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Posted on Feb 17, 2011 in Dear Diary, Pup Posts | 8 comments

Leavin’ on a Jetplane

Hi-dee-ho Neighborinos! If you’re taking a gander around the site, you might notice that a few things (okay, everything) has changed! That’s right, I’m trying to a little lighter and brighter with my blog layout and theme. What do you think so far? I have plans to create a new banner for the blog (as much as I love my little Daxter-poo, I’m not sure I want my blog and weight loss to be forever associated with dog food) and I’m sure I’ll continue to move things around, so be prepared for some more ch-ch-ch-chaaaanges (oh yeah, that’s meant to be sung aloud.)

Anyway, as this post title implies, I am headed out on an aeroplane to visit my friends in the Great White North – Canada! For those of you just joining me, I spent my senior year of high school in Ottawa, Ontario before coming back to the states for college. Just for comparison’s sake, I will now allow you all to have a glimpse of high school Gretchen (she’s the one in the middle):

Hot damn, look at how skinny she was! Sigh, if only I knew then what I know now… I wouldn’t have wasted so much precious time and self-esteem berating myself for being “fat”. Anyway! That’s my prom pic (well, the Canadian equivalent of prom… called the “Grad Dance”… and our families were invited… yeeeeah. Canada, go figure. Hahahaha, I kid, I kid!) and I’m going to be hanging out with most of those cool cats again come this weekend! I haven’t seen most of my friends up there in over two years, so I am soooo excited to finally be visiting. My flight leaves this evening, so I worked on packing up my things last night:


And, of course, by packing my things I really mean hastily throwing my crap into a bag because I wasted my entire night on my blog theme revamp, hahaha.

Somehow, I feel as though the pupsters know that I am abandoning them. They were simply not having it last night:


Look at how angry little Daxy looks, and Harry wouldn’t even look at me! He did, however, go rooting through Erin’s bathroom trash, a pasttime he hasn’t engaged in since forever, so I think he knows something’s up. I don’t know what they’re so upset about though, they’re headed for a luxury stay at Hotel Grandma & Grandpa (aka my parents’ house) where I’m sure they will be treated to four full days of being fed from the table (tsk, tsk, Mama! Hahahahaha.)

Anyway, that’s my big news for the day. I cannot WAIT to see my friends again — I am literally counting the hours (and thus, this day is going by soooooooooooooooooooooooo slowly. OMGIDIE.) I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be able to do from there, but I have already packed my camera so be on the alert for some sweeeeet recap posts when I get back, including food pics from my favorite Ottawan restaurant! And Beavertails! And Nanaimo Bars (well, I won’t be eating any of those, but I’ll try to take a picture at least, hahaha.) You get the general Canadian picture.

If you were wondering, I’m still planning on staying the course in terms of the diet while I’m gone. Since this is a trip (as opposed to a vacation), I will still try my best to be diligent about watching what I eat and making sure I’m not going overboard (Ai Rei – I’m counting on you to keep me on track!) I’m sure I’ll be freezing my tail off, but I guess that’s a good thing (shivering = burning calories, right?) That’s why my suitcase is so heavy though – lots of layering clothes! Also, I definitely overpacked on the underwear front. Which brings us to our Question o’ the Day:

When you go on a trip, what is your stance on underwear? Do you pack just enough, an extra pair or two, or have an extreme surplus? I definitely subscribe to the pack-as-many-pairs-as-you-can-fit mentality — better safe than sorry!

Oh, and before I forget: I gots my hair did yesterday, too. Just got it re-highlighted and trimmed up, and because of my extreme vanity I even took pictures for you all!




And yes. I felt like a loony bin taking pictures of myself inside Bubbles, haha. Ok, that’s all for now. If I don’t get to blog before then, see you all Stateside!


  1. i like the light background- it took me a second to figure out how to comment though since there wasn’t a “comment” button that i could see. but obv. i figured it out 🙂

    • I agree, there’s no comment button or anywhere that says how many comments there are.

      • Working out one kink at a time – comment link on homepage is now available! 🙂

  2. Your blog looks gawgeous! I love the look! I can just imagine taking pictures in the salon, lol – too funny! Have a great trip – what fun to visit with old friends.

    • Thanks, Jenn! Yeah, hopefully it will be a good trip – I feel like I need it, haha!

  3. Holy wow. Loving the new blog look. And i really like the banner… But I totally understand the dog food thing. Congrats at being in One-derland by the way, I think I missed that one. Have fun on your trip. I don’t know why but I always associate Canada with scarves, so take lots of scarves.

  4. i looooooooooove the new layout…i always bring 1-2 extra pairs, ya know, just in case…unless it’s a beach vacation in which case you need 2 pairs per day or else you’re stuck going commando a ton (lessons learned!) have a great trip! x.

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