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Posted on Mar 10, 2011 in Food | 8 comments

Dreary Morning Overnight Oats in a Jar

Good morning my friends! It is d-r-e-a-r-y in Falls Church this morning, let me tell you. All my metro DC peeps – I feel your drizzly, gray pain.

I guess I should be grateful that it isn’t raining the torrential downpours that I’ve been hearing about all week, but nonetheless, it’s still kinda icky outside. Needless to say, there are a couple of puppies that were NOT all about having to go outside this morning, hahaha.

To add a little pep to my step and whatnot this drizzly, grizzly day, I have an empty jar of peanut butter that I’ve put to good use!

Yes, my loves. It’s oats in a jar. Specifically, overnight oats in a jar.

I realize that when I make oats in a jar, it looks about as appetizing as my foot, but it does taste good, I swear! It probably doesn’t help that I used chocolate almond milk this time instead of regular, thus adding that one extra layer of brown-ness… oh well. I added chia seeds to the mix for the first time and I think I may have gone slightly overboard. There are more chias than oats in this particular batch!

I’ve been weirdly jonesing for vegetables lately. Yeah. I know. Who am I?! I think I may have finally gone over to the dark side (or, rather, the light side. Like, literally. You know… ’cause it’ll make me lighter? Get it? Anybody? Well, at least I think I’m funny.)

In order to take advantage of said vegetable craving, I passed on bringing Sloppy Gretchen mix for lunch for the second day in a row, and opted to throw together a SUPERFAST healthy little salad (inspired by Anne P.’s 5-minute packable lunches, I now know that exactly how much time it takes to throw together something healthy in the morning: 5 minutes!)

In the mix we’ve got some greens (dur.), red onion, sliced strawbs, and diced red bell pepper. I love me some color! And, of course, in true obsessive-Gretchen-fashion, I threw some chia seeds on top. Y’know. For garnish. 😛

I also threw together a 30-second (seriously!) vinaigrette maid with meyer lemon juice, olive oil, salt & peppah.

Snacks include:

Some Annie’s Spelt Pretzel Bunnies (they’re so cute, heehee.)

And a kiwi! Huzzah for healthy!

Question: What are your favorite quick & healthy lunches to bring to work? I often find that my downfall is if I don’t have any leftovers in the fridge to easily take, I just give up and say I’m gonna buy lunch instead (today is clearly a rare exception.) And when I buy lunch even if my intentions are to stick to the salad bar, we all know what’s gonna happen. Ideas are welcome! 🙂


  1. That salad looks yummy! I heart strawberries in salad. The salad dressing scares me a little- can we say neon?? haha, but you know i don’t really do dressings on my salads. Make sure you’re getting enough protein throughout the day- i find that when i really concentrate on adding protein throughout my meals that i am satiated a lot longer.

  2. I also find that whenever I’m, essentially, unprepared for lunches/dinners, I go out for food and it almost never ends well! In the past (and still) I try to plan/make 2 lunch options and 3 dinner options over my weekend. When I have the time to do this, it works out so well throughout the week. When I don’t I’m screwed!!

    • Yeah I’m really trying to be better about meal planning. I think this will help with my spending issues when I’m at the grocery store – if I write up a list and actually STICK to it!

  3. You lunch looks delish! I need to buy the fixins to make that salad! I generally wind up with a turkey sandwich of some sort, some fruit, maybe Pringles or some sort of crunchy item. I hate making my lunch! But if I had a colorful salad like that, it might not be too bad!

    • Oh yeah, I can’t not have a colorful salad. It makes lunchtime so much more fun! And it makes you feel good about eating it, because it’s been ingrained in my mind now that color = good for you (well, as long as it’s not color coming from like Blue Dye #9 or whatever, hahaha.)

  4. This lunch looks great! I have a bento box by Laptop Lunches that I love. In addition to offering a great product, they also provide lunch menus to help us not so creative types. You should check out their menu library: http://www.laptoplunches.com/bento-menus/. They also have an RSS feed you can subscribe to which will send a new lunch menu to your in box every week.

    • You just totally inspired me to break out my bento lunch tiffin that I got many moons ago. I love bento box lunches! It is like a natural instigator of lunchtime “oomph”! Thanks for the reminder 😀

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