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Posted on Feb 22, 2011 in Food, Weigh Ins | 5 comments

Tuesday Weigh-In (and SUSHI JAMMERZ!)

Sooooo, I weighed in this morning after my post-Canada foodfest. It wasn’t great, but it could have been waaaay worse:

Last week’s stats, in case you forgot were 199.7 lbs. So it’s a .3 lb gain, which in the scheme of things is really nothing. I’m counting this week as maintenance and I’ll be proud of that. Granted, it wasn’t great to see 200 back on the scale again, but I’m thinking that by tomorrow I’ll be back down to “normal”.

I’ve decided to follow the Crazy Sexy Diet “21-Day Adventure Cleanse” in the book that I’ve been reading. Now, don’t worry peeps, this ain’t no Master Cleanse crap. You eat real food in this one. It’s a detox diet that’s supposed to help reset your system and “eliminate toxins” and stuff by embracing a plant-based, gluten-free diet (ideally vegan according to the author, but I probably won’t go totes veeg.) Still on the fence about all this toxin-elimination and whatnot, but I guess we’ll see how I feel about it in 21 days, eh? 🙂

In the spirit of said detox cleanse, I had a huge beast of a salad for lunch today:

Romaine, beets, red onion, cukes, red bell pepper, chickpeas, corn, and kidney beans. No dressing for this chick (whaaaaat?) Nom! I also went grocery shopping (finally!) to stock up on some necessities:

Fruits & Veg: Cucumbers, avocados, ginger, lemons, organic bell peppers, organic fuji and granny smith apples, strawberries, and blueberries. (I’m trying to start paying attention to the concept of the “Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen” when it comes to buying organic fruit and vegetables.)

Other: 2 things of almond mik (I love me some almond milk, plus there was a coupon!), organic tomato sauce, vegetable broth, earth balance (vegan butter), olive and coconut oil, tahini (yay!), milled flaxseed, pearl barley, and gluten-free pasta.

Of course, I forgot some of the key things of the cleanse/diet, which are spinach and kale for green smoothies and juices. Whoops! Guess I’ll be making a return trip latah this week. As is, the whole bunch ran me $85 at the grocery store… the price you pay for health, I guess. Well, at least stuff like the oil and grains aren’t going to be a weekly purchase, so hopefully that bill will go down in subsequent visits.

Speaking of food, I am RAVENOUS. I’m going to go put some of my new blingin’ foodstuffs to good use (avocado pasta, maybe?) I leave you with the following photos of pure unadulterated happiness:


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a giant pair of footie pajamas. With sushi on them. You know, for “grown ups” like me!


Cute, no?!?! my brother had sent the link to ’em to me a while ago, but I finally bit the bullet and ordered them from Jumpin’ Jammerz after seeing Tina’s. I ordered the medium size, and a smidge tight in the thighs but hey, room to shrink! 😉

Word to the wise: the PJs are super awesome and super comfy, but the company itself has some really bad reviews for their customer service. I had a mix-up with the amount of shipping I was charged, and it took me a solid 20 minutes of calling their customer care line before I got through to somebody (it just continually will route you to a full mailbox unless you manage to get someone on the line.) They processed the refund for the extra shipping I was charged no problem, but just in case any of you decide to jump on the footie train, I wanted to make sure you’re aware.)

Ok! Time to satiate the rumbling beast in my belly. Au revoir!


  1. I totally bought those almond thins on Saturday!! Yum. Kind of like mini rice cracker things. Tasty with hummus! That’s also the type of flax seed i have! And didn’t I send you the footie pajama site??

  2. I am personally not even worried about 0.3 pounds. Considering the beavertail, burger coma, and poutine, I think you did a pretty good job. By tomorrow, you’ll be back in Onederland no problem.

  3. Haha… did you get a sunburn? 😉

  4. O…M….Geeeeeeeeee……I MUST have those PJs, IMMEDIATELY! You rock ’em, gurl!

    • Hehe, they are pretty schweet… thanks!


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