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Posted on Nov 30, 2010 in Dear Diary | 4 comments

And this is just the beginning…

… of the Amazon.com package delivery┬ámonstrosity that is going to cause every UPS, FedEx, and Postal Service delivery man (or woman, of course!) to hatehateHATE the Powell household. We are online shopping BEASTS! Behold:

And like I said, this is just the beginning. It’s barely Day 1 of Delivery Season. Between Ben and me trolling Amazon’s Black Friday (and Saturday… and Sunday…) Lightning Deals, we did an awful lot o’ online shopping. Now to be fair, almost everything I bought was a present in light of the upcoming holiday festivities. Actually, I should be pretty much finito with holiday shopping after this week! Huzzah! I can’t lie though, I couldn’t resist also getting a little somethingsomething for myself:

It’s a present from me, to me! Aren’t I generous? Hahaha! Well the real reason I got it is because it was an absolutely FANTASTIC deal, and I give full credit to my bro for actually snagging it for me (Ben, Steve, and I were ALL waiting online for the second the deal went live, and Ben’s the only one who managed to actually get it! I guess that’s what happens when 100,000 people all try to click “Add to Cart” within the same millisecond, huh?)

Don’t worry, an e-reader wasn’t even on my Christmas list, so hopefully I haven’t ruined any of my family members gift-giving plans… although I did also get myself a food processor, which WAS on the list. But in my defense, it was a really amazing deal, and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone paying full-price for me when I could get it for myself much cheaper! That’s not much of a defense, is it? Oh well. Waitasecond, can we backtrack and give a little celebration for the fact that I’m about to finally have that food processor I’ve been dreaming of?! WAHOOOOOOO!!! I am totes going to be making my own almond butter, just you wait.

Anyway, back to the Kindle. It’s really cool – the battery can last up to an entire month! So far today I’ve just been loading it up with books and getting it set up, but I’m really psyched because this will be an excellent thing to bring on the cruise with me! That way I don’t have to worry about lugging big hardcovers around with me, or ruining the pages because I drop them in the pool (although I guess that’s still a valid concern with the Kindle too, hahaha…. ha.) And guess what the first book I loaded onto it was:

What can I say? I know what I like. Don’t worry, all seven Harry Potters were not far behind. ­čÖé

As for the rest of tonight, I spent a little bit more time decorating the house after I hijacked the outdoor Christmas lights from the ‘rents, and Ben, Taylor, Erin and I all watched Enchanted! I love that movie so hard. It takes everything I love about Disney movies (which is pretty much everything, btdubs) and just makes it that much better. Contented sigh. Just like Giselle.

Anywho, I better hit the sack. I have an appointment to get a cavity filled tomorrow – yech! I am so NOT looking forward to this since my appointment is at 11:30, so it’s right during my lunchtime and I’ll be numb and stuff afterward.┬áSo I need to conserve my energy since I won’t be able to eat anything afterward, haha. There’s a diet trick for you! Oral surgery!┬áPlus, my dentist is very efficient and quick, which I like, but he’s kinda rough, so I’m just not looking forward to my gums being assaulted with tiny, sharp instruments.

And with that lovely visual, I bid you adieu. ‘Til next time!


  1. I saw the Kindle lightning deal and resisted… I think actually I want a Nook at some point. Glad you managed to nab one though! That was a great price point for it, especially with the 3G!

    After pulling a Powell-household last year and spending no less than 300$ on Black Friday 2009, i restrained this year… the only thing I caved for was the entire Lost series on blu ray. It’s coming tomorrow… ­čÖé

    Good luck with the cavity!

  2. I love Enchanted as well! I love catching up on your life in big chunks. I need to call you because I want to visit and I want to know more updates on your mom.
    On another note, I would not put Twilight on my Kindle because I would not read it again. Once was enough…I think…having not read Breaking Dawn yet. Anyway, I love you:)

  3. I bought my husband a kindle for a wedding present. Secretly, I got it for him because I really wanted one ­čÖé hehe am I an awful wife or what?

  4. I need to stop shopping or I’ll be beyond broke! I love your box pile, it feels so ‘like home’ to me.

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