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Posted on Jan 20, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 1 comment

Puerto Costa Maya

I’m running out of ideas for post titles guys… really struggling here… Hey, look! It’s history!


The third port stop on our fabulous cruise vacation was Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico! We did an awesome tour of the Mayan ruins there. It was so cool to be able to climb up the same buildings that the Mayans built… by hand! No cranes or bulldozers back then!

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of heavily detailed writing in these posts lately, so I’m going to cut you all a little slack. Time for photos! (I think I took more photos at the Mayan ruins than I did the rest of the trip combined!)


The tour was very cool, but the weather was NOT. It was soooo humid that day in Costa Maya. The air was heavy and wet — it even rained while we were at the ruins site! All that heat, walking, and climbing left me pretty exhausted, so we took it easy the rest of the day back on the boat until dinnertime.



Curried chicken salad, served on a slice of fresh pineapple! It was o-kay. Not really that curried, but still tasty.



A salad with an entire wedge of bleu cheese… drool. 😀



BBQ Chilean Seabass! It was yuuuuuummy! But not very barbeque-y. But still delicious. 🙂


Weeeeell, I obviously forgot to take a photo of dessert. But I can’t remember if that’s because I didn’t HAVE dessert, or if I just forgot to photograph it. Let’s say I didn’t eat any dessert… you have no proof!! Bwahahaha.

After dinner, we went to the Martini Bar onboard, and Jenny and my cousin Ellie ordered a “flight” of mini-martinis:


It consisted of 6 marteenies (heh, get it?), and the bartender added a few other customers’ orders to his pouring show, pouring ELEVEN martinis at once!

Drinks, anyone?
Have a sip or two.

It was quite the show! And with that, another exciting, increasingly nostalgic day of last week’s vacation. Thanks for sticking with me guys, just a couple more left, and then it’s back to my normal, boring self. 😉

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  1. i want some tiny ‘tinis!! mmm….

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