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Posted on Jan 18, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 2 comments

Welcome to Stingray City! (Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.)

Hello again!

So, where did I leave off? Oh right, we’ve made it to our first port of call! Welcome to beautiful Georgetown, Grand Cayman!


We started off things by taking a little bitty boat from our BIG boat to the port:


There’s the exterior of our cruiseship from the tendering boat. Because the water surrounding the island is so shallow, we had to “park” a little ways away, and get shuttled to terra firma.

Where to?

Isn’t my mommy adorable? 🙂

We had booked a tour through Moby Dick Tours and it was a fantastic choice! I definitely recommend them. 🙂


First stop was snorkeling among the coral and the fishies:


Yes, that’s my butt you’re looking at. You are very welcome. 😉

The snorkeling was pretty cool, but our family has been pretty spoiled by having been snorkeling in some lush, lively waters due to our family vacations while we were living overseas (if you ever get the opportunity, go to Palau. You will never regret it.) But there were still some sweet fish and coral under the water, and Ben got some awesome underwater video footage with this fancy contraption:


That’s an underwater camera case he borrowed for the trip – it really works! Though it makes it hard to actually see what you’re filming, unfortunately, so a lot of it is pointing the camera in a general direction and praying for something useable. The underwater camera was especially useful for the second (and totally AWESOME) portion of the trip…



I’m not sure if you can really see what’s happening here, but that’s us, standing in shallow water being BOMBARDED FROM ALL SIDES BY STINGRAYS!!! It was really, really freaky, and really, really awesome.


They gave us a little tutorial on the dos and don’ts of Stingray…ing. They told us that when in the water you want to do the “Stingray Shuffle” which basically means you want to shuffle your feet in the sand so you don’t accidentally step on a stingray. They told us where the stingers are (just at the base of their tail, nowhere really all that accessible) and they told us how to feed them pieces of raw squid (hold it in your palm like an ice cream cone!)


It was SO crazy when you first get in the water, because they literally are swarming around you. But they feel really soft, and they are really friendly (because humans mean getting fed, of course!) The tour guides taught us how to hold them (just kind of resting them in your arms as you are low in the water), and then when they settle in your arms you can kiss them! Apparently kissing a stingray equals 7 years good luck! One stingray tried to make out with Ben, so evidently he’ll be getting good luck for the rest of his life, hahaha!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get any more still photos of Stingray City, but like I said before, Ben got some sweet underwater footage. I’ll try to see if I can get it posted once he uploads it to Youtube or something once he’s done editing it all together. Eeee!!

With those activities, we pretty much ended our time on Grand Cayman. By the time it was over we were staaarrrrvvvviiing, so we just walked around the stands at the port a little bit, and then headed back. I did get to see a man chopping up coconuts for coconut water before we left, though! If you remember in a previous post, I talked about trying packaged coconut water, having only ever sampled it fresh from a coconut before.


I wanted to get it again, but didn’t get to this time around – oh well! Next time I’m in the Caribbean… hehehe.

Okay, and with that concludes the day’s festivities. Only one thing left to report now… DINNER!!!! I’ll try to make it brief:


Before dinner that night, we enjoyed a cocktail in one of the lounges before dinner. The on-board string quartet was playing in one of them, so it was especially enjoyable (and made me feel faaaancy, hehe.)


This was also the first night I sampled a piece of bread from the bread basket. Previously, I limited myself only to the breadsticks but… as the cruise went on, my willpower dwindled slowly. Oh well. At least I’m telling you about it, haha.



Shrimp cocktail. Classic. Delicious.



Shaved Pear & Fennel Salad. This was only okay to me. The pears didn’t seem quite ripe. The candied walnuts were amazing though, hehehe.



Mediterranean Seafood Risotto. Not sure where the Mediterranean part came in, but the seafood was delicious. The risotto itself was kind of fishy tasting (literally, not figuratively) so I didn’t finish it all, but the texture and creaminess (and thus, high-caloricness, haha) was certainly all there.



Pistachio Ice Cream. It’s my favorite flavor! How could I not? 🙂

Okie dokie, friends! I think that’ll do for now. Tomorrow’s adventure: Cozumel, Mexico and SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS. I kid you not. One of the top 10 experiences in. My. Life. Get excited!


  1. Ohhh Gretchen this trip looks so fun:) I’m addicted to your updates! More pictures!!!

  2. It was soooo fun! I can’t wait to have Ben edit the video so people can really get a feel for what we were up to with the stingrays!

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