Columbia, MD to run the Red Cross “Out for Blood” 5K. It was something like 34 degrees outside (so much for all my ideas of a nice, warm-but-not-too-warm, cool-but-not-too-cool Spring run, eh?)


Yep, while everyone else in the blog world was running the DC National Half Marathon, I was failing miserably at my li’l ol’ suburban Maryland 5K. Le sigh.


Amanda, my sister, her hubs, and our friend Jeff all ran the race with me.


As well as some other old friends:


And a huge thanks to my boyfriend Steve for getting up early with us and staking out in the freezing cold to play photographer (all the photos in this post were taken by him.) Our friend Evan also came up and shot a few shots of us throughout the course.

So… the race. Well, it was not good.

I am still stick, so I was running with congestion, exhaustion, and general feeling-icky-ness against me. And that’s aside from the frigid air that I had to suck down my still-sore throat. Blech. From the second that the race started, I knew that it was going to be a rough ride.


After the first mile, I started feeling literally sick to my stomach and, worried that I was going to throw up, I slowed down to a walk. Amanda went ahead and Jen stayed back to keep me company and try to egg me along. It was so depressing. I was so upset with myself for walking, for feeling like I wasn’t strong enough to run the whole thing, and for having had such built-up expectations for how it would go. Future tip for myself: don’t run a 5K if you’re sick. It just isn’t worth it.


The smile above is sooooooo not an appropriate glimpse of how things went from this point on. I probably ended up walking a little less than half of the 5K, though I did try very hard to speedwalk most of the time we weren’t jogging at least (at my sister’s encouragement, that is.)

I did try to at least FINISH strong, so it was a mad sprint for the end:


My face in the following photos is a much closer approximation of how the whole thing felt:


(Jenny is laughing because she was caught so off guard when I took off sprinting for the finish, haha.)

So yeah. Definitely not my strongest moment. There’s another 5K that is part of the Fitbloggin’ conference at the end of May, so I’m hoping to be able to redeem myself then. The silver lining of this whole experience is that our finishing time (42:51) for this race was really not much longer than that of my first 5K (barely under 42 minutes). So the fact that even with having walked half of it I almost matched the time of my first race (where I did jog the whole thing) is a fair measure of my fitness progress, IMO. No?


Hoo boy. Onward and upward, I guess.


  1. I’m proud of you for not quitting- that’s the important thing! I think if you continue to work out every other day then you will do great at the Fitbloggin’ 5k in May.

  2. stop calling it a failure, it’s not like you didn’t finish it, you did good!

  3. You know what I think is success? Even starting one of those races!

    Good on you!!! 🙂


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