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Posted on Feb 28, 2011 in Weigh Ins, Weight Loss | 9 comments

Monday Weigh-in Time!

Hello friends. So I may or may not have been delaying writing this post as the results from this morning’s scalery are not super impressive. But alas, the hounding to get my butt on here to post my weigh-in (I still hear from people that they can’t believe I post my weight out here for the whole interworld to see, haha) so here we are. And here it is, sans fanfare:

199.5 lbs.

So, at least I’m squarely back in ONEderland (who else reads it as “oh-nee-der-land” after seeing That Thing You Do? Amazing movie!) with a half-pound loss. I mean, I’ll take it, for sure, but I guess I was just hoping for something a little more dramatic. I did get kinda salty over the weekend with my Good Stuff Eatery visit (totally worth it though!) But I thought that I was eating really well this past week otherwise!

I really embraced the whole Salad Beast concept this weekend, as evidenced by my Whole Foods lunch yesterday:

That’s a Mega Salad that includes romaine, red onion, beets, chickpeas, regular peas, bell peppers, and this awesome eggplant salad stuff on top. I also got a big ol’ hunkahunka tofu (and there may or may not be a li’l scoop of mashed potatoes and mac ‘n’ cheese in the back there… nobody’s perfect!)

I also tried to keep the ball rolling with today’s lunch:

That’s a bed of arugula and baby spinach, red onion, green bell pepper, craisens and blueberries. I drizzled a wee bit of EVOO, gave a squeeze of lemon and grinded on some salt and waaaay too much pepper. There was also a kiwi involved, but that was long gone before this picture was taken, hahaha. (I gave eating it the Anne P. a try — like an apple, skin & everything!)

I also embraced the whole green juicing phenom (though is it really a phenomenon yet?) not once but TWICE over the weekend!

Mm-mmm. 😉

Oh well. I still think I get an A for effort, so I’m going to give myself the mental satisfaction of saying I’m probably holding onto a little bit of water weight, hehe. I’m trying to keep up with the mentality that any loss is a good thing, and I realize that I cannot expect to be losing 2 or 3 pounds every single week. So here’s to positive thinking, and to next week (and the next pound off!)



  1. Mmmm, greendrink! You should host a greendrink party, with different mixes of greenjuice ingredients! Maybe throw some sweet steelcut oatmeal for dessert… Oatmeal in crepes? Mmmmm…

  2. I thought everyone ate kiwi with the skin on.

  3. A loss is a loss but yeah it’s hard to be good all the time. But it’s so easy for a little indulgence to undo a lot of good so you just gotta decide whether things are worth the it or not!

  4. As your weight decreases, it is harder to take off the remaining lbs. If you can up your activity level (training for that 5 K) it will pay off bigtime!

    • Yes, I know… I’m always sadly lacking in the exercise motivation department. But that being said, I am still psyched for the upcoming 5K and busting through my previous “record” – just need to actually ACT on that excitement with some training, eh? Haha.

  5. When I was on WW I lost between .5 and 1 pound the last 8 weeks I was in the program. I think the little losses after losing weight for so long are just part of the process. Keep up the good work. And PS I love That Thing You Do!

    • That is reassuring to hear. I think that I do need to be doing a better job of ramping up my exercise (haha, how many times have I said that?) but I also think that I probably need to also get accustomed to the fact that things will slow down since I’ve been doing this for a while now. Thanks Maren!!

  6. Keep it up Gretchen! That’s still pretty awesome! I just did a weigh in on Sunday morning and found that I lost 1.5 lbs (almost my 2lb goal). Still pretty exciting for me considering I’ve been overweight for practically my whole life.

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