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Posted on Jan 2, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 1 comment

hello [2011] goodbye [2010]

Happy New Year from Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen!

Happy New Year!

I spent a nice, fairly low-key New Year with family and friends, and it was just perfect. We spent our evening in Falls Church, which is evidently now going as “The Little City”:

Falls Church or Bust!

The night started off with my family (minus Ben, plus Steve) getting our grub on at Pilin, a local Thai restaurant. We had a chicken satay to share amongst the table, and then I had a Tom Ka Gai – lemongrass and coconut milk soup with chicken and veggies:

Tom Yum Gai

My main course? What else:

Pad Thai Shrimp

A perfect shrimp Pad Thai. Not too greasy, not too heavy, but perfectly satisfying and yum-o. My favorite thing to get when dining a la Thai is actually panang curry, but I *tried* to be good and not get something totally creamy and coconut-y (veeeery high in fat, but allegedly it’s the good kind of fat!)

After dinner, we traipsed the 20 feet from the restaurant to watch Ben and his band, Judo Chop, in action!

Judo Chop!
Rock out with your...

They headlined the night’s festivities and were awesome (and it was such a riot to see the band’s teenage groupies screaming in the front row, talking about how in love with my brother they are, hahaha!)

We ended the night at Ireland’s Four Provinces, a local Irish Pub (duh) and favorite haunt, with a champagne toast and some new year paraphernalia.


I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year celebration, and kicked off 2011 well! After reading through all 62 unread items on my Google Reader prior to posting this, I decided that I’d contribute to the apparent blogosphere trend of saying what my goals for 2011 are. I’m only going to concentrate on the two biggies here, since I’m not a huge fan of the whole New Year Resolution thing (talk about setting yourself up for failure!) but here are the main points:

1. Continue on my weight-loss journey and lose an additional 30 – 40 pounds. I’ve already lost 40 pounds off of my original weight of 246 (huzzah!), so now it’s time to really crank it into gear and finish this thing!

Originally, I was pretty set on a “goal weight” number: 165, plucked fairly arbitrarily out of my idea of what would be appropriate for me. My new goal isn’t necessarily going to be centered around an exact number. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on being healthy while being able to stay happy. Whether that ends up being 160 or 175, I’ll keep you posted. šŸ™‚

2. Continue working towards my fitness goals and run an 8k and a 10k race before the end of the year. I completed my very first 5k race this past Thanksgiving, and would also like to run another 5k with a much better time. I finished in about 41 minutes without stopping the first, time, and bare minimum I’d like to finish in 39 minutes or under next time around.

Happy 2011, everyone! 2010 was great, and I made some very important life decisions that have put me in a much better place now as compared to last January, so here’s to hoping that I keep up that trend! What are some of your resolutions/goals for the new year? I’d love to hear about ’em!

Happy Powell New Year!

1 Comment

  1. I really like the photo that you made black and white except for the green Happy New Year! very cool. I am all on board with your goals- you know I’m happy to run any or all of those races with you! I think those are great things to strive for in 2011. Also ps. while you and ben look pretty cute in that last photo of us i have sprouted four chins. Thanks šŸ˜›


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