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Posted on Feb 28, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food, Pup Posts | 10 comments

Weekend of Awesome

Well friends, as the title of this post may imply, this weekend has been awesome. It’s been so full of fun, in fact, that I’ve barely had time to blog or even download the photos I’ve taken off of my camera until now! So, I’m testing out my multitasking abilities by writing whilst Oscar watching!

So I started off my Saturday by meeting up with my friends Steph and Megan (from my high school days in Taipei!) for lunch… at Good Stuff Eatery in DC! (It’s owned by Spike from Top Chef, hehe.)

Old Friends

The place was SLAMMED. Guess it’s a popular place, but I can see why. I got the “Vegetarians are People Too” ‘Shroom Burger (love the name, haha!) and the Village Fries:

Good Stuff Eater 'Shroom Burger
This is Good Stuff.
Good Stuff Eatery Village Fries

It was AWESOME. It was a breaded portobello mushroom cap stuffed with cheese, with the usual toppings – lettuce, tomato, onion, and “good stuff sauce”. I realize it was probably more terrible for me than getting a regular burger would have been, but it tasted awesome. The village fries were seasoned with rosemary, thyme, and sea salt, and were tasty but my bag was all tiny little nubbin fries! I need some long potato strings, man!

Steve was in town visiting this weekend, and not only had graciously stayed back while I ventured out to meet my friends, but drove me to and picked me up from the metro to boot (Heaven forbid I walk that whole mile! Hahahahaha.) After I got back, the two of us decided to take advantage of the amazing weather that we had this weekend, and took the pupsters to the dog park:

Dog Parkin'

It is always such a hassle taking the dogs to the dog park, though it makes Harry and Daxter soooo happy. They are CRAZY once they realize where we are, and they just barkbarkbarkbark every step to the gate. Once we get IN the gate, they’re fine. They’re quiet as mice. But ohhhhh those 30 seconds from car to gate are like the most humiliating moments of my life.

Of course, I got even once we got back home:

Bath time!


That night, Steve, Erin, and I went to my favorite place on Earth for dinner: Koi Koi!


I actually tried a brand new roll this time, their shrimp roll which has rice paper instead of seaweed holding it together – it was great! I know I talk about it plenty, but if any of you live in the Washington DC area, btw, and haven’t been to Koi Koi, you need to go there POST HASTE. It’s the best. They’re the best. They know me there! And the owners are awesome — the head sushi chef always recognizes me and will sometimes send over a special treat for us!

Some other notable things that occurred this weekend:

I received, and tried out, my new Neti pot. Be warned, this is not an attractive activity to participate in:


A Neti pot is used to push a saline solution through one nostril and out the other in order to flush out and clear your sinuses. It is a very odd, fairly uncomfortable sensation to get used to at first — it feels like when you get water up your nose at the pool. I will say, however, that it really feels like you’re clearing out all that nasty in your nose, and you feel just lighter and cleaner afterward. I got the pot after its recommendation in Crazy, Sexy, Diet which I have FINALLY finished reading, haha. Still working my way through the detox though (well, my version of it, at least.)

Also on the recommendation of the book, I tried my hand at green juicing for the first time! I stole borrowed my mom’s juicer and though it was a slightly intimidating experience at first (note to self: apple seeds WILL fly if you don’t put the tube back into the hole right away!) but the juice itself was actually quite good.


The book’s guidelines say to use three veggies for every one fruit you include, so I’ve been trying to follow that for the most part. Both juices I made this weekend included one pear/apple and then a cucumber (make sure to peel the celery if it isn’t organic), a couple stalks of celery, a slice of lemon and a small piece of ginger. I also just bought kale, spinach, and chard at Whole Foods today so I’m excited (scared?) to see what adding those to the mix will do!

Anyway, that’s my weekend in a nutshell. Are any of you watching the Oscars tonight? Happy or disgruntled with how the results have turned out so far? Obviously the “big categories” haven’t been announced yet, but I have high hopes… guess we’ll see in the morning (along with my weigh-in for the week!)


  1. Awwww cute picture of you, steph and megan!! i miss you guys! 🙁

    Also, i cannot believe you posted a pic of you and the neti pot! haha

    • Hahahaha, that’s how I roll, Ashie! And we missed you too! We’ve already decided we need to have a reunion SOON. Think you can make the trek up north at some point? You’re officially the furthest East Coaster now!

  2. Your dogs are absolutely ADORABLE and such great models. So much so that I am looking into buying one for my little one, Petey Pablo. By looking into I mean that I’m going to buy a measuring tape today and as soon as I know his measurements that I’m buying one for him lol. They’re just so cute and they look really comfortable. Thank you for the inadvertent advertising 🙂

    • Yeah girl! Puppia harnesses are the best. But definitely do a little research on the size for your li’l Petey (I totally remember him from JMU days!) The harnesses are all adjustable but I definitely thought Daxter was a lot teenier than he apparently and tried to squeeze his head through a too-small hole at first, hahahaha.

  3. Beautiful picture of the french fries! 🙂

    And I’ve totally been wanting to pick up Crazy Sexy Diet and a juicer too!! lol Oh the blog world . . . we’re all into trends!

  4. !! The three of you all look exactly the same.. Haahaha miss you guys!

    PS — I get sick ALL the time too and I swear I sneeze about 10-15 times on average in a day. I went and saw an allergist and he told me I’m allergic to dogs.. which I really don’t think is the case. Do you think the Neti pot would me??

    • I definitely have noticed a difference in using it in terms of clarity of sinuses, but I’m not sure if it would really eliminate your sneezing thing depending on what is causing it. Pick one up and try it out – I think you can get one for under $10 (I got a ceramic pot and some fancy starter kit stuff so it was more expensive.) Why not? 🙂

  5. Gretchen – I loved this post! It’s neat reading about other people’s experiences right in your own backyard. My boyfriend stayed up late one night watching infomercials and by the next morning a juicer was on it’s way to our house! It looks like you have the Jack Lalanne juicer, which is the infomercial that inspired him. He ended up with a different one, but still, we’ve been “juicin'” every single day since he’s gotten it! It’s been especially awesome for me, since I’m such a picky eater with the fruits/veggies category. How did you like the Crazy Sexy Diet book? Would you recommend it?

    • I would definitely recommend the book! It’s a pretty extreme diet that she wants you to ideally undertake (completely vegan, gluten-free, juicing every day, etc) and I don’t I’ll ever be able to follow her suggestions to a T, but she makes some strong points for clean eating for health reasons, and it’s very entertainingly written!

      I think it’ll inspire you to use the juicer much more too – it obviously did for me!


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