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Posted on Jan 16, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 0 comments

I’m back, baby!

Why, hello there strangers!

Where to?

Yes, it’s me, finally back from cruise-paradise (sigh) but still in Miami immersed in general vacation-ness for the next day or so (yay!!) Considering the epicness of this vacation, and the MASSIVE amount of photos I took (and thus have to sift through) I thought it would be easiest for all of us if I just took this immense cruise-related posting-fest day by day… hope you’re okay with that!

Unfortunately I can’t give you what I know you’re all really waiting for — my cruise weigh-in. No access to a scale yet! Sorry! But this is probably a good thing in reality. Gives me a couple of days of potential bounceback… though it probably won’t do much. As you will certainly be seeing, I ate a LOT on this cruise! And while I’m pretty much limiting the upcoming photo onslaught just to my DINNERs, you should know that this is me forewarning you, haha! It was kind of the most amazing vacation ever, though, no lie. Well, you know, in my opinion. 🙂

Bienvenido a Miami!

We left out of Miami, and I really tried to be at least SOMEWHAT active throughout the cruise. The bro, sis, and I took the stairs most of the time (though I called veto on stairs when more than 10 floors were involved.) It was good for the fitness aspect, obviously, but it was also just FASTER to take the stairs, frankly! Not that I have any complaints about the cruise, really, but it was just full of a lot of slower, older people who didn’t like taking the stairs, haha. Thus, elevator rides were pretty time consuming. And we had no time to waste!

I actually did manage to make it to the gym quite a few times throughout the cruise, too… having Jen there to make feel guilty about not going really worked, haha!


The gym on board was actually pretty sweet (although really crowded each morning! I guess that’s a good thing, though… haha.) The treadmills all lined the windows, so it was like you were running straight into the ocean, and there was a wide variety of cardio and weight machines throughout the floor. They had a bunch of fitness classes and stuff you could take (and pay an extra fee for) but I obviously passed on those, and just kicked it old school: cardio, strength, abs. Boo-yah.

Alright, enough of that… time to get down to some details about the cruise in general!


The Celebrity Eclipse was a BEAUTIFUL ship. It’s still pretty much brand spankin’ new — made its maiden voyage in May 2010 — and you can really tell! Further posts in this “series”, as I’m officially labeling it, will detail what we did (and what I ate… oh em gee there was so much eating…) but for now I’ll just take you on a small photo tour of the ship (from the blown glass show to the real grass lawn on deck, there were so many details I fell in love with!):

A little cabana.
Have a sip or two.
Let's go for a dip!

My family (mom, dad, sis, and bro) met up with my aunt, uncle, and cousin and some family friends for the cruise itself. It was great having a big party at dinner, but still being able to all do our own thing throughout the day!

Lawn. At Sea. ?

Let me just say this, first: I seriously apologize if there are any tones of braggery, conceitedness or general superiority during these posts, by the way. I honestly don’t intend it at all, it was just such an awesome experience I need to relive it all by posting about it in excruciating detail, hahaha. I wish you could have all been there with me anyway, so this is the closest thing to that!


Ok, I’ll cut things off here for now. I’m sure you will VERY RAPIDLY become totally cruised-out, so I’ll try to keep things short (HA!) and sweet. Get ready for some sweeeeet posts comin’ up… everything from swimming with stingrays to climbing Mayan ruins, and more! 🙂



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