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Posted on Jan 7, 2011 in Dear Diary, Pup Posts | 1 comment

The Day Has Come…

… for me to fly to Miami with my sibs in order to board a cruise bound for the Caribbean!! HOORAY!

Now obviously I am just a little excited. However, it’s not ALL fun and games. For one thing, I’m going to miss the heck out of these guys:

Snoopy Daxter
Wise Harry

HUGE thanks to Taylor and Erin for volunteering to take care of my babies while we’re away… so very far away… Why isn’t there a dog-friendly cruiseline out there!?! You better believe I’d be booking that baby in a second. Maybe one day my pupsters will become seafaring dogs…

I mean, hey, if Prince Eric and Max can get away with it, why can’t I?! One guess as to what my favorite Disney movie is, btw. 😉

Anyway, our flight departs this evening and then we’re spending one night in Miami before boarding. After that, it’s (hopefully) smooooooth sailing. I can’t wait to just lounge by the pool, grub on some sweet eats, and generally just vacate my life! One plea to the cruising fairy: please don’t let our ship breakdown and leave us for 3 days without electricity or water. Kthxbye.

By the way, thanks everyone for bearing with me through all of what would now probably be considered bragging — I’m just really excited. In an attempt to get this blog at least somewhat directed back towards its original intent, here’s the big pre-cruise weigh-in:

204.8 lbs!

Obviously it’s not Monday but since I probably won’t have an opportunity to weigh myself until I get back, I figured I needed to make it official (y’know, for posterity’s sake.) And this way I can know exactly how much I’ve succeeded (or failed) when I do step back on that scale in 10 days! The good news is, I’ve lost an additional .7 lbs since Monday! Yay! My goal for the cruise is simply not to gain. I have absolutely no delusions that I’ll be losing weight on this cruise, haha. But who cares? It’s my vacation!

Thanks again for sticking with me through this, you lovely folks. See you on the other side! <3

1 Comment

  1. That first photo of daxter is the MOST ADORABLE PHOTO!

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