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Posted on Feb 15, 2011 in Dear Diary, Fail | 22 comments

Spill Fail

Wellps, I started off my Wednesday morning outstandingly, I must say. I managed to knock over an entirely full cup of hot green tea all over my desk at work the second I put it down, which effectively killed my computer mouse (though honestly, who uses a roller track ball-mouse anymore?!) In retrospect I probably should have taken a picture of the gloriousness of the spillage, but oh well. All’s well that ends well, I suppose, and I did get to steal a snazzy laser mouse from one of the unused computers in the back, at least. On to less stressful things!

So as you all are probably aware, I’ve been perusing the fashion blogs a lot lately and attempting to emulate at least a little style, now that I don’t feel (and hopefully also don’t look) like a beached whale in certain kinds of clothing anymore. I’m all about the NSVs (non-scale victories) so I’m going to relay my latest one to you lucky, lucky folk. About a week or so I ordered a couple pairs of colorful tights from We Love Colors after seeing how awesome people were making them look. Plus, I wanted more of an excuse to wear skirts while it’s still cold out. However, immediately they became more of a future investment after seeing the size chart:

S/M 4’11” – 5’5″ 90 – 135lbs
M/L 5’5″ – 5’11” 135 – 168lbs

As we all know, while I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the past 6 months, I am NOT 168 pounds yet. I don’t even know if I’ll be 168 lbs at the END of this journey. I don’t even think I know that many 5’11” women who weigh 168 pounds, let alone my little 5’9″ self, haha. I got two pairs in the M/L size anyway, figuring that in another few months I should be able to fit them as I continue to lose weight. Just for kicks I tried a pair on last night, and lo and behold… they fit! Granted, I have to shimmy a little to get them positioned right at the top, but I can totally pull them off. 😉 My pride was the focal point of my outfit today:

And while the dress itself is now two sizes too big (w00t!), I thought that I should probably wear something toned down and neutral on top if I’m going to try to pull off colorful tights. Does it work? You tell me, hahaha. While my tights-fittage makes me question We Love Colors’ size chart a little, I guess that creating a size chart for tights in the first place must be kind of challenging. After all, everyone’s weight is distributed a little differently throughout their bodies — why do you think we have so many different body shape out there? Hourglass, apple, pear, boy-shaped, lanky… depending on which magazine you’re reading, there are a kajillion.

What body shape do you consider yourself to have? Do you ever find it difficult to dress a certain way, or pull off a certain style because of it?

I consider myself to have an hourglass shape, because I find that my chest/shoulders and hips/butt are pretty equal in proportion, and I have a defined waist (well, at least it’s defined now even if it wasn’t before!) Because I’m “curvy” though (and I do believe that term will always apply to me, even if I weighed 150 libbies) I find it’s hard to pull off a lot of the trendy styles that don’t have a defined waistline, like an unstructured sheath (example) I also find that empire-style tops and dresses just make me look preggers, hahahaha.

Btw, in case you can’t see too clearly in the pics above, on my tootsies are my new Nine West hidden-platform booties:

They make me into a giantess, but I’m really loving wearing high heels a lot more now that I’m a little lighter. I guess it’s really true about how much being overweight can affect things you don’t even consciously think about — like the pressure on your feet! While I’m still getting used to wearing them regular as I’ve lived the past 22 years almost exclusively in flats and flip flops, I would say it’s roughly 45x easier to wear heels now that I’m -45 lbs (ha!) Oh, and also, apologies for all the blurry pics (again). Somehow I’m not sure I could manage snapping a shot of my own outfit with my DSLR without making a full-scale studio production of it, hahaha.

Question for the ladies: Are you a heels-wearer? Got any tips for wrangling ’em? Or if you’re not a fan, why? Is it just because of a comfort thing, or are you (like my mom) opinionated on how terrible it is for your back, etc?

Oh, and out of curiosity I guess I have a ? for the guys, too: Do you prefer your ladies in high heels? And does it make you feel awkward if a gal is taller than you when she’s in heels?

Peace and release, playas. Happy Wednesday!


  1. So adorable! I think it looks great! I only wear heels for special events but swear by those pads that go under the ball of your foot. It’s the only way I can wear them for more than 5 minutes.

    • Haha, yeah I think I might really need to invest in those little pads. Especially since special event-worthy heels tend to be the most uncomfortable ones!!!

  2. OMG! You have 2 Miniature Schnauzers too! (Well, technically my parents own them, but still.) We have a white one and a grey one too, but ours are both girls. I recently moved to an apartment but I am totally wanting one of my own. They’re the best dogs ever!

    • They ARE the absolute best dogs everrr! I love that you have a white one too! Most people go, “I didn’t even know there were white mini schnauzers!” 😀

      • Haha everyone says that to our white schnauzer too! We think she has a bit of Westie in her bloodlines somewhere down the road.

  3. I think tall girls in heels look good! Unless you’re like, slow dancing or something… then it’s kind of awkward if you’re the short(er) guy. I dunno!

    • Hahaha, you might have a point there. But if Tom Cruise can get over it and allow Katie to wear heels (sometimes) maybe there’s hope for all.

      • I don’t like it when you are taller than me.

        • See the next comment suckaahhhhhh 😉

  4. Good job pulling an Amanda! I like wearing heels sometimes, but I’d feel way overdressed wearing them to work. Love those tights too, your outfit is super-cute!

    • Thanks, Panda! Yeah, I’ve already gotten a few comments from my coworkers about my heels, so it is a little awkward… But hey, I should be able to wear what I want, right? And when my job involves sitting for 85% of the day, the comfort thing isn’t too bad, haha.

  5. I’m 5″10′, and I almost always wear heals 🙂 I say tall girls should be allowed to rock the heels as well, as long as we stand up straight – tall girls with bad posture look so much bigger, more awkward, and less elegant, in my opinion.

    Oh, and my husband is 5″7′, so I tower above him anyway – I guess that’s why an extra inch (or three) doesn’t really matter to him. 😉

    • Now that’s what I’m talking about. Thanks, Hanne – i will definitely walk tall and proud! I need to show my boyfriend your comment (he commented before you) about not liking me being too tall! Hahaha

      • Booooo

  6. I love heels, and I agree they are more comfy when you drop a few pounds–one of many selfish reasons for losing it, I guess. Those pads are great, and I also suggest naturalizers if you’re going to be in them a long time. They cost more-but they really are that much more comfortable.

    I’m barely 5’4″, so I’ll take any height advantage I can get. Besides, almost any girl looks better in heels-they shape your calves, help your posture, and give you “swagger”!

    • I feel as though wearing heels should be a selfish act — every woman deserves to feel like she looks awesome… even it’s only while she’s standing still (still getting the knack of walking gracefully down… hehe)

  7. I think heels are a bit overrated personally. I am not really bothered by them – at 5’10, heels on most women will only put them at my height, sometimes still shorter than me. With you, you’d be taller, but I’d deal. I am probably stereotyping a bit here, but to me heels indicate some higher-than-average level of maintenance associated with a woman. Stop trying to convince me you’re attractive with what you’re wearing – instead, engage me in a conversation with some sort of intellectual stimulation or something.

    Sorry if that came off kinda preachy, just how I feel on the topic! Good post regardless 🙂

    • Ed: I wear heels because I like how I look in them. But if you asked my husband whether I’m high maintenance, he would probably laugh in you face. For about a week.

  8. I love the boots. Also, since when did 5’9 become little?! I love the outfit, and the blog… Keep posting!! Have fun in Canada this weekend. 🙂 btw I might go online and buy some of those tights now… And… Do they still sell those shoes? Hehe also, I have to wear heels bc I was cursed with the Ho genes. I probably wouldn’t subject my feet to them if I were taller.

  9. I’m 5’1 (almost 5’2!) and I used to HATE wearing heels. Mainly due to the discomfort. But more recently I’ve been realizing that heels make almost any outfit tremendously better. They elongate your body, and makes you look skinnier and your legs longer! They also give any outfit that more sophisticated oomph. And now that we’re getting into our mid-20’s I feel like sometimes flats and flip flops just don’t cut it anymore. We gotta dress serious to be taken seriously right?

    Tip: the chunkier the heel, the easier to walk in. I’ve been straying away from stilettos recently and going for more wedges and chunkier heels — bonus if they’re platforms without adding inches to the heel itself!


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