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Posted on Feb 1, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 5 comments

I’m pretty proud of this one, guys

So last night as I was packing up my lunch for work (a salad with green, black beans, a little red onion, cheese, and craisens. Totes rando, I know, but I think it’ll work!) I had the brilliant idea to pack up some breakfast for myself as well. You know, keep up with the game plan of eating a full, hearty breakfast every day to kick things off right. So I took the little container that was housing the remaining smoked salmon I had been nomming on and compartmentalized it into a little lox assembly station!

I threw in a few measured cubes of cream cheese, some thinly sliced red onion, capers and olives. Then I put an Everything Thomas’ Bagel Thin (my favorite kind of bagel!) into a ziplock baggie, and when I got to work this morning, it was chow time!

I toasted up the bagel thin in our toaster oven at work, and assembled my masterpiece. I ended up only using one cube o’ cream cheese for each side of bag’ and I think I’m going to save the olives for lunch. But mm-mmm was this ever a great idea! I got to enjoy what I consider to be a pretty fancy and luxurious breakfast, and the day is already looking a little brighter (which, considering that I got nailed by the ice on my driveway this morning and will have what I’m sure will be a considerable butt-bruise in the morning, is pretty impressive.) C’mon, tell me that this wasn’t a great idea! Oh smoked salmon, how I love thee… capers, you’re pretty cool too. (Does anyone actually know what capers ARE? Other than little tiny beads of pickled deliciousness, that is?)

The addition to my breakfast ensemble was a fuji apple I picked up at the Asian supermarket when I went shopping with my mom yesterday. Produce is SO much cheaper there! Here’s a tip for all you budget-conscious grocery shoppers out there: buy produce at ethnic supermarkets. Seriously. Fuji apples = 79 cents a pound. Whaaaaaa? And I got an entire sleeve of garlic bulbs (like 5 or 6 bulbs) for 99 cents! I <3 it.

Of course, you have to navigate the tiny aisles crowded with tiny, pushy people, and don’t freak out when you get to the fresh seafood station in the back (wtf is geoduck?!) but budgetarily it’s totally worth it. Also, you have to not get offended when every other shopper starts eying you warily because you’re just so, so white. Just huddle close to your Chinese mother and maybe you’ll be rewarded with a Hello Kitty Pocky when you leave:

.: Hello Kitty Pocky Sticks.:
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  1. Capers (as we know them) are the buds of the caper bush plant. It has a pretty pinkish white flower. That’s about all I know when it comes to capers. They’re plant buds!

  2. At least you’re part Asian! When I went I got really weird looks.

  3. This is the coolest lunch idea. I love Lox and Cream Cheese Bagels. This actually makes me want one for lunch pronto! I will be stealing this lunch idea for sure! Thanks girl 🙂

  4. I want to buy produce there! You have to remind me where it is!

    *Will endure weird looks for cheap produce*

  5. Gretchen,
    That breakfast looks AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

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