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Posted on Feb 25, 2011 in Dear Diary, Pup Posts | 18 comments

ABCs of Gretchen

Hiya friends! I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday, so thanks for the well-wishes and home-cure remedies. I’m putting several of them to good use! Still feeling a little congested, but I’ve made it through yesterday and today without popping any pills, so here’s hoping I’m going to continue to be on the up and up!

So I’ve been seeing a few blogs around the circuit doing this whole “ABCs of Me” minigame (yes that’s a videogame reference, bigwhoopwannafightaboutit?) so I figured on this dreary, drizzly, traffic-light-outy Friday morning (but huzzaaaaah for the Friday part!) I would participate.

So here you go, 26 things you never really cared to know about yours truly! You’re welcome in advance. 😉

Photo by Steve

A. Age: 22 until April 11th!

B. Bed size: Queen. But feels like a micro-mini-twin with two miniature schnauzers that like to be all up ons you (who knew such small dogs could take up so much space?!)

C. Chore you hate: Ha! What chores don’t I hate? I guess #1 would be unloading the dishwasher, as I’m sure my housemates will attest. For some reason, I find washing dishes by hand much less aggravating! Is that totally crazy? I’m also not much of a fan of cleaning the bathroom – it’s just gross.

D. Dogs: Errrrrrrr, have you met me? Or, more specifically, have you met them?!

Photos by Ben Powell

E. Essential start to your day: Running late. Hahahahaaaa (well, it’s only half as funny because it’s true.)

F. Favorite color: My favorite color itself changes pretty frequently (digging purple right now) but my favorite color combination is yellow & green:

Lemon Lime
photo source

Something about that lemon & lime combo just makes me happy!

G. Gold or silver: I love both kinds of jewelry, but tend to differentiate between my everyday silver stuff vs. dressier (aka REAL) gold jewelry.

H. Height: 5’9″!

I. Instruments you play: I ran the gamut of band instruments in elementary/middle school (violin, flute, clarinet, percussion) but stuck with piano (skill level: weak) and guitar (okay) the longest. I really need to pick up playing again…

J. Job title: Contract Administrator (though do “Blogger” and “Schnauzer Wrangler” count?)

K. Kids: None! I mean, c’mon, you read the answer to letter A! But yes, someday.

L. Live: Falls Church City, VA! (As if you haven’t heard me talk about it enough.)

M. Mom’s name: Janet.


N. Nicknames: Gretchooooooooo (the # of Os may vary.)

O. Overnight hospital stays: No overnight stays, but it feels like every time I go to the hospital it’s in the middle of the night, so does that count?

P. Pet peeve: Slow turners (like when you’re driving behind someone who’s turning right and they feel like the only conceivable way to complete the turn is if they slow down to .0012 MPH… rrrrrggghhhh…)

Q. Quote from a movie: “If you can’t laugh at yourself, life’s going to seem a whole lot longer than you’d like.” – Sam, Garden State (if you’ve never seen this movie, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and go watch it.)

R. Right or left handed: Righty McRighterson over here.

S. Siblings: Two older sibs (does it really surprise you that I’m the baby?) Jen(ny) and Ben.

T. Time you wake up: Weekday: Between 6 and 6:15 AM. Weekend: Usually around 10 (remember when you used to be able to sleep in until 1 PM? Man, those were the days…)

U. Underwear: Today’s awesome and not in any way embarrassing choice are my boys’ tighty whiteys. Yup.

V. Vegetables you dislike: If you had asked me this 7 months ago I might have had a long list for you, but I honestly don’t think there are any that I truly dislike anymore! (Even Brussels sprouts have grown on me!)

W. What makes you run late: My pupsters. Their morning routine is more intensive than my own!

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Wrist when I was young, I think. Do CT scans count? Cause I had to get two of them recently. Still a sore subject…

Y. Yummy food you make: I love making green monster pasta and I think I’ve mastered the art of a pretty fantastic oatmeal these days:


Z. Zoo – favorite animal: They may qualify as an Aquarium animal rather than a zoo animal, but there’s no contest either way: Otters. Always and forever.

Sea Otter
photo source

If you need convincing, I suggest you watch the video of two otters holding hands while sleeping immediately. It is a powerful pick-me-up for the soul, believe you me. 🙂

So! There you go! Now it’s your turn:

Pick a letter (or two!) for yourself and leave your answer in the comments! Also, if you’ve posted your own ABC on your blog, let me know! I’d love to learn more about you.

Have a great weekend!


    • I keep thinking of that episode of How I Met Your Mother with the teacup piglet… little do most people realize that a “teacup” pig still ends up around 50 to 75 pounds when they are fully grown!

    • Thank you! Your little Daisy is SO adorable! My pupsters make a pretty frequent appearance on the blog (including the post I’m writing right now, haha) so you can be sure to be overwhelmed with pictures of them some more. 😀

  1. Pet Peeve: People who don’t replace the toilet paper roll and they just leave the toilet paper roll sitting on top of the old one or on the back of the toilet

  2. Loving your blog and your puppy dogs are so cute! I just did the ABCs on my blog too!

    • Awesome! I’m going to go check ’em out now 🙂

  3. Okay:

    a) Garden State is one of my favorite movies of ALL time!
    b) For me it’s more like “remember when you could sleep til 10am?”. I have a hard time sleeping past 7, even on weekends!
    c) Holy freaking cute- that otter video is precious!

    • Garden State is the bessssst. I am so totally in love with Zach Braff!

  4. So i’m completely procrastinating working on my graduate school exam and found your blog… AND I ABSOLUTELY 100% LOVE ITTTTT! I am *completely* obsessed with my dog, Happy… and feel like we would be bff if we lived in the same city. Love the way you write, love your ‘tude, and love your puppster pics!!! Cannot wait to read more!

    • Yay! Thanks Allison! I read your blog and I have to say that ummmmm OBVIOUSLY we would be BFFs! I can relate SO much to your tales of Happy — I just about died when you posted about the makeshift ways of blocking the baby-gate escape routes, because I DEFINITELY know what that’s like! 😛 Hope the rest of my blog doesn’t disappoint! 🙂


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