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Posted on Nov 16, 2010 in Food, Recipes | 1 comment

Mushroom Love

Hello all. Doesn’t the title of this blog immediately lead you to a totally 70s-inspired place? How are my flower children doing on this dreary, bleak, drizzly, disgusting Tuesday? That good, huh? Ahahaha, well, hopefully my rapier wit and carefully crafted wordplay (HA!) will perk up your spirits this morning. Prepare yourselves, friends, for I actually took pictures of the dinner I made last night. Shocking! I know! But miracles, it would seem, do happen. And I’m sure you can guess what the main ingredient of said dish was…

Behold, Some Kind of Mushroom Pasta Dish (clever name, right?)

Step One: Practice your knife skills and chop up some mushrooms. Here we have some baby bella mushrooms on the right, and some plain ol’ white button mushrooms on the left. Oh, and while you’re at it, mince up some onion and garlic for some aromatic magic.

Step Two: Heat up some olive oil, toss in your onion and garlic and let it sweat it out for a bit on medium heat. Then, add your mushrooms to the mix. If you’re a disciple of Julia Child, you are probably aghast at the amount of mushrooms I have in one li’l ol’ pan (“Don’t crowd the mushrooms!”) but if you’re a disciple of impatience like I am, this method works juuuuuust fine. Season with salt & pepper.

Step Three: Whilst (can I use “whilst” here? I’m doing it.) your mushrooms are cooking away, cook some whole wheat rotini (or the pasta of your choice) according to the instructions on the box. I, in true Gretchen fashion, made the entire box because I’m a huge fan of cooking in bulk and having many meals of leftovers, er, left… over. Drain pasta and put back in the pot.

Step Four: Check back in on your mushrooms. When they start browning up and getting nice and soft (they will have reduced dramatically. They almost fit in the pan at this point!), add them into the pot that is holding your cooked pasta.

Step Five: Be a little ashamed. Because you’re now going to dump in your secret ingredient. Which is not really secret, but is also not really that healthy:

Add one can of Cream of Mushroom Soup (or if you’re really fancy, you can make your own and use it instead to rid yourself of all the preservatives and whatnot) and one can of water to mushrooms and pasta. Mix.

Step Six: Realize that your dish is completely and uniformly brown. You quickly dive into the fridge looking for something colorful to at least break up the literal monotony.

Step Seven: Practice your knife skills some more and chop up some green onions. Sidenote: green onions are my absolute favorite thing to chop. It makes me feel so pro because it’s so easy! Mix the green onions with the pasta, taste and continue to season with salt, pepper, and your favorite spices to your liking. (I ended up adding some red pepper flakes for some heat.)

Step Eight: Plate! I also did up a very quick 100 calorie steak (they come in the grocery store in vacuum-sealed pre-portioned servings! I forget what brand but I am really digging it) with some salt, pepper, and paprika.

Step Nine: Eat! I definitely think this was a winner. The steak played with the pasta and mushrooms very well, and the green onions were a nice fresh (and pretty) part of each bite. Also, one serving with about a cup of pasta with the steak was only 350 calories(ish)! So, not too shabby, and it really was quite filling. Didn’t stop me from having 1/2 a cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream later on, but that’s a different thing altogether. Hey, at least I measured my serving! 🙂

It’s funny, because when I was a kid I used to haaaaaaaaaaaaate mushrooms. Seriously, they were my Brussels sprouts. My tofu. My arch-nemesis. I refused to even let a single mushroom touch my plate. But now? I lovelovelove them! I think they are just such a perfect compliment to so many different proteins, and they can be so pretty in a dish. Who would have thought fungus could be pretty? I brought some more pasta with me for lunchsies today (sans steak) so I’m excited to chow down in a few more hours, hehehe.

Anyway, that’s all for right now. Taylor was giving me grief about not posting enough pictures of my food, so I hope this has sufficed for the time being. 😉 I just don’t like posting pictures of such poor quality and photography skill, haha. I really need a DSLR camera… Well, I don’t need one. But I want one. And hey, it is the season of both giving and wanting that’s come up, right?

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  1. I agree you need a better camera to take better pictures! or at least do what anne did and stick them in bright light so that we can see it better 😛 Pasta is so yummy, but without more protein it is easy to not get very full with that as leftovers so just be careful with that 🙂

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