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Posted on Mar 8, 2011 in Food, Pup Posts, Working Out | 9 comments

Vroom Vroom

That’s me trying to say that my week of saying I’m recommitting to exercising (yet again… I know, I know…) is off to a good start! Yesterday as soon as I got home from work I dashed to Whole Foods and actually managed to spend under $60 there (which is a tremendous feat, as those of you who have ever shopped at Whole Foods know.) As soon as I got home, I changed, hooked the pupsters up to their harnesses, and took them out on a run!

Want proof? I thought you’d never ask:


I didn’t take my camera out on the run with me, for obvious reasons, but I took these after I got back. You can’t really tell in these pictures, but I’m actually super gross and schweaty. Heh. Want more proof?

Schleepy Pups.

Er, yeah. I don’t take the dogs running much. They kind of collapsed as soon as we got in the door. And we only did a little over a mile! My average pace was 11:15, which is like ROCKET-fast for me (don’t judge.) Huzzah!

Smooshy Face.

Heehee, smooshy face. Daxter didn’t really appreciate being awoken by the clicking of my camera. Okay, okay, just ONE more, I promise:


They’re so regal. πŸ™‚

ANYWAY. So I’m feeling good so far about at least getting SOME kind of sweatin’ in yesterday after my promise to do so. And today I brought my gym bag with me so I’ll be shufflin’ on down to the gym in my work building to crank out another couple of miles. I think I’ll do some ab work too. My tumtum is like a -10 pack (get it? Get it??)

Breakfast this morning was… JUICE!

Green juice, to be exact! I brought my juicer (thanks for letting me steal it from you, Mom!) into work because it would just be too time consuming to juice at home in the morning due to the time it takes to clean out the juicer afterward. But this worked out well!

In the mix was:

– 1/2 cucumber (peeled of wax)
– 3 stalks organic celery
– 3 stems organic kale
– 1 pear
– 3 large strawberries
– Slice of lemon
– Sliver of ginger

Green = Good. NOM. (Hahaha, I can just hear the collective sounds of disgust echoing from you guys right now… :P) It really is good. I mean, it doesn’t taste like FRUIT juice, but it is sweet. And you feel healthy just thinking about drinking it!

If you’re interested in trying to juice yourself (haaaaaaaaa), I’ve found that the cuke and celery are essential, but everything else you can mess with a little. Apple v. pear, kale v. spinach, strawberries optional, etc. I’ve also heard of people adding GARLIC to their juice! I’m too scared to try this – I love garlic, but I feel like it might be just a LITTLE intense. If anyone has done this/is willing to try this, please let me know!

Question of the Day: Do you juice? Or if not, do you smoothie? Part of the Green Monster Movement?

I love a good green smoothie as much as the next gal (spinach + banana + yogurt/milk/non-dairy milk = YUM!) but I’ve found that I really do feel much more energized after having a green juice. Something about the enzymes hitting your bloodstream faster or something? I don’t know, I need to do more research into the science behind it… but I can officially say now that having something so full of nutrients first thing in the morning really puts that whole pep-in-your-step thing. Coffee schmoffee! πŸ˜‰ And I’m still quite full, strangely enough. Who would have thought that, er, juice would be so filling? I don’t find that traditional fruit juices (i.e. store-bought) are filling at all!

Gotta get that daily green! Gym tonight, I will be sure to blog my success/failure tomorrow, haha. Away we go ’til then! Vroom vroom!


  1. Ha, I love your love of juice! I’m addicted to it. Went out of town for 12 days and was going crazy without my juice. First thing I made when I got back (and I totally recommend it) was:

    -3 big, fat carrots.
    -1 beetroot (amazing since I hate beetroot)
    -1 apple (I use Granny Smith)
    -And a nice chunk of ginger (I peel it before sticking it in).
    * I sometimes add an orange to this for a nice citrusy kick. It’s a good flavor to have in there if you are just getting acquainted with red juices.

    The ginger gives it a really like kick. The carrots and apple make it mildly sweet. The beetroot is great for your liver. And we can all use some Vitamin C πŸ™‚

    Over ice, these babies are heavenly (and super filling).

  2. If I had a coworker using a juicer at the office I would probably want to stab them with a pencil because of the noise. The “vroom vroom” made me think of that episode of big bang theory when sheldon has coffee.

  3. How awesome that your pups go on runs with you! I tried taking Daisy with me several times last year and we would make it about a mile and three quarters before she would lie down and refuse to get up. I would then have to carry her home!

    Spoiled pup! πŸ˜‰

    Thing is, I know she wasn’t really tired because we’ve taken her on five hour hikes before and she’s perfectly fine. She just wasn’t a fan of running on a leash for that far. She likes to do it on her terms.

    Oh and BTW my Breville Juicer and Crazy Sexy Diet arrived like 10 minutes ago!!! I’m super excited!!!!!!!!

    • Hahaha, yeah, don’t get me wrong, these are not LONG runs by any means… or necessarily fast runs (they are pretty small dogs, after all, haha.) But it definitely makes the trip more interesting having them along!

  4. Awwww smooshy face! I miss the smooshy face! Good for you – and the puppers – for going for a run! Miss you! Be back home in a few days!

    • I will never, ever, ever, ever be able to get that out of my head now.

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