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Posted on Dec 25, 2010 in Dear Diary | 0 comments

Christmas Loot!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

This has certainly been a joyous morning so far, fun for kids of all ages:

Check out the aftermath of our present-opening-extravaganza:

I think the Powell Family Christmas motto is: Go big or go home!

So the miracle story of this Christmas is the DSLR camera that my brother, sister, and her hubby got me!! I’m soooo excited to have this, and I never really thought that I’d be getting one for Christmas (they’re soooo expensive!) but I do! And now I really have no excuse not to take awesome-quality photos for blogging now (especially since all non-iPhone pics on this blog until now have belonged to much more talented photographers than me, hahaha.)

I obviously have spent a large part of the morning post-present opening playing with the camera, and taking pictures of EVERYTHING. I can’t imagine that my family will get tired of this… hehe. I’ve been taking a crash course in focusing on different things, blurriness, image composition, and fancying up photos on the computer. Here are some of my attempts:

I obviously still have a lot to learn, but it’s a lot of fun! It’s funny, because when I first started this blog I never would have thought it would drive me to want to learn about photography. After becoming a regular reader of other food/healthy living blogs though, it really makes you want to raise the bar! So many other bloggers out there are very fine photographers as well, so I figured I might as well try to catch that train while it’s only halfway out of the station, haha.

Allright, so let’s get down to the Christmas loot before I lose your attention for good. I got a pretty good haul this year, I must admit:

An awesome sushi cookbook I had on my Xmas list, plus bamboo rolling mats and (harhar) chopsticks from my favorite sushi restaurant!

A gorgeous stone necklace from Brazil (Dad), 2 pairs of gloves (Parents), an adorable cupcake necklace - on the back of a "G" Scrabble tile! (Jenny), and a stone cuff bracelet (Mom)

A collection of spices to beef up my kitchen repertoire! (Parents)

A super awesome cupcake-filling stuffer from Jenny! I can't wait to try this out.

The Princess Bride on Blu-Ray! One of my all time faves. 🙂 (From Santa!)

As if I even need to explain this one... (Dad)

A pie plate, dishcloth, plus 3 family recipes! (Thanks so much, Aunt Dorothy & Uncle Neff!!)

A pair of UnderArmour capri pants (From Jenny, duh. :D)

And this amazing, HUGE Hello Kitty bag, also from Santa (for scale I included a spice jar at the bottom. You're welcome.)

A super cute luggage tag from the 'rents, representing our BIG Christmas prezzie: The Caribbean Cruise we're going on in 2 weeks!

All together now! (Minus the HK bag and, of course, the camera!)

We wrapped up the morning by having brunch that my Papa whipped up:

I may or may not have gone back for another piece of bacon… but hey! It’s Christmas! 🙂 Hope everyone’s morning has gone well, and you got some good loot and good times down already! We’ll be working on Christmas dinner for the rest of the evening – Roast Beef, as per tradition! What’s your Christmas dinner consist of?

Happy Christmas, friends! <3



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